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Gallery of the History of Ukrainian Military Uniforms
Something Interesting Gallery
Herdan Gallery
Gallery of Modern Art Zelena Kanapa
Seasons of the Year Gallery
Pravda B Gallery
Lviv National Art Gallery
Art Gallery LvivArt
Dzyga Gallery
Museum of Ideas
Art Salon Ravlyk
Latin Cathedral
The Kornyakt Palace
The Bandinelli Palace
The Palace of Armenian Archbishops
The Armenian Cathedral
The Church of the Jesuit Order
The Dominican Cathedral
The Bernardine Monastery
Volodymyr Ivasyuk Monument
The Palace of Counts Pototskikh
The Church of St. Nicholas
The Palace of Siemienski-Lewickis
The St. Onuphrius Church and Monastery
The Cathedral of St. George
The Palace of Lubomirskis
The Palace of Dzieduszyckis
The Palace of Justice
The Palace of Roman Catholic Archbishops
Lychakiv Cemetery
Museum Pharmacy
Lviv History Museum
Lviv Museum of Religious History
Leopold Levytsky Artistic and Memorial Museum
Museum of National Folk Architecture and Rural Life
Solomiya Krushelnytska Musical Memorial Museum
Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv
Museum of Ethnography and Arts and Crafts
The Museum of Sacral Baroque Sculpture
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Ruska Street
Shevchenka Avenue
The Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
The High Castle Park
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Rynok Square
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Arena Lviv
Zankovetski Drama Theater
Lviv State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater
Lviv Regional Puppet Theatre
Les Kurbas Academic Theatre
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Lviv Railway Station


Plosha Rynok
Prospekt Svobody
Lviv City Center

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Citadel Inn Hotel & Resort
Leopolis Hotel
Nobilis Hotel


Astoria Hotel
Hotel Atlas Deluxe
Chopin Hotel
Conference Hotel Suputnyk
Eney Hotel
Kavalier Boutique Hotel
LH Hotel&SPA
Premier Hotel Dnister
Rayske Yabloko
Reikartz Medievale Lviv
Swiss Hotel


Hotel 39
Hotel and Restaurant Pysanka
Danylo Inn
Drevny Grad Park-hotel
Edem Hotel
Galytska Korona
George Hotel
Hetman Hotel
Kopa Hotel
Lion's Castle Hotel
Lviv Central Jam Hotel
Lviv Ramada Hotel
Hotel Mars
Modern Art Hotel
Hotel MP
Near the Lake
Nota Bene Hotel
Nton Hotel
On The Square Guesthouse
Orange Hotel
Panska Gora
Hotel Plazma
Reikartz Dworzec Lviv
Volter Hotel


Art Hotel Palma


10 Rooms
100 m to the Opera Theater
150 metres to Ploscha Rynok
2-level apt on Kovzhuna str.
