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Airports in United States of America

OCH A. L. Mangham Jr. Regional Airport
APH A.P. Hill Army Airfield
76S AJ Eisenberg Airport
0R3 Abbeville Chris Crusta Memorial Airport
ABR Aberdeen Regional Airport
GZS Abernathy Field Airport
F83 Abernathy Municipal Airport
K78 Abilene Municipal Airport
ABI Abilene Regional Airport
4D0 Abrams Municipal Airport
ARA Acadiana Regional Airport
MFV Accomack County Airport
9M4 Ackerman Choctaw County Airport
63C Adams County Legion Field Airport
EKX Addington Field/Elizabethtown Regional Airport
ADS Addison Airport
SLK Adirondack Regional Airport
AEG Aek Godang Airport
T31 Aero Country Airport
12N Aeroflex-Andover Airport
AFO Afton Municipal Airport
L70 Agua Dulce Airport
AIK Aiken Municipal Airport
2K2 Air Park South Airport
ILN Airborne Airpark Airport
2IS Airglades Airport
LVN Airlake Airport
F69 Airpark-Dallas Airport
Z13 Akiachak Airport
9G3 Akron Airport
CAK Akron-Canton Regional Airport
ALM Alamogordo-White Sands Regional Airport
ALB Albany International Airport
S12 Albany Municipal Airport
K19 Albany Municipal Airport
T23 Albany Municipal Airport
5Y1 Albert J Lindberg Airport
OAJ Albert J. Ellis Airport
AEL Albert Lea Municipal Airport
SPG Albert Whitted Airport
FEP Albertus Airport
8A0 Albertville Regional -Thomas J Brumlik Field Airport
4C8 Albia Municipal Airport
BVN Albion Municipal Airport
ABQ Albuquerque International Sunport Airport
ADH Aldan Airport
ISW Alexander Field South Wood County Airport
E80 Alexander Municipal Airport
AEX Alexandria International Airport
T69 Alfred C 'Bubba' Thomas Airport
M66 Alfred Schroeder Field Airport
ALI Alice International Airport
AJO Aljouf Airport
AGC Allegheny County Airport
BIG Allen Army Airfield (formerly Big Delta Army Airfield)
BKT Allen C. Perkinson/Blackstone Army Airfield
K88 Allen County Airport
L42 Allen Parish Airport
88J Allendale County Airport
1N9 Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport
AIA Alliance Municipal Airport
M73 Almyra Municipal Airport
APN Alpena County Regional Airport
46U Alpine Airport
M45 Alpine County Airport
E38 Alpine-Casparis Municipal Airport
AAT Altay Airport
AOO Altoona-Blair County Airport
LTS Altus Air Force Base
AXS Altus/Quartz Mountain Regional Airport
AMG Amboin Airport
K59 Amelia Earhart Airport
AHH Amery Municipal Airport
AMW Ames Municipal Airport
74S Anacortes Airport
F68 Anadarko Municipal Airport
ADC Andakombe Airport
S97 Anderson Field Airport
AID Anderson Municipal (Darlington Field) Airport
AND Anderson Regional Airport
ADW Andrews Air Force Base
E11 Andrews County Airport
C20 Andrews University Airpark
AXX Angel Fire Airport
LFK Angelina County Airport
2O3 Angwin-Parrett Field Airport
00C Animas Air Park
Y43 Anita Municipal -Kevin Burke Memorial Field
IKV Ankeny Regional Airport
ANB Anniston Metropolitan Airport
AFP Anson County Airport
ANY Anthony Municipal Airport
80F Antlers Municipal Airport
ACB Antrim County Airport
ACJ Anuradhapura Airport
AAF Apalachicola Municipal Airport
AAS Apalapsili Airport
APV Apple Valley Airport
RKP Aransas County Airport
37V Arapahoe Municipal Airport
D23 Arcade Tri-County Airport
X06 Arcadia Municipal Airport
5F0 Arcadia-Bienville Parish Airport
ACV Arcata-Eureka Airport
1F0 Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport
ADM Ardmore Municipal Airport
AGY Argyle Downs Airport
BYH Arkansas International Airport
12A Arkavalley Airport
F56 Arledge Field Airport
AWO Arlington Municipal Airport
GKY Arlington Municipal Airport
AYX Arnold Air Force Base Airport
M31 Arnold Field Airport
LBE Arnold Palmer Regional Airport
91F Arrowhead Airport
ATS Artesia Municipal
X21 Arthur Dunn Air Park Airport
CIN Arthur N. Neu Airport
AVL Asheville Regional Airport
3G4 Ashland County Airport
S03 Ashland Municipal Airport -Summer Parker Field
DWU Ashland Regional Airport
26A Ashland/Lineville Airport
HZY Ashtabula County Airport
CO5 Aspen Valley Hospital Heliport
ASE Aspen-Pitkin County (Sardy Field) Airport
AST Astoria Regional Airport
6G0 Athelone Williams Memorial Airport
F44 Athens Municipal Airport
AHN Athens-Ben Epps Airport
PTS Atkinson Municipal
ACY Atlantic City International Airport
AIY Atlantic City Muni Bader Fld Airport
AIO Atlantic Municipal Airport
0R1 Atmore Municipal Airport
AQR Atoka Municipal Airport
AUN Auburn Municipal Airport
S50 Auburn Municipal Airport
AUO Auburn-Opelika Robert G. Pitts Airport
LEW Auburn/Lewiston Municipal Airport
3AU Augusta Municipal Airport
AGS Augusta Regional Airport at Bush Field
AUG Augusta State Airport
01V Aurora Airpark
UAO Aurora State Airport
AUM Austin Municipal Airport
GRB Austin Straubel International Airport
AUS Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
AOV Ava Bill Martin Memoria lAirport
7A8 Avery County (Morrison Field )Airport
P20 Avi Suquilla Airport
AVO Avon Park Executive Airport
N19 Aztec Municipal Airport
BKE Baker City Municipal Airport
L45 Bakersfield Municipal Airport
MLJ Baldwin County Airport
7D3 Baldwin Municipal Airport
BWI Baltimore - Washington International Airport
99N Bamberg County Airport
BMQ Bamburi Airport
S05 Bandon State Airport
BGR Bangor Airport
BNG Banning Municipal Airport
BKH Barking Sands PMRF Airport
PAH Barkley Regional Airport
BAD Barksdale Air Force Base
6D8 Barnes County Municipal Airport
BAF Barnes Municipal Airport
6G5 Barnesville-Bradfield Airport
HYA Barnstable Municipal -Boardman/Polando Field Airport
BNL Barnwell Regional Airport
DAG Barstow-Daggett Airport
BVO Bartlesville Municipal Airport
BOW Bartow Municipal Airport
9A5 Barwick Lafayette Airport
BVX Batesville Regional Airport
BTR Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport
BAM Battle Mountain (Lander County) Airport
PA1 Battlefield Heliport
BDE Baudette International Airport
BYY Bay City Municipal Airport
1R8 Bay Minette Municipal Airport
HPY Baytown Airport
BAB Beale Air Force Base
7M3 Bearce Airport
BIE Beatrice Municipal Airport
BTY Beatty Airport
73J Beaufort County Airport
BMT Beaumont Municipal Airport
DRI Beauregard Regional Airport
U52 Beaver Municipal Airport
K16 Becks Grove Airport
HMZ Bedford County Airport
BEC Beech Factory Airport
3R0 Beeville Municipal Airport
EFC Belle Fourche Municipal Airport
X10 Belle Glade State Municipal Airport
TZT Belle Plaine Municipal Airport
EDJ Bellefontaine Regional Airport
N96 Bellefonte Airport
RPB Belleville Municipal Airport
BLI Bellingham International Airport
BCV Belmopan Airport
44C Beloit Airport
BJI Bemidji Regional Airport
S07 Bend Municipal Airport
BXG Bendigo Airport
X54 Benger Air Park
E95 Benson Municipal Airport
0M4 Benton County Airport
H96 Benton Municipal Airport
VBT Bentonville Municipal Airport
50J Berkeley County Airport
BML Berlin Regional Airport
UDD Bermuda Dunes Airport
