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Sanxia Old Street

Hotels in Taoyuan

Fullon Hotel Taoyuan
Monarch Plaza Hotel
Monarch Skyline Hotel, Taoyuan
Chateau de Chine Hotel Taoyuan
Chuto Plaza Hotel, Taoyuan
Taoyuan Hotel
Well Garden Hotel, Taoyuan
Zai Yan Leader Hotel Taoyuan
168 Green Motel
Audi Garden Business Hotel
Golden Vista Hotel
Holiday Inn Express Taoyuan
Hua Yue Hotel
i Hotel, Taoyuan
Majesty Hotel, Taoyuan
OHYA Boutique Motel - Taoyuan Branch
Hotel Today, Taoyuan
Good Friend Business Hotel, Taoyuan
Happy Business Hotel, Taoyuan
Hara Zuru Hotel
Luckynews Classic Hotel, Taoyuan
Formosa Crown Motel, Taoyuan
Matsuni Motel, Taoyuan
Yadu Hotel

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P'i-liao-tzu (2 miles)