3 bedroom Apartments on Lysenka
3 bedroom aparts on Gavryshkevycha
3 Room Apartments on Galytska
4 rooms flat
4Rooms Hostel
5 minutes to Opera
A&A Apartments
A&B Apartments
Anna Apartment
Apart-hotel Horowitz
Apartament Belgiyskiy Gorodok
Apartament Sanitarna 17
Apartament Theatralna 7
Apartament-Minihotel Elpida
Apartaments Hrebinky 9
Apartaments in Centre
Apartaments on Dragomanova street
Apartaments on Ogiyenko Street
Apartaments Rubna 5
Apartaments Staroevrejska 24
Apartamenty Dzherelna
Apartamenty Kamelia
Apartamenty Kulisha 25
Apartamenty Lesi Ukrainky 17
Apartamenty Lux on Sofii Kovalevskoi
Apartamenty na ploschi Danyla Galytskogo 3
Apartamenty on Teodora 1
Apartamenty u centri Lvova - Lviv
Apartamenty u Centri Mista
Apartamenty v centri Mista
Апартаменти Крехівська 5
Апартаменти на Кониського
Aparthome Ludovik
Aparthome Opera Theatre
Aparthotel Cozy in Center
Aparthotel Na Mytniy
Aparthotel Z-one Apartments
ApartLviv Apartments
Apartment - Ivana Franka 21
Apartment - Leontovicha Street
Apartment - Ploshcha Rynok
Apartment - Prospekt Svobody
Apartment - Sheptytskykh Street
Apartment Adrian
Apartment Balabana 2
Apartment Biel Opera Center
Apartment bilya Ploschi Rynok
Apartment Bohomol'tsya 3
Apartment Chornovola 43
Apartment City Center
Apartment Doroshenka 14
Apartment Dragana 34 Rozovaya
Apartment Dragana 34 Zelenaya
Apartment Fedkovycha
Apartment Furmanskaya 14
Apartment Galleya
Apartment Gavryshkevycha 5
Apartment Glebova 6
Apartment Grushevsykogo
Apartment Halyts'koho 2
Apartment Historical Center
Apartment in historical center of Lviv
Apartment In Lviv
Apartment in Lviv city centre
Apartment in Lviv on Serbska street
Apartment in the centre of Lviv
Apartment Irina
Apartment Kleparivska
Apartment Kleparivska 25
Apartment Kleparovskaya 12
Apartment Knyazya Svyatoslava 5
Apartment Konopnitskoy 6
Apartment Kostyushka
Apartment Krakivska 15
Apartment Kubiiovycha 12
Apartment Kulisha 9
Apartment Lesi Ukrainki 41
Apartment Lesya Kurbasa
Apartment Lichakіvska
Apartment Liska
Apartment Listopadovogo Chinu
Apartment Lux on Kulisha
Apartment Mentsynskogo 1
Apartment Minimal
Apartment na Balzaka 25
Apartment na Doroshenka 50
Apartment na Katedralniy 7
Apartment Na Plosha Rinok 27
Apartment Na Rynok Square
Apartment Na Shevchenka 3
Apartment Na Svobody 11
Apartment na Voronoho
Apartment Natalya
Apartment Near Arena
Apartment near Opera
Apartment of hotel type
Apartment Oksi
Apartment Old Town
Apartment Olga
Apartment on Akademika Liulky
Apartment on Arkhipenka Street
Apartment on Bernarda Meretyna
Apartment on Chaikovskogo
Apartment on Chaykovskogo
Apartment on Dolynskogo 8
Apartment on Doroshenka 35
Apartment on Doroshenka 48
Apartment on Doroshenka 66
Apartment on Doroshenka Street 34
Apartment On Dudaeva 16
Apartment on Efremova
Apartment on Franka street 82
Apartment On Furmanska 5
Apartment on Galytska 19
Apartment on Gorodotska street
Apartment On Grushevskogo 14
Apartment on Hoholya 14
Apartment on Horodotska
Apartment On Hulaka-Artemovskogo 7
Apartment On Ivana Franka 14
Apartment on Kalicha Hori
Apartment On Katedralna
Apartment On Khmelnytskoho 11/14а
Apartment on Khorvatska 5
Apartment on Kniazia Romana
Apartment On Knyagini Olga Street
Apartment On Knyazya Romana 26
Apartment On Kostyushka 22
Apartment On Kotlyarevskogo 14
Apartment on Kovzhuna 6
Apartment On Krakovskaya 9
Apartment On Kulisha10
Apartment On Kulisha11
Apartment On Kurbasa 8