4J2 Berrien County Airport
4A0 Berry Hill Airport
BTM Bert Mooney Airport
EKY Bessemer Airport
0B1 Bethel Regional Airport
BVY Beverly Municipal Airport
BWP Bewani Airport
BHC Bhurban Heliport
BPK Biangabip Airport
0A8 Bibb County Airport
BYS Bicycle Lake Army Airfield (Fort Irwin)
B19 Biddeford Municipal Airport
L35 Big Bear City Airport
7V3 Big Foot Airfield
BGQ Big Lake Airport
K22 Big Sandy Regional Airport
6S0 Big Timber Airport
BIF Biggs Army Airfield
BIL Billings Logan International Airport
0M0 Billy Free Municipal Airport
HSE Billy Mitchell Airport
BHM Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport
P04 Bisbee Municipal Airport
DUG Bisbee-Douglas International Airport
FNT Bishop International Airport
07R Bishop Municipal Airport
BIS Bismarck Airport
SPF Black Hills (Clyde Ice Field) Airport
87Y Blackhawk Airfield
71J Blackwell Field Airport
4O3 Blackwell-Tonkawa Municipal Airport
K46 Blair Municipal Airport
1N7 Blairstown Airport
46A Blairsville Airport
1V9 Blake Field Airport
BDG Blanding Municipal Airport
BID Block Island State Airport
4K6 Bloomfield Municipal Airport
N13 Bloomsburg Municipal Airport
CNK Blosser Municipal Airport
Y72 Bloyer Field Airport
ISZ Blue Ash Airport
BLU Blue Canyon - Nyack Airport
LEX Blue Grass Airport
66V Bluff Airport
5G7 Bluffton Airport
BLH Blythe Airport
HKA Blytheville Municipal Airport
M50 Boardman Airport
BUR Bob Hope Airport
1J6 Bob Lee Flight Strip
CEW Bob Sikes Airport
HBG Bobby L. Chain Municipal Airport
BCT Boca Raton Airport
AZ8 Boeing Airport
BFI Boeing Field/King County International Airport
PS1 Boeing Helicopters Center 3 South Heliport
5C1 Boerne Stage Field Airport
ASH Boire Field Airport
BOI Boise Airport
17K Boise City Airport
1C5 Bolingbrook's Clow International Airport
M17 Bolivar Municipal Airport
BCK Bolwarra Airport
HRO Boone County Airport
6I4 Boone County Airport
BNW Boone Municipal Airport
D83 Boonville Airport
L08 Borrego Valley Airport
OVS Boscobel Airport
BST Bost Airport
D09 Bottineau Municipal Airport
61B Boulder City Municipal Airport
1V5 Boulder Municipal Airport
65S Boundary County Airport
50F Bourland Field Airport
HQM Bowerman Airport
ELN Bowers Field Airport
0F2 Bowie Municipal Airport
BWG Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport
LOU Bowman Field Airport
3U3 Bowman Fld Airport
3T3 Boyceville Municipal Airport
N98 Boyne City Municipal Airport
BFA Boyne Mountain Airport
BZN Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport
POC Brackett Field Airport
N27 Bradford County Airport
BFD Bradford Regional Airport
BDL Bradley International Airport
HFD Brainard - Hartford Airport
BRD Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport
OEB Branch County Memorial Airport
N99 Brandywine Airport
6J7 Branhams Airport
BKG Branson Airport
BWC Brawley Municipal Airport
48I Braxton County Airport
PWT Bremerton National Airport
11R Brenham Municipal Airport
XBP Bridgeport Municipal Airport
6S1 Bridger Municipal Airport
BMC Brigham City Airport
45G Brighton Airport
90F Broken Bow Airport
BBW Broken Bow Municipal Airport
HWV Brookhaven Airport
1R7 Brookhaven-Lincoln County Airport
BOK Brookings Airport
BKX Brookings Regional Airport
0V4 Brookneal/Campbell County Airport
RMY Brooks Field Airport
6D1 Brooten Municipal Airport
SDM Brown Field Municipal Airport
BRO Brownsville Airport
BWD Brownwood Regional Airport
E30 Bruce Field Airport
BQK Brunswick Golden Isles Airport
NHZ Brunswick Naval Air Station
7V5 Brush Municipal Airport
FRN Bryant Army Heliport/Bryant AAF
O57 Bryant Field Airport
BCE Bryce Canyon Airport
CCR Buchanan Field Airport
BXK Buckeye Municipal Airport
BKF Buckley Air Force Base
H17 Buffalo Municipal Airport
BUF Buffalo Niagara International Airport
D77 Buffalo-Lancaster Regional Airport
U03 Buhl Municipal Airport
U07 Bullfrog Basin Airport
2R6 Bunkie Municipal Airport
BKL Burke Lakefront Airport
BYI Burley Municipal Airport
BTV Burlington International Airport
RZN Burnett County Airport
BN0 Burns Municipal Airport
BTP Butler County (K.W. Scholter Field) Airport
HAO Butler County Regional Airport
BUM Butler Memorial Airport
A32 Butte Valley Airport
FCS Butts Army Airfield (Fort Carson) Airport
BUU Buyo Airport
C83 Byron Airport
3F3 C E 'Rusty' Williams Airport
CCB Cable Airport
3CU Cable Union Airport
TVB Cabool Memorial Airport
CDI Cachoeiro de Itapemirim Airport
7F3 Caddo Mills Municipal Airport
OZR Cairns Army Airfield (Fort Rucker)
CIR Cairo Regional Airport
70J Cairo-Grady County Airport
U96 Cal Black Memorial Airport
EUL Caldwell Industrial Airport
14R Caldwell Municipal Airport
6B8 Caledonia County Airport
CXL Calexico International Airport
37T Calico Rock-Izard County Airport
L71 California City Municipal Airport
A24 California Pines Airport
PIM Callaway Gardens-Harris County Airport
3C8 Calverton Executive Airpark
Y65 Calvin Campbell Municipal Airport
CGE Cambridge-Dorchester Airport
19N Camden County Airport
H21 Camdenton Memorial Airport
O61 Cameron Airpark Airport
EZZ Cameron Memorial Airport
T35 Cameron Municipal Airpark
CXU Camilla-Mitchell County Airport
18L Camp Beauregard Ahp
K9R Camp Bullis Helipad
8NA Camp Grafton Heliport
Z34 Camp Oliver Aaf Airport
4CA Camp Parks Ahp
W94 Camp Peary Landing Strip
1SD Camp Rapid Heliport
C81 Campbell Airport
HOP Campbell Army Airfield
34M Campbell Municipal Airport
D38 Canandaigua Airport
CVS Cannon Air Force Base
CTK Canton Municipal Airport
7G9 Canton Municipal Airport
7F5 Canton-Hackney Airport
CNY Canyonlands Field Airport
KNP Capanda Airport
5S6 Cape Blanco State Airport
XMR Cape Canaveral AFS Skid Strip
CGI Cape Girardeau Regional Airport
CGC Cape Gloucester Airport
WWD Cape May Airport
SPI Capital Airport
FFT Capital City Airport
02C Capitol Airport
K52 Capt. Ben Smith - Monroe City Airport
EQA Captain Jack Thomas/El Dorado Airport
PUC Carbon County Airport
CAR Caribou Municipal Airport
CCO Carimagua (Newnan Coweta Co) Airport
14J Carl Folsom Airport
PCW Carl R. Keller Field Airport
HSV Carl T. Jones Field Airport
N94 Carlisle Airport
KN9 Carlisle Barracks Ahp Airport
4M3 Carlisle Municipal Airport
46D Carrington Municipal Airport
F37 Carrizozo Municipal Airport
HZD Carroll County Airport
4M1 Carroll County Airport
DMW Carroll County Regional/Jack B Poage Field
TSO Carroll County-Tolson Airport
VPC Cartersville Airport
M05 Caruthersville Memorial Airport
CGZ Casa Grande Municipal Airport
05A Cascabel [Allen Ahp]
U70 Cascade Airport
CZK Cascade Locks State Airport
PVZ Casement Airport
1H8 Casey Municipal Airport
5N8 Casselton Robert Miller Regional Airport
94K Cassville Municipal Airport
C74 Cassville Municipal Airport
MER Castle Airport
T89 Castroville Municipal Airport
CXY Cat Cay Airport
AVX Catalina Airport
OLE Cattaraugus County-Olean Airport
2A5 Causey Airport