Apartment On Leontovicha 9
Apartment on Lesi Ukrainky 19-1
Apartment on Lesi Ukrainky 19-2
Apartment on Lesi Ukrainky 19-3
Apartment on Lesi Ukrainky 19-4
Apartment on Lychakivska
Apartment on Masaryka
Apartment On Mytna Square
Apartment on Ogienka 18
Apartment On P.Doroshenka
Apartment on Pekarska
Apartment on Pekarska Street
Apartment On Petra Doroshenka 57
Apartment on Ploshcha Rynok
Apartment on Ploshcha Svyatogo Teodora
Apartment on Prospekt Shevchenka
Apartment On Prospekt Shevchenko
Apartment on Prospekt Svobody 26
Apartment on Rappoporta 7a-1
Apartment on Rustaveli
Apartment On Shevchenka 36
Apartment On Shevchenka 36
Apartment on Shpitalna 15
Apartment On Shpytalna 19
Apartment On Shpytalna 8
Apartment on Shpytalna Street
Apartment On Smerekova 3/5
Apartment On Soborna Square
Apartment on Svobody
Apartment on Tershakivtsiv
Apartment On Udatnogo 5
Apartment On Ukrainky 37
Apartment On Uzhgorodska 12
Apartment On Zaliznychna
Apartment On Zamarstynivska 3
Apartment on Zolota 35
Apartment Panteleimona Kulisha 27
Apartment Piskova 5
Apartment Pl. Rynok 34
Apartment Prince Roman
Apartment Prospect Svobody
Apartment Prospect Svobody 1/3
Apartment Roksa
Apartment Roksolana
Apartment Roksolana 2
Apartment Ryadom S Ploshadiu Rynok
Apartment Snizhna 4
Apartment St.Bandery 3
Apartment Stariy Lviv
Apartment Teatralnaya
Apartment the Georgehouse Turetska
Apartment Tourist
Apartment Tsentralyniy
Apartment u Dmytra
Аpartment Under the high castle
Apartment Uzhhorodska
Apartment Vernadsykogo 42
Apartment Viatores
Apartment Victoria
Apartment Vinnichenko 1
Apartment Virmenska 25
Apartment Vysokyi Zamok
Apartment Z on Zerova street
Apartment Zatishna
Apartment-hotel City Center Contrabas
Apartments "The cultural capital"
Apartments - Ploshcha Rynok 21
Apartments 10min to the center
Apartments Arkadija-Kulisha 9
Apartments Arkadija-Ohiienka 17
Apartments Arkadija-Tsekhova 1
Apartments Center Krakivska 26
Apartments city Lviv
Apartments Djulia On Valova 16/14
Apartments for Rent
Apartments Galicia - Lviv
Apartments Galiciya Lviv 3
Apartments Galytska 20
Apartments in Frescoes House
Apartments in Old City
Apartments in Scandinavian Style
Apartments in the center of the city KING-SIZE bed
Apartments Ivana Franka 4
Apartments Just Lviv It!
Apartments Knaza Romana 26
Apartments Knyazhy Lviv
Apartments Kostushka 16/13
Apartments Kostyushka 20
Apartments Kubiyovicha 24/1
Apartments Lesi Ukrainki 25
Apartments Like Home
Apartments Lux in city center Lviv
Apartments Lviv 4U
Apartments Mazepy 27
Apartments Nalivayka 12
Apartments near Arena on Syhovskaya
Apartments Near Ploshcha Rynok
Apartments Ogienka 20
Apartments on 3 Martovicha str.
Apartments on 4 Ruska str.
Apartments On Danyla Halytskoho 15
Apartments on Doroshenka 19
Apartments On Dzherelna 33
Apartments on Franka 37
Apartments on Gorodotska 62
Apartments on Kostushka 16
Apartments on Kotlarska 12
Apartments on Krehivska 7-1
Apartments on Krehivska 7-3
Apartments on Lainberga street
Apartments on Lesi Ukrainki 36
Apartments on Leva 2
Apartments on Lychakivska 16
Apartments on Medova 7
Apartments on Meretyna street
Apartments on Nalivayka
Apartments on Nekrasova 23
Apartments on Plocsha Rynok 40
Apartments on Ploscha Rizna
Apartments on Prospekt Svobody 24
Apartments on Roppoporta 7a-2
Apartments on Roppoporta 7b
Apartments on Serbska Street
Apartments on Shevchenka 9
Apartments on Shevchenka ave.