2C8 Cavalier Municipal Airport
2CB Cavalier Municipal Airport
CNM Cavern City Air Terminal
CVH Caviahue Airport
58M Cecil County Airport
VQQ Cecil Field Airport
CDC Cedar City Regional Airport
O59 Cedarville Airport
APA Centennial Airport
CWS Center Island Airport
F17 Center Municipal Airport
TVK Centerville Municipal Airport
GHM Centerville Municipal Airport
7V1 Central Colorado Regional Airport
BMI Central Illinois Regional Airport
47N Central Jersey Regional Airport
OWK Central Maine of Norridgewock Airport
GRI Central Nebraska Regional Airport
CWA Central Wisconsin Airport
ENL Centralia Municipal Airport
C22 Centre Municipal Airport
CEA Cessna Aircraft Field
CDR Chadron Municipal Airport
9V9 Chamberlain Municipal Airport
T00 Chambers County Airport
T90 Chambers County-Winnie Stowell Airport
YKN Chan Gurney Municipal Airport
AXN Chandler Field Airport
CHD Chandler Municipal Airport
CQB Chandler Regional Airport
CNU Chanute Martin Johnson Airport
KT2 Charles L Kelly Helipad Airport
STS Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport
2M8 Charles W. Baker Airport
JZI Charleston Executive Airport
CHS Charleston International Airport
CVX Charlevoix Municipal Airport
SPB Charlotte Amalie Harbor Seaplane Base (St. Thomas)
PGD Charlotte County Airport
CLT Charlotte Douglas International Airport
EQY Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport
CHO Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport
CXE Chase City Municipal Airport
CQX Chatham Municipal Airport
JHW Chautauqua County-Jamestown Airport
DKK Chautauqua County/Dunkirk Airport
SLH Cheboygan County Airport
CLS Chehalis-Centralia Airport
49X Chemehuevi Valley Airport
CWF Chennault International Airport
47J Cheraw Municipal/Lynch Bellinger Field Airport
47A Cherokee County Airport
CKP Cherokee County Regional Airport
4O5 Cherokee Municipal Airport
TVC Cherry Capital Airport
CPK Chesapeake Regional Airport
9A6 Chester Catawba Regional [Chester Municipal] Airport
40N Chester County G O Carlson Airport
FCI Chesterfield County Airport
Y23 Chetek Municipal-Southworth Airport
SYF Cheyenne County Municipal Airport
CYS Cheyenne Regional Airport
PWK Chicago Executive Airport
ORD Chicago O'Hare International Airport
RFD Chicago Rockford International (Greater Rockford) Airport
CHK Chickasha Municipal Airport
CIC Chico Municipal Airport
CDS Childress Municipal Airport
02A Chilton County Airport
E91 Chinle Municipal Airport
CNO Chino Airport
CIU Chippewa County International Airport
EAU Chippewa Valley Regional Airport
HIB Chisholm-Hibbing Airport
D74 Chorman Airport
2O6 Chowchilla Airport
LUK Cincinnati Municipal (Lunken Field) Airport
I67 Cincinnati West Airport
CVG Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
3F2 Cisco Municipal Airport
7V9 City of Las Animas - Bent County Airport
I06 City of Tulia/Swisher County Municipal Airport
80D Clare County Airport
48D Clare Municipal Airport
CNH Claremont Municipal Airport
F29 Clarence E Page Municipal Airport
ICL Clarinda Municipal Airport
AXQ Clarion County Airport
SEP Clark Field Municipal Airport
JVY Clark Regional Airport
23M Clarke County Airport
H35 Clarksville Municipal Airport
CWV Claxton-Evans County Airport
4A7 Clayton County - Tara Field Airport
CAO Clayton Municipal Airpark
CLW Clearwater Air Park
I69 Clermont County Airport
CLE Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
95F Cleveland Municipal Airport
6R3 Cleveland Municipal Airport
CLR Cliff Hatfield Memorial Airport
7F7 Clifton Municipal/Isenhower Field Airport
1I7 Clinton Airport
PLB Clinton County Airport
I66 Clinton Field Airport
4M4 Clinton Municipal Airport
CWI Clinton Municipal Airport
CLK Clinton Regional Airport
CSM Clinton Sherman Airport
CLI Clintonville Municipal Airport
O60 Cloverdale Municipal Airport
CVN Clovis Municipal Airport
RYY Cobb County (McCollum Field) Airport
P03 Cochise College Airport
P33 Cochise County Airport
48A Cochran Airport
CNC Coconut Island Airport
COE Coeur d'Alene Airport
CFV Coffeyville Municipal Airport
CBK Colby Municipal (Shalz Field ) Airport
DET Coleman A. Young International Airport
COM Coleman Municipal Airport
MTO Coles County Memorial Airport
CGS College Park Airport
3M3 Collegedale Municipal Airport
T88 Colorado City Airport
AZC Colorado City Municipal Airport
COS Colorado Springs Airport
A50 Colorado Springs East Airport
4G8 Columbia Airport
O22 Columbia Airport
1B1 Columbia County Airport
DLS Columbia Gorge Regional (The Dalles Municipal) Airport
CAE Columbia Metropolitan Airport
CUB Columbia Owens Downtown Airport
COU Columbia Regional Airport
02G Columbiana County Airport
CBM Columbus Air Force Base
6S3 Columbus Airport
CSG Columbus Metropolitan Airport
OLU Columbus Municipal (Nebraska) Airport
CLU Columbus Municipal Airport
UBS Columbus-Lowndes County Airport
O08 Colusa County Airport
MKN Comanche County-City Airport
2F7 Commerce Municipal Airport
KJM Commodore Center Airport
CPM Compton/Woodley Airport
2G1 Concord Airpark Airport
CON Concord Municipal Airport
JQF Concord Regional Airport
0R4 Concordia Parish Airport
VVS Connellsville Airport
S01 Conrad Airport
DGW Converse County Airport
HYW Conway-Horry County Airport
15J Cook County Airport
P08 Coolidge Municipal Airport
M11 Copiah County Airport
LOZ Corbin-London Airport
CRO Corcoran Airport
F36 Cordell Municipal Airport
M88 Cornelia Fort Airpark
CRP Corpus Christi International Airport
NGP Corpus Christi Naval Air Station (Truax Field)
8G2 Corry Lawrence Airport
CRS Corsicana Municipal (C. David Campbell Field) Airport
CEZ Cortez Municipal Airport
N03 Cortland County-Chase Field Airport
CVO Corvallis Municipal Airport
61S Cottage Grove State Airport
P52 Cottonwood Airport
S84 Cottonwood Municipal Airport
COT Cotulla-La Salle County Airport
CFD Coulter Field Airport
CBF Council Bluffs Municipal Airport
S48 Country Squire Airpark
EIW County Memorial Airport
M04 Covington Municipal Airport
9A1 Covington Municipal Airport
PRX Cox Field Airport
CZD Cozad Municipal Airport
SEM Craig Field Airport
CRG Craig Municipal Airport
EWN Craven County Regional Airport
99V Crawford Airport
CFJ Crawfordsville Municipal Airport
S36 Crest Airpark
CSQ Creston Municipal Airport
1H0 Creve Coeur Airport
W81 Crewe Municipal Airport
CKF Crisp County-Cordele Airport
CKN Crookston Municipal (Kirkwood Field) Airport
CTY Cross City Airport
17N Cross Keys Airport
CSV Crossville Memorial-Whitson Field Airport
MIC Crystal Airport
20R Crystal City Municipal Airport
5M5 Crystal Lake Airport
UBX Cuba Municipal Airport
VHN Culberson County Airport
CJR Culpeper Regional Airport
BBD Curtis Field Airport
EYF Curtis L Brown Jr. Field Airport
CPU Cururupu Airport
CUH Cushing Municipal Airport
TTF Custer Airport
9MI Custer Main Ahp
3V0 Custer State Park Airport
CTB Cut Bank Municipal Airport