Apartments on Sholom Aleyhema 8
Apartments on Shpytala 13
Apartments on Smerekova
Apartments on Teatralna 26
Apartments on Valova 25
Apartments on Valova str. 21/1
Apartments on Valova str. 21/2
Apartments on Virmenska 2
Apartments on Viytovicha Street
Apartments Prospekt Svobody 31
Apartments Prospekt Svobody 6/8
Apartments Pylnykarska
Apartments Saksaganskogo 7
Apartments Shevchenkivskiy Gai
Apartments Svobody 33
Apartments Tarnavskogo 24
Apartments Teodora 3
Apartments Under The Holy Spirit
Apartments Vigovskogo 29
Apartments Virmenska 14
Apartments WHITE HOUSE
Apartments with Fireplace on Kotlyarskoy
Apartments with Fireplace on Rybna
Apartments with Fireplace on Rynok Square
Apartments with Fireplace on Vicheva
Apartments with Tawn hall view
Apartments y Yuria
Apartments Zefir
Apartnments Krakivska 14
Aparts Bilya Plocshi Rynok
Aperments Lux on Leontovycha
Appartment Arkadiya
Appartment Arkadiya
Appartment Arkadiya Levytskoho
Appartment Doncova 12/2
Apple Hostel
Arkhipenka Apartment
Armenian Kvartal
Art Apartaments on Havryshkevycha Street
Art Apartment
Art Apartments
ART Apartments
Art Avenue ApartHotel
ASAO-Apartments Ratusha
ASAO-Apartments walking center zone
Atrium apartments
Austrian Antique Style Apartment
Austrian Lviv Apartments
Bazikalo Apart - Hostel
Best Apartment Plosha Rynok
Big Apartments City Center
Bilia Parku Hotel
Book Room
British Club Lviv
Budget Hotel Ekotel
Bumerang Hotel
Casa Nostra Hostel
Cats' House Hostel
Central Apartment on Brativ Rogatyntsiv
Centre Apartament on Dudaeva street
Centre apartment near Opera House
Centre Apartment on Kopernika street
Centrum Hostel
Cherry Hostel
Chornovola 1
Chornovola 17 Apartments
Chornovola 23
CIello Hostel
Hotel Cisar
Classic Hostel
Classy Apartment Lviv
Coffee Home Hostel
Coffee Hostel
Comfortable apartment
Comfortable Apartment Pid Dubom
Cossacks Hostel
Cozy 2 Rooms Apartment in Lviv
Cozy 3 Rooms Apartment in Lviv
Cozy Apartment
Cozy apartment - 10 min to city center
Cozy Apartment in the Heart of Lviv
Cozy Apartment on Grushevskogo 12
Cozy Compact Flat in the City Center
Crystal Apartments
Deluxe Apartament Rynok square
Deluxe Apartment Park
Deluxe Hotel Kupava
Do Lvova Apartments
Do Lvova Central Apartments
Doroshenka 66/11
Doroshenka center
Econom Apartaments Torhova 15
Economy Express Voyage Lviv
Edem Apartmants in Lviv 2
Edem Apartments in Lviv
Eko Studio
Ekran Hotel
Elit 3 Balcons Apartments
Elite Duplex Apartments
Eney Hostel
Etna Hotel
Etude Hotel
Europe Appartment
Exclusive Apartment on Plosha Rynok 12
Hotel Fortuna
Forum Apartments
Franz Apartment
Galiciya 2 - Lviv Apartments
Gar'is Hostel
GHOSTel - Medieval Hostel
Gogol Lviv
Good Hostel
Goodnight Lviv
Guest House Adam Mickiewicz
Guest House Inn Lviv
Guest House Lviv
Guest House Savkas
Happy Hostel
Happy Rooms Hostel
Heart of Lviv
Historical Center of Lviv
Historical Centre Apartments
Holiday Home On Remisnicha
Holiday Rest House
Hollywood Home Hostel
Homelike Apartment
Hostel 12 chairs
Hostel Comfort
Hostel Comfort Plus
Hostel Del Pozitiff
Hostel Emotions
Hostel Europe
Hostel Family House
Hostel Just Lviv It!
Hostel Kolibri
Hostel Kurmanovich
Hostel Lubin
Hostel Lviv
Hostel OK
Hostel Oskar
Hostel PANORAMI Сenter
Hostel Q
Hostel Seven
Hostel Severyn Lv
Hostel StareMisto
Hostel Sunset Lviv
Hostel Villa Roma
Hostel Vitan
House of Apartments
Ibis Styles Lviv Center
In Heart of Lviv on Katedralna
InLviv Apartment at Bogomoltsia Str
InLviv Apartment at Pisha Str
InLviv Apartments
Hotel Kaiser
Kava Hostel
Kozatski Apartments
Krehivska 7-1
Kufer Flat
Kvartira v Centre Goroda
LC Hostel
Lemberg Elite Apartments
Leo Lviv
Leon Hotel
LeoRentex City Center 1 Apartments
LeoRentex City Center 2 Apartments
Lesi Ukrainki 18
Levytskogo Apartments
Levytskogo Light Flat
Lions Heart - Серце Лева
Little house with garden
Lovely Flat in Central Lviv
Lux Apart Lviv
LUX apartament in centr city Bogomoltsa 11a
Lux Apartment on Horodocka 4
Luxury two-bedroom apartment in Lviv
Hotel Lviv
Lviv 4U center
Lviv Apartment
Lviv Apartment
Lviv Apartments
Lviv Apartments on Rybna street
Lviv Central Apartments on Svobody Avenue
Lviv Centre Apartment
Lviv City Hostel
Lviv Euro Hostel
Lviv hollidays Dudaeva
Lviv hollidays Galytska
Lviv hollidays Gorodotska
Lviv Loft Hostel
Lviv Lucky Hostel
Lviv of Open Hearts
Lviv Tour Apartments
Lviv Tsymus
Lviv's Opera House Apartments
Lviv's Prospekt Shevchenka Apartments
Lviv's University Apartments
LvivHouse - Ivana Franka St. appartment
LvivHouse - Lysenka St. appartment
LvivHouse - Medova 2 St. appartment
LvivHouse - Medova St. appartment
LvivHouse - Ogienka St. appartment
LvivHouse - Pelnykarska St. appartment
LvivHouse - Rynok Square appartment
LvivPodobovo Apartments
LvivSon Apartments
Lystopad Apartments
Magic Bus Hostel Lviv
Mansarda Apartments
Medova Pechera
Hotel Merkuriy
Mieszkanie na Szpitalnej
Millenium Apartment
Mini Apartment near Opera Theater
Mini Budget Hotel Central Home
Mini-hotel Four Rooms
Minihotel Freedom
Modern Apartment
Modern Loft
Molodizhniy Hostel
Muse Apartment
Museum Apartments
NA DOBU Apartments
Nata's Apartment
Hotel Natalia 18
Near Citadel Apartment
Near Citadel Apartment 2
Near Opera on Kulisha
New Cozy Apartment
New studio in the center of Lviv
Next to Opera Apartment
Nice Apartment on the center on Beryndy
Niko Hostel
Ogienka 17
Ogiyenka Apartment
OK Apartments Viermens'ka 3
Old Castle Hotel
Old City Hostel
Old Lviv
Old Lviv Apartment
Old Lwow Apartmens
Old Town Apartments
One-Bedroom Apartment Kopernika 28
One-Bedroom Apartment on Kostyushka 16
Opera Aparts
Opera Theater Apartments
Opera Theatre Apartments
Opera Theatre Apartments
Opereta Apartments
Paco Aparts
Palada Hotel
Pan Hostel
Park and Opera Apartments
Park Apartment Lviv
Park Plus Hostel
Petra Pancha Apartments
Pid Goloskom Apartments
Ploscha Rynok 29
Plosha Rynok 25
Plosha Soborna Apartment