CGF Cuyahoga County Airport
0I8 Cynthiana-Harrison County Airport
24F Cypress River Airport
0C0 Dacy Airport
44I Dale Hollow Regional (Petro Field) Airport
DHT Dalhart Municipal Airport
1A0 Dallas Bay Sky Park
RBD Dallas Executive Airport
DFW Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
DNN Dalton Municipal Airport
3F6 Dan E Richards Municipal Airport
T51 Dan Jones International Airport
DXR Danbury Municipal Airport
MSN Dane County Regional Airport
DNL Daniel Field Airport
DSV Dansville Municipal Airport
8N8 Danville Airport
DAN Danville Regional Airport
6I6 Darby Dan Airport
MQI Dare County Regional Airport
VES Darke County Airport
UDG Darlington County Jetport
DVN Davenport Municipal Airport
93Y David City Municipal Airport
0R5 David G Joyce Airport
1K4 David Jay Perry Airport
DWH David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport
EXX Davidson County Airport
DCY Daviess County Airport
MKO Davis Field Airport
DMA Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
DAA Davison Army Airfield
H26 Davy Jones (Private) Airport
3G5 Dawson Army Airfield
DGV Dawson Community Airport
16J Dawson Municipal Airport
A34 Dayton Valley Airpark
MGY Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport
DAB Daytona Beach Airport
07C De Kalb Co Airport
DKB De Kalb Taylor Airport
5R8 De Quincy Industrial Airpark
54J DeFuniak Springs Airport
PDK DeKalb-Peachtree Airport
M24 Dean Griffin Memorial Airport
DEC Decatur Airport
BGE Decatur County Industrial Air Park
DCR Decatur Hi-Way Airport
9D4 Deck Airport
DEH Decorah Municipal Airport
38S Deer Lodge-City-County Airport
DEW Deer Park Airport
VG1 Defense Supply Cntr Richmond Ahp
DFI Defiance Memorial Airport
8V1 Del Norte Municipal and County Airport
DRT Del Rio International Airport
DLO Delano Municipal Airport
33N Delaware Airpark
MIE Delaware County (Johnson Field) Airport
0M9 Delhi Municipal Airport
ESC Delta County Airport
DTA Delta Municipal Airport
DMN Deming Municipal Airport
7A2 Demopolis Municipal Airport
DNS Denison Municipal Airport
DTO Denton Municipal Airport
E57 Denver City Airport
DEN Denver International Airport
DSM Des Moines International Airport
DTS Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport
DTL Detroit Lakes (Wething Field) Airport
DTW Detroit Metro Airport
DVL Devils Lake Municipal Airport
23R Devine Municipal Airport
M89 Dexter B Florence Memorial Field Airport
DXE Dexter Muni Airport
1B0 Dexter Regional Airport
66Y Diamondhead Airport
M02 Dickson Municipal Airport
EEN Dillant-Hopkins Airport
24R Dilley Airpark Airport
HDH Dillingham Airfield
DLN Dillon Airport
DLL Dillon County [Baraboo Wisconsin Dells] Airport
CZT Dimmit County Airport
T55 Dimmitt Municipal Airport
PTB Dinwiddie County Airport
C73 Dixon Municipal -Charles R. Walgreen Field Airport
MGE Dobbins Air Reserve Base (Atlanta NAS)
TOB Dodge Center Airport
DDC Dodge City Regional Airport
UNU Dodge County Airport
5T6 Dona Ana County at Santa Teresa Airport
GYH Donaldson Center Airport
17J Donalsonville Municipal Airport
N71 Donegal Springs Airpark
SUE Door County Cherryland Airport
0S7 Dorothy Scott Airport
DHN Dothan Regional Airport
DQH Douglas Municipal Airport
DGL Douglas Municipal Airport
DOV Dover Air Force Base
C91 Dowagiac Municipal Airport
U58 Downey (Hyde Memorial) Airport
2DT Downtown Airpark
3DW Downtown Airport
KR1 Downtown Providence Helistop Heliport
DYL Doylestown Airport
53A Dr. C P Savage Sr. Airport
FYV Drake Field
TPL Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Airport
U59 Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport
DUJ DuBois Regional (formerly DuBois-Jefferson County) Airport
9F0 Dublin Municipal Airport
U25 Dubois Municipal Airport
DBQ Dubuque Regional Airport
U69 Duchesne Municipal Airport
EGI Duke Field (Eglin Auxiliary Field 3)
DLH Duluth International Airport
X35 Dunnellon/Marion County & Park of Commerce Airport
DPA Dupage Airport
D95 Dupont-Lapeer Airport
DRO Durango-La Plata County Airport
33U Dutch John Airport
POU Dutchess County Airport
T19 Duval Freer Airport
DYS Dyess Air Force Base
9V7 Eads Municipal Airport
A09 Eagle Airpark
EGE Eagle County Regional Airport
EYE Eagle Creek Airpark
EAG Eagle Grove Municipal Airport
ELA Eagle Lake Airport
EGV Eagle River Union Airport
31E Eagles Nest Airport
DUA Eaker Field Airport
11J Early County Airport
8S5 East Cooper
HTO East Hampton Airport
Y94 East Jordan City Airport
3GV East Kansas City Airport
GGG East Texas Regional Airport
57C East Troy Municipal Airport
PDT Eastern Oregon Regional Airport
BIH Eastern Sierra Regional Airport
IZG Eastern Slopes Regional Airport
MRB Eastern WV Regional Airport (Shepherd Field)
CLL Easterwood Airport (Easterwood Field)
ETN Eastland Municipal Airport
11V Easton Airport (Valley View)
ESW Easton State Airport
ESN Easton/Newnam Field Airport
EPM Eastport Municipal Airport
9G8 Ebensburg Airport
0L9 Echo Bay Airport
MPV Edward F. Knapp State Airport
9L2 Edwards Air Force Auxiliary North Base
EDW Edwards Air Force Base
1H2 Effingham County Memorial Airport
EIL Eielson Air Force Base
NJK El Centro Naval Air Force Facility
F43 El Dorado Downtown -Stevens Field Airport
87K El Dorado Springs Memorial Airport
EMT El Monte Airport
ELP El Paso International Airport
F28 El Reno Regional Airport
27A Elbert County -Patz Field Airport
H79 Eldon Model Airpark
ECG Elizabeth City Regional/Elizabeth City CGAS
0B8 Elizabeth Field Airport
0A9 Elizabethton Municipal Airport
ELK Elk City Municipal Airport
L62 Elk Hills-Buttonwillow Airport
EKM Elkhart Municipal Airport
ZEF Elkin Municipal Airport
EKN Elkins-Randolph Co.-Jennings Randolph Field Airport
EKO Elko Regional Airport
EFD Ellington Field Airport
O28 Ells Field-Willits Municipal Airport
RCA Ellsworth Airforce Base
EDF Elmendorf Air Force Base
ELM Elmira/Corning Regional Airport
E60 Eloy Municipal Airport
60C Elroy Municipal Airport
FTT Elton Hensley Memorial Airport
ELY Ely Yelland Field Airport
1G1 Elyria Airport
EGQ Emmetsburg Municipal Airport
S78 Emmett Municipal Airport
EMP Emporia Municipal Airport
EMV Emporia-Greensville Regional Airport
WDG Enid Woodring Regional Airport
5U3 Ennis - Big Sky Airport
F41 Ennis Municipal Airport
ONX Enrique Adolfo Jiménez Airport
EDN Enterprise Municipal Airport
EPH Ephrata Municipal Airport
OMA Eppley Airfield
P01 Eric Marcus Municipal Airport
3G1 Erie County Airport
ERI Erie International Airport(Tom Ridge Field)
48V Erie Municipal Airport (Tri-County)
PRC Ernest A. Love Field Airport
ERR Errol Airport
1L7 Escalante Municipal Airport
ESF Esler Regional Airport
CDW Essex County Airport
EST Estherville Municipal Airport
F08 Eufaula Municipal Airport
EUG Eugene/Mahlon Sweet Field Airport
E04 Eunice Airport
4R7 Eunice Airport
06M Eupora Airport
3A7 Eutaw Municipal Airport
EVW Evanston-Uinta County Burns Field Airport
EVV Evansville Regional Airport
9C8 Evart Municipal Airport
EVM Eveleth-Virginia Municipal Airport
UCY Everett-Stewart Airport
E35 Fabens Airport
FAI Fairbanks Airport
FBY Fairbury Municipal Airport
SKA Fairchild Air Force Base
LHQ Fairfield County Airport
FDW Fairfield County Airport
F02 Fairgrounds Airpark
FRM Fairmont Municipal Airport
FMZ Fairmont State Airfield
FFZ Falcon Field Airport
37K Falconhead Airport
O89 Fall River Mills Airport
FLX Fallon Municipal Airport
NFL Fallon Naval Air Station (Van Voorhis Field)
INL Falls International Airport
HZR False River Regional Airport
FBL Faribault Municipal Airport
F87 Farmerville (Union Parish) Airport
FMN Farmington Municipal [Four Corners Regional] Airport
FAM Farmington Regional Airport
FVX Farmville Regional Airport
FYE Fayette County Airport
I23 Fayette County Airport
3T5 Fayette Regional Air Center
FYM Fayetteville Municipal Airport
FAY Fayetteville Regional (Grannis Field) Airport
FAF Felker Army Airfield
SFF Felts Field Airport
NFE Fentress Naval Auxiliary Landing Field
FFM Fergus Falls Municipal (Einar Mickelson Field) Airport
82J Ferguson Airport
55J Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport
FES Festus Memorial Airport
FKA Fillmore County Airport
FIL Fillmore Municipal Airport
U19 Fillmore Municipal Airport
FDY Findlay Airport
0G7 Finger Lakes Regional Airport
FFA First Flight Airport
56F Fisher County Airport
FPK Fitch H. Beach Airport
FIT Fitchburg Municipal Airport
FZG Fitzgerald Municipal Airport
RIR Flabob Airport
X47 Flagler County Airport
FLG Flagstaff Pulliam Airport
4P3 Flandreau Municipal Airport
FGX Fleming Mason Airport
CKM Fletcher Field Airport
FOA Flora Municipal Airport
0J4 Florala Municipal Airport
6S2 Florence Municipal Airport
FLO Florence Regional Airport
MTH Florida Keys Marathon Airport
GFL Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport
41F Floydada Municipal Airport
FCM Flying Cloud Airport
0J9 Flying V Airport
N14 Flying W Airport
5R4 Foley Municipal Airport
3A1 Folsom Fld Airport
FLD Fond du Lac County Airport
FOE Forbes Field Airport
IMT Ford Airport
NPS Ford Island NALF
5M4 Fordyce Municipal Airport
FXY Forest City Municipal Airport
25D Forest Lake Airport
FCY Forrest City Municipal Airport
61C Fort Atkinson Municipal Airport
3V5 Fort Collins Downtown Airport
FNL Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport
67A Fort Deposit-Lowndes County Airport
MD3 Fort Detrick Helipad
FOD Fort Dodge Regional Airport
SC1 Fort Jackson Helipad
FXE Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport
FLL Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport
VA3 Fort Lee Helipad Nr 3
FSW Fort Madison Municipal Airport
3V4 Fort Morgan Municipal Airport
FSK Fort Scott Municipal Airport
FSM Fort Smith Airport
FST Fort Stockton-Pecos County Airport
VA4 Fort Story Spier Helipad
FWA Fort Wayne Airport
AFW Fort Worth Alliance Airport
FTW Fort Worth Meacham International Airport
FWS Fort Worth Spinks Airport
7A4 Foster Field Airport
FZI Fostoria Metropolitan Airport
0F7 Fountainhead Lodge Airpark
JXI Fox Stephens Field - Gilmer Municipal Airport
KFE Francis E Warren Afb Heliport
FOK Francis S. Gabreski Airport
M36 Frank Federer Memorial Airport
C18 Frankfort Airport
FKR Frankfort Municipal Airport
F53 Franklin Co Airport
LHZ Franklin County Airport
UOS Franklin County Airport
N68 Franklin County Regional Airport
FSO Franklin County State Airport
F72 Franklin Field Airport
FKN Franklin Municipal (John Beverly Rose Field) Airport
M52 Franklin-Wilkins Airport
C16 Frasca Field Airport
70A Freddie Jones Field Airport
FDK Frederick Municipal Airport
H88 Fredericktown Regional Airport
1I5 Freehold Airport
3JC Freeman Field Airport
SER Freeman Municipal Airport
14G Fremont Airport
1V6 Fremont County Airport
3FM Fremont Municipal Airport
FET Fremont Municipal Airport
FRH French Lick Municipal Airport
F70 French Valley Airport
FCH Fresno Chandler Executive Airport
FHR Friday Harbor Airport
SUN Friedman Memorial Airport
FTG Front Range Airport
FRR Front Royal-Warren County Airport
FUL Fullerton Municipal Airport
FTY Fulton County (Brown Field) Airport
RCR Fulton County Airport
NY0 Fulton County Airport
USE Fulton County Airport
2M4 G. V. Montgomery Airport
GNC Gaines County Airport
GLE Gainesville Municipal Airport
GNV Gainesville Regional Airport
GBG Galesburg Municipal Airport
GQQ Galion Municipal Airport
GUP Gallup Municipal Airport
10C Galt Field Airport
2O1 Gansner Field Airport
O16 Garberville Airport
GCK Garden City Regional Airport
29S Gardiner Airport
GDM Gardner Municipal Airport
RIL Garfield County Regional Airport
UVA Garner Field Airport
2G4 Garrett County Airport
GYY Gary-Chicago Airport
GKT Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge Airport
GLR Gaylord Regional Airport
7G8 Geauga County Airport
K62 Gene Snyder Airport
M01 General Dewitt Spain Airport
1L8 General Dick Stout Field
MKE General Mitchell International Airport
WJF General William J. Fox Airfield
GVQ Genesee County Airport
33J Geneva Municipal Airport
GTB Genting Airport
IAH George Bush Houston Airport
AIV George Downer Airport
CDK George T. Lewis Airport
GGE Georgetown County Airport
GTU Georgetown Municipal Airport
27K Georgetown Scott County -Marshall Field
GRR Gerald R Ford Airport
7D9 Germack Airport
W05 Gettysburg Regional Airport
TGC Gibson County Airport
GYB Giddings-Lee County Airport
M85 Gideon Memorial Airport
GBN Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Airport
E63 Gila Bend Municipal Airport
T82 Gillespie County Airport
SEE Gillespie Field Airport
GCC Gillette-Campbell County Airport
49A Gilmer County Airport
FCA Glacier Park International Airport
07F Gladewater Municipal Airport
GDW Gladwin Zettel Memorial Airport
GLW Glasgow Municipal Airport
GEU Glendale Municipal Airport
WLW Glenn County Airport
GHW Glenwood Municipal Airport
GWS Glenwood Springs Municipal Airport
FTK Godman Army Airfield
IWD Gogebic-Iron County Airport
4S1 Gold Beach Municipal Airport
GTR Golden Triangle Regional Airport
S20 Goldendale Airport
GLY Goldsworthy Airport
GNG Gooding Municipal Airport
GLD Goodland Municipal (Renner Field) Airport
GVE Gordonsville Municipal Airport
RGK Gorno-Altaysk Airport
GSH Goshen Municipal Airport
RPH Graham Municipal Airport
GCN Grand Canyon National Park Airport
RDR Grand Forks AFB
GFK Grand Forks International Airport
C02 Grand Geneva Resort Airport
K15 Grand Glaize-Osage Beach Airport
3GM Grand Haven Memorial Airpark
GJT Grand Junction Regional (Walker Field) Airport
3O9 Grand Lake Regional Airport
GPM Grand Prairie Municipal Airport
GPZ Grand Rapids/Itasca County (Gordon Newstrom Field) Airport
CRE Grand Strand Airport
1O1 Grandfield Municipal Airport
GDB Granite Falls Municipal/Lenzen-Roe Memorial Field Airport