Podobovo Apartments
Polska Poduszka
Polska Poduszka na Franka
Post House Hostel
Prospekt Shevchenka
Quality apartment in a green area
Queens Apartments
Queens Apartments 2
Randevu Apartment
Randevu Hostel
Ratusha Apartments
Red & Yellow Apartment Prestige
Red and Yellow Apartments
Relax Apartments
Relax Lounge Apartments
Rent Me Economy Apartments
Rentapartment Lviv
RentLviv24 - Kopernik
Rius Hotel
Romantic Apartaments
Romantic Apartaments 1
Romantic apartment in the center of Lviv
Romantic apartment near Opera with Air-conditioning
Romantic Apartment on Rynok square with Air-Conditioning
Romantic in Lviv at 300m Opera
Romantic Suite in the city centre
Roxolyana Lux Apartments
Roxolyana Lviv Apartments
Royal Apartments
Rynok Square appartments
Saban Deluxe
Saint Feder Boutique Hotel
Salexs Hostel
Сentral Apartments Lviv
Shelter Hostel
Shevchenko Square
Sichovih Strilciv 10
Soborniy Hostel
Spacious Apartment Center
Spacious Apartments on Rudanskogo
Spiritual and Cultural Center Arkhistratyg Guest House
Splash Hostel
Sq. Rynok 4 bedroom apartments
Staryi Krakiv
Status Hotel
Stay Lviv Apartments
Stefanyka Street 11
Stryiskyi Park Apartments
Studio Apartment - Ivana Franka Street
Studio in Centre Lviv
Sudorak Apartments
Super Apartments on Kostyushka str.
Svobody Ave appartment
Tamonten Apartment
Taurus Hotel & SPA
The Georgehouse Hostel
The Heart of Lviv Apartments - Lviv
Three Bedroom Apartment on Kyivska
Three bedroom aparts on Uzhgorodska
Three Crowns Hotel
To Lviv Econom Studio
TsisaR Bankir Hotel
Two Rooms Apart Prospekt Svobody
Uliana Guest House
University Centre
Urban Hotel
V Serdtsi Lvova
Hotel Vatra
Vicheva apartments
Villa Kashtan
Villa Stanislavskyi Hotel
Vintage Apartment in Downtown
Vintage Boutique Hotel
VIP Apartments Doroshenka 13
VIP Apartments na Krakivskiy
VIP Apartments on Akademika Filatova
Vip-apartments on Saksaganskogo 3
Vira Hostel
Voyager Hostel
Vysoka Khata
Wanted Hostel
Warszawa Hotel
Welcomer apartments 2
Wien Hotel
WOW House Lviv
Yellow House Hostel
Yurus Hostel
Z-One Hostel
Zamkova Sadyba

Places nearby

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Kulʼparkuv (2.8 miles)
Golosko-Velikoye (2.9 miles)
Zboyska (3 miles)
Malekhuv (3.3 miles)
Sygnyuvka (4 miles)
Zubra (4.1 miles)
Lyashki Murovane (4.2 miles)
Sikhov (4.3 miles)
Bilohir”ya (4.4 miles)
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Dublyany (4.6 miles)
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Soroki-Lʼvovskiye (4.8 miles)
Velikiye Gribovichi (5.2 miles)
Podbortse (5.3 miles)
Zimna Voda (6.1 miles)
Vodyane (6.1 miles)
Kamenopolʼ (6.3 miles)
Gzhenda (6.4 miles)
Basyuvka (6.5 miles)
Chishki (6.7 miles)

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