W99 Grant County Airport
SVC Grant County Airport
MWH Grant County International Airport
JDA Grant County Regional/Ogilvie Field Airport
GGF Grant Municipal Airport
3S8 Grants Pass Airport
GNT Grants-Milan Municipal Airport
GTG Grantsburg Municipal Airport
AMN Gratiot Community Airport
GRF Gray Army Airfield (Fort Lewis)
2GC Grays Creek Airport
GBD Great Bend Municipal Airport
GTF Great Falls International Airport
K06 Greater Beardstown Airport
BGM Greater Binghamton (Edwin A. Link Field) Airport
CBE Greater Cumberland Regional Airport
IKK Greater Kankakee Airport
8F5 Greater Morris County Airport
PIA Greater Peoria Regional Airport
PMH Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport
ROC Greater Rochester International Airport
GXY Greeley-Weld County Airport
OTN Green Airport
U34 Green River Municipal Airport
LWB Greenbrier Valley Airport
WAY Greene County Airport
3J7 Greene County Regional Airport
I19 Greene County-Lewis A. Jackson Regional Airport
GCY Greeneville-Greene County Municipal Airport
GFZ Greenfield Municipal Airport
7A0 Greensboro Municipal Airport
I34 Greensburg Municipal Airport
M71 Greensfield Airport
GMU Greenville Downtown Airport
3B1 Greenville Municipal Airport
6D6 Greenville Municipal Airport
GRE Greenville Municipal Airport
GSP Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport
GRD Greenwood County Airport
4N1 Greenwood Lake Airport
HFY Greenwood Municipal Airport
GWO Greenwood-Leflore Airport
GNF Grenada Municipal Airport
PBF Grider Field Airport
6A2 Griffin-Spalding County Airport
SKY Griffing Sandusky Airport
RME Griffiss Airpark
05C Griffith-Merrillville Airport
I74 Grimes Field Airport
GGI Grinnell Regional Airport
GUS Grissom Air Reserve Base
ONZ Grosse Ile Municipal Airport
GON Groton-New London Airport
29D Grove City Airport
GMJ Grove Municipal Airport
GPT Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport
GKN Gulkana Airport
GUC Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport
8A1 Guntersville Municipal - Joe Starnes Field
5M8 Gurdon Lowe Field Airport
GST Gustavus Airport
3O1 Gustine Airport
GCT Guthrie County Regional Airport
GOK Guthrie-Edmond Regional (was Guthrie Municipal) Airport
GUY Guymon Municipal Airport
LZU Gwinnett County (Briscoe Field) Airport
4R4 H L Sonny Callahan Airport
RCK H. H. Coffield Regional Airport
P32 H.A. Clark Memorial Field Airport
HGR Hagerstown Regional (Richard A. Henson Field) Airport
SLJ Hagler Army Airfield
O37 Haigh Field
HNS Haines Airport
PVW Hale County Airport
HAF Half Moon Bay Airport
RZZ Halifax County Airport
34R Hallettsville Municipal Airport
DUC Halliburton Field
HCO Hallock Municipal Airport
14F Hamlin Municipal Airport
HDC Hammond Northshore Regional Airport
N81 Hammonton Municipal Airport
3J0 Hampton-Varnville Airport
K74 Hamry Field Airport
HNM Hana Airport
HEY Hanchey Army Heliport
SYR Hancock Airport
BHB Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport
HJO Hanford Municipal Airport
HVE Hanksville Airport
OFP Hanover County Municipal Airport
36S Happy Camp Airport
HBI Harbour Island Airport
HDI Hardwick Field Airport
0W3 Harford County Airport
HNR Harlan Municipal Airport
HRJ Harnett Regional Jetport
VMR Harold Davidson Field Airport
NZX Harold Nolf Airport
8K2 Harper Municipal Airport
0V2 Harriet Alexander Field Airport
AQW Harriman And West Airport
8G6 Harrison County Airport
ASL Harrison County Airport
PHD Harry Clever Field Airport
3R4 Hart Airport
HXF Hartford Municipal Airport
0B4 Hartington Municipal Airport
VSF Hartness State (Springfield) Airport
5M0 Hartselle-Morgan County Regional Airport
ATL Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
HVS Hartsville Regional Airport
08K Harvard State Airport
5H4 Harvey Municipal Airport
2K9 Haskell Airport
15F Haskell Municipal Airport
M29 Hassell Field Airport
9D9 Hastings Airport
HSI Hastings Municipal Airport
HAX Hatbox Field Airport
13A Hatch Ahp Airport
PIB Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport
HAE Havasupai Airport
HVR Havre City-County Airport
HKS Hawkins Field Airport
51A Hawkinsville-Pulaski County Airport
04Y Hawley Municipal Airport
45R Hawthorne Field Airport
HTH Hawthorne Industrial Airport
HHR Hawthorne Municipal (Jack Northrop Field) Airport
8B1 Hawthorne-Feather Airpark
17V Haxtun Municipal Airport
HYS Hays Regional Airport
HWD Hayward Executive Airport
6M0 Hazen Municipal Airport
AZE Hazlehurst Airport
HZL Hazleton Municipal Airport
0J6 Headland Municipal Airport
F32 Healdton Municipal Airport
LHB Hearne Municipal Airport
EZM Heart of Georgia Regional Airport
36U Heber City Municipal - Russ McDonald Field
HBZ Heber Springs Municipal Airport
FAR Hector International Airport
H68 Hefner-Easley Airport
HLN Helena Regional Airport
HMT Hemet Ryan Airport
38J Hemingway-Stuckey Airport
EHR Henderson City-County Airport
HNZ Henderson-Oxford Airport
0A7 Hendersonville Airport
2R2 Hendricks County -Gordon Graham Field
7W5 Henry County Airport
PHT Henry County Airport
FSI Henry Post Army Airfield (Fort Sill)
TMA Henry Tift Myers Airport
F10 Henryetta Municipal Airport
HRX Hereford Municipal Airport
HRU Herington Regional Airport
HEG Herlong Airport
63M Hermann Municipal Airport
HES Hermiston Municipal Airport
BKV Hernando County Airport
LUL Hesler-Noble Field Airport
L26 Hesperia Airport
0A2 Hester Memorial Airport
HKY Hickory Regional Airport
T67 Hicks Airfield Airport
HNG Hienghene Airport
HIG Highbury Airport
HOC Highland County Airport
HIF Hill Air Force Base
HLB Hillenbrand Industries Airport
JYM Hillsdale Municipal Airport
ITO Hilo Airport
HXD Hilton Head Airport
2O8 Hinton Municipal Airport
HBR Hobart Municipal Airport
3HO Hobart Sky Ranch Airport
77S Hobby Field
P14 Holbrook Municipal Airport
14M Hollandale Municipal Airport
2A2 Holley Mountain Airpark
HMN Holloman Air Force Base
M41 Holly Springs-Marshall County Airport
10G Holmes County Airport
L04 Holtville Airport
HEQ Holyoke Airport
HOM Homer Airport
5F4 Homer Municipal Airport
HST Homestead Air Reserve Base
X51 Homestead General Aviation Airport
H92 Hominy Municipal Airport
HDO Hondo Municipal Airport
HNL Honolulu Airport
HLR Hood Army Airfield
MWO Hook Field Municipal Airport
O45 Hooker Municipal Airport
M18 Hope Municipal Airport
1B6 Hopedale Industrial Park Airport
HVC Hopkinsville-Christian County Airport
IGX Horace Williams Airport
T27 Horizon Airport
4G6 Hornell Municipal Airport
6M2 Horseshoe Bend Airport
THP Hot Springs County-Thermopolis Municipal Airport
HOT Hot Springs Memorial Field Airport
HSR Hot Springs Municipal Airport
CMX Houghton County Memorial Airport
HUL Houlton International Airport
HUM Houma-Terrebonne Airport
T56 Houston County Airport
M48 Houston Memorial Airport
M44 Houston Municipal Airport
AXH Houston Southwest Airport
M77 Howard County Airport
1C2 Howell New Lenox Airport
W43 Hulett Municipal Airport
0K7 Humboldt Municipal Airport
M53 Humboldt Municipal Airport
0M5 Humphreys County Airport
17A Hunt Ahp Airport
LND Hunt Field Airport
SVN Hunter AAF Airport
HGT Hunter Army Air Field
HNB Huntingburg Airport
69V Huntington Municipal Airport
HHG Huntington Municipal Airport
H34 Huntsville Municipal Airport
UTS Huntsville Municipal Airport
BGD Hutchinson County Airport
HCD Hutchinson Municipal (Butler Field) Airport
HUT Hutchinson Municipal Airport
4R1 I H Bass Jr Memorial Airport
I95 I95 Hardin County Airport
IDG Ida Grove Municipal Airport
S80 Idaho County Airport
IDA Idaho Falls Regional Airport
BDR Igor I. Sikorsky Memorial Airport
VYS Illinois Valley Regional (Walter A. Duncan Field) Airport
IMM Immokalee Airport
NRS Imperial Beach Naval Outlying Field (Ream Field)
IPL Imperial County Airport
2O7 Independence Airport
IDP Independence Municipal Airport
7S5 Independence State Airport
IDI Indiana County (Jimmy Stewart Field) Airport
8A4 Indianapolis Downtown Heliport
TYQ Indianapolis Executive Airport
IND Indianapolis International Airport
UMP Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport
IDL Indianola Municipal Airport
X58 Indiantown Airport
HSP Ingalls Field Airport
30K Ingalls Municipal Airport
X40 Inverness Airport
IYK Inyokern Airport
Y70 Ionia County Airport
6D9 Iosco County Airport
IOW Iowa City Municipal Airport
MRJ Iowa County Airport
50D Iron County Airport
4A9 Isbell Field Airport
ITH Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport
15M Iuka Airport
DEQ J Lynn Helms Sevier County Airport
N52 JAARS-Townsend Airport
NFW JRB Fort Worth (Carswell Field) Naval Air Station
NBG JRB New Orleans (Alvin Callender Field) Naval Air Station
NXX JRB Willow Grove Naval Air Station
3BS Jack Barstow Airport
JKA Jack Edwards Airport
CEC Jack McNamara Field
06U Jackpot/Hayden Field
21F Jacksboro Municipal Airport
JXN Jackson County (Reynolds Field) Airport
1A7 Jackson County Airport
I18 Jackson County Airport
26R Jackson County Airport
JAC Jackson Hole Airport
4R3 Jackson Municipal Airport
MJQ Jackson Municipal Airport
JAN Jackson-Evers Airport
JAX Jacksonville International Airport
IJX Jacksonville Municipal Airport
NIP Jacksonville Naval Air Station(Towers Field)
TRM Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport
AFN Jaffrey - Silver Ranch Airpark
22N Jake Arner Memorial Airport
I43 James A Rhodes Airport
3CM James Clements Municipal Airport
M23 James H Easom Field
DAY James M. Cox Airport
JMS Jamestown Regional Airport
JAS Jasper Co Bell Field
RZL Jasper County Airport
0L7 Jean Airport
JEF Jefferson City Memorial Airport
2G2 Jefferson County Airpark
0S9 Jefferson County International Airport
09J Jekyll Island Airport
3R7 Jennings Airport
3TR Jerry Tyler Memorial Airport
JES Jesup-Wayne County Airport
K79 Jetmore Municipal Airport
24N Jicarilla Apache Nation Airport
HBV Jim Hogg County Airport
FSD Joe Foss Field Airport
0M3 John A Baker Field
M16 John Bell Williams Airport
JFK John F. Kennedy International Airport
ASX John F. Kennedy Memorial Airport
M79 John H Hooks Jr Memorial Airport
RAC John H. Batten Airport
JST John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport
SNA John Wayne Airport
0A4 Johnson City Airport
6A4 Johnson County Airport
BYG Johnson County Airport
OJC Johnson County Executive Airport
JOT Joliet Regional Airport
3F7 Jones Memorial Airport
F88 Jonesboro Municipal Airport
JBR Jonesboro Municipal Airport
JLN Joplin Regional Airport
GA9 Joseph G Lapointe Helipad
4S3 Joseph State Airport
N89 Joseph Y Resnick Airport
HBW Joshua Sanford Field
TWF Joslin Field - Magic Valley Regional Airport
7V8 Julesburg Municipal Airport
U13 Junction Airport
JNU Juneau International Airport
KGW Kagi Airport
OGG Kahului Airport
JRF Kalaeloa (John Rodgers Field)
AZO Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport
LUP Kalaupapa Airport
S27 Kalispell City Airport
Y89 Kalkaska City Airport
S73 Kamiah Municipal Airport
MKC Kansas City Downtown (Charles B. Wheeler Downtown) Airport
MCI Kansas City International Airport
OKZ Kaolin Field
JHM Kapalua Airport
OFK Karl Stefan Memorial Airport
2R9 Karnes County Airport
1B2 Katama Airpark
0V7 Kayenta Airport
EAR Kearney Regional Airport
I16 Kee Field
BIX Keesler Air Force Base
KNL Kelanoa Airport
EMM Kemmerer Municipal Airport
4S2 Ken Jernstedt Airfield
ENA Kenai Municipal Airport
TMB Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport
C62 Kendallville Municipal Airport
ENW Kenosha Regional Airport
1G3 Kent State University Airport
50I Kentland Municipal Airport
M34 Kentucky Dam State Park Airport
EOK Keokuk Municipal Airport
KJP Kerama Airport
L05 Kern Valley Airport
ERV Kerrville Municipal (Louis Schreiner Field) Airport
1T7 Kestrel Airpark
KTN Ketchikan International Airport
EZI Kewanee Municipal Airport
MEI Key Field
EYW Key West International Airport
NQX Key West Nas Airport
42J Keystone Airpark
T47 Kickapoo Downtown Airpark
GRK Killeen-Fort Hood Regional (Robert Gray Army Airfield)
IBM Kimball Municipal/Robert E Arraj Field
JCT Kimble County Airport
O20 Kingdon Airpark
9K8 Kingman - Clyde Cessna Field
IGM Kingman Airport
LNL Kings Land O' Lakes Airport
20N Kingston-Ulster Airport
NQI Kingsville Naval Air Station
ISO Kinston Regional Jetport (at Stallings Field)
T12 Kirbyville Airport
PGR Kirk Field
IRK Kirksville Regional Airport
IRS Kirsch Municipal Airport
ISM Kissimmee Gateway Airport
ITR Kit Carson County Airport
4F7 Kizer Field
LMT Klamath Falls Airport
IKG Kleberg County Airport
KFH Knox Ahp
4I3 Knox County Airport
RKD Knox County Regional Airport
DKX Knoxville Downtown Island Airport
OXV Knoxville Municipal Airport
OKK Kokomo Municipal Airport
KOA Kona International Airport
OSX Kosciusko-Attala County Airport
OLF L M Clayton Airport
OEO L. O. Simenstad Municipal Airport
ONT LA/Ontario International Airport
X14 La Belle Municipal Airport
LSE La Crosse Municipal Airport
LGD La Grande - Union County Airport
LHX La Junta Municipal Airport
T41 La Porte Municipal Airport
SSQ La Sarre Airport
LGA LaGuardia Airport
94R Lackey Aviation
SKF Lackland Air Force Base/Kelly Field Annex
LCI Laconia Municipal Airport
LFT Lafayette Airport
5R3 Lago Vista-Allen Airport
LGF Laguna Army Airfield (Yuma Proving Ground)
1M9 Lake Barkley State Park Airport
LCH Lake Charles Regional Airport
S10 Lake Chelan Airport
51J Lake City Municipal -CJ Evans Field
LCQ Lake City Municipal Airport
W63 Lake Country Regional Airport
LXV Lake County Airport
LKV Lake County Airport
SME Lake Cumberland Regional (J.T. Wilson Field) Airport
21D Lake Elmo Airport
HII Lake Havasu City Airport
LKP Lake Placid Airport
TVL Lake Tahoe Airport
F31 Lake Texoma State Park Airport
M32 Lake Village Municipal Airport
X07 Lake Wales Municipal Airport
3CK Lake in the Hills Airport
ARV Lakeland (Noble F. Lee Memorial Field) Airport
LAL Lakeland Linder Regional Airport
4Y4 Lakes of the North Airport
3R9 Lakeway Airpark
N12 Lakewood Airport
5L0 Lakota Municipal Airport
M55 Lamar County Airport
LAA Lamar Municipal Airport
STL Lambert - St. Louis International Airport
2F5 Lamesa Municipal Airport
T28 Lampasas Airport
1O2 Lampson Field
LNY Lanai Airport
LNC Lancaster Airport
LNS Lancaster Airport
LKR Lancaster County (McWhirter Field) Airport
73C Lancaster Municipal Airport
T54 Lane Airpark
7A3 Lanett Municipal Airport
LFI Langley Air Force Base
04G Lansdowne Airport
LAN Lansing Capital City Airport
IGQ Lansing Municipal Airport
LHW Lanzhou Airport
LAR Laramie Regional Airport
LRD Laredo International Airport
LQR Larned-Pawnee County Airport
LRU Las Cruces International Airport
LVS Las Vegas Municipal Airport
DLF Laughlin Air Force Base
IFP Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport
N06 Laurel Airport
6S8 Laurel Municipal Airport
BED Laurence G. Hanscom Field
34A Laurens County Airport
HTW Lawrence County Airpark
9A4 Lawrence County Airport
MWC Lawrence J. Timmerman Airport
LWM Lawrence Municipal Airport
LWC Lawrence Municipal Airport
LRY Lawrence Smith Memorial Airport
2M2 Lawrenceburg-Lawrence County Airport
LWV Lawrenceville-Vincennes International Airport
LVL Lawrenceville/Brunswick Municipal Airport
LSF Lawson Army Airfield
LAW Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport
3R2 Le Gros Memorial Airport
2R1 Le Maire Memorial Airport
LRJ Le Mars Municipal Airport
12Y Le Sueur Municipal Airport
HOB Lea County Regional Airport
1V8 Leach Airport
8Y6 Leaders/Clear Lake Airport
LEB Lebanon Municipal Airport
M54 Lebanon Municipal Airport
6I2 Lebanon-Springfield Airport
I68 Lebanon-Warren County Airport
7G0 Ledgedale Airpark
ANP Lee Airport
AIZ Lee C. Fine Memorial Airport
0VG Lee County Airport
GVL Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport
O24 Lee Vining Airport
LXT Lee's Summit Municipal Airport
JYO Leesburg Executive Airport
LEE Leesburg International Airport
L39 Leesville Airport
ABE Lehigh Valley Airport
SMN Lemhi County Airport
NLC Lemoore (Reeves Field) Naval Air Station
ADG Lenawee County Airport
7S9 Lenhardt Airpark
7PN Letterkenny Army Depot Helipad
LLN Levelland Municipal Airport
6M6 Lewis County Regional Airport
LOT Lewis University Airport
LWS Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport
LWT Lewistown Municipal Airport
LXN Lexington Airport
6J0 Lexington County at Pelion Airport
4K3 Lexington Municipal Airport
S59 Libby Airport
LBL Liberal Municipal Airport
4U3 Liberty County Airport
2J2 Liberty County Airport
T78 Liberty Municipal Airport
I53 Liberty-Casey County Airport
LIH Lihue Airport
AOH Lima Allen County Airport
63B Limington Harmon Airport
LIC Limon Municipal Airport
LNK Lincoln Airport
1L1 Lincoln County Airport
LRG Lincoln Regional Airport
LHM Lincoln Regional Airport (Karl Harder Field)
IPJ Lincolnton-lincoln County Regional Airport
0S0 Lind Airport
LDJ Linden Airport
1H3 Linn State Technical College Airport
7L2 Linton Municipal Airport
LJF Litchfield Municipal Airport
3LF Litchfield Municipal Airport
LXL Little Falls/Morrison County Airport -Lindbergh Field
O48 Little River Airport
LRF Little Rock Air Force Base
LIT Little Rock National Airport (Adams Field)
3B4 Littlebrook Air Park
8T6 Live Oak County Airport
LVK Livermore Municipal Airport
OZW Livingston County Airport
00R Livingston Municipal Airport
AQO Llano Municipal Airport
50R Lockhart Municipal Airport
1O3 Lodi Airport
BOS Logan Airport
LGU Logan Cache Airport
6L4 Logan County Airport
1A4 Logan Field
GGP Logansport/Cass County Airport
LPC Lompoc Airport
O26 Lone Pine Airport
CXO Lone Star Executive Airport
LNP Lonesome Pine Airport
LGB Long Beach Airport
ISP Long Island MacArthur Airport
XVG Longville Municipal Airport
O54 Lonnie Pool Field/Weaverville Airport
LPR Lorain County Regional Airport
LSB Lordsburg Airport
LAM Los Alamos Airport
LAX Los Angeles International Airport
LSN Los Banos Municipal Airport
4A8 Lost Bridge Village Airport
L84 Lost Hills-Kern County Airport
MSY Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
49I Louis Bennett Field Airport
LKU Louisa County Airport (Freeman Field)
L38 Louisiana Regional Airport
SDF Louisville Airport
2J3 Louisville Municipal Airport
LMS Louisville Winston County Airport
DAL Love Field Airport
CHA Lovell Field Airport
RBW Lowcountry Regional Airport
LOR Lowe Army Heliport Airport
OIC Lt. Warren Eaton Airport
LBB Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport
ERY Luce County Airport
LUF Luke Air Force Base
LBT Lumberton Municipal Airport
9A0 Lumpkin County-Wimpys Airport
W31 Lunenburg County Airport
W45 Luray Caverns Airport
LSK Lusk Municipal Airport
LYH Lynchburg Regional Airport (Preston Glenn Field)
LYO Lyons-Rice County Municipal Airport
PLK M. Graham Clark - Taney County Airport
MBS MBS International Airport
NJM MCALF Bogue Airport
NFG MCAS Camp Pendleton Airport (Munn Field)
NKT MCAS Cherry Point Airport (Cunningham Field)
NKX MCAS Miramar Airport
TX2 Mabry Army Heliport (National Guard)
MCF MacDill Air Force Base
MVM Machias Valley Airport
HFF Mackall Army Airfield
83D Mackinac County Airport
MCD Mackinac Island Airport
MQB Macomb Municipal Airport
1A5 Macon County Airport
MAC Macon Downtown Airport
K89 Macon-Fower Memorial Airport
I54 Mad River Inc. Airport
4R5 Madeline Island Airport
MAE Madera Municipal Airport
1WA Madigan Hospital Heliport Airport
1F4 Madill Municipal Airport
I39 Madison Airport
UYF Madison County Airport
52A Madison Municipal Airport
IMS Madison Municipal Airport
51R Madisonville Municipal Airport
2I0 Madisonville Municipal Airport
S33 Madras Municipal Airport
17M Magee Municipal Airport
AGO Magnolia Municipal Airport
GVT Majors Airport
SSI Malcolm McKinnon Airport
MAW Malden Municipal Airport
23A Mallard Airport
GFA Malmstrom Air Force Base (heliport)
MAL Malone-Dufort Airport
M78 Malvern Municipal Airport
MMH Mammoth Yosemite Airport
MNZ Manassas Regional Airport
HEF Manassas Regional Airport (Harry P. Davis Field)
MHT Manchester Boston Regional Airport
C27 Manchester Municipal Airport
Y19 Mandan Municipal Airport
MVI Manetai Airport
LUM Mangshi Airport
MHK Manhattan Regional Airport
40U Manila Airport
MXA Manila Municipal Airport
MBL Manistee County-Blacker Airport
D25 Manitowish Waters Airport
MTW Manitowoc County Airport
MKT Mankato Regional Airport
MFD Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport
1B9 Mansfield Municipal Airport
03B Mansfield Municipal Airport
41U Manti-Ephraim Airport
OQW Maquoketa Municipal Airport
AVQ Marana Regional
L41 Marble Canyon
MRF Marfa Municipal Airport
6M7 Marianna/Lee County Airport-Steve Edwards Field
OAR Marina Municipal Airport
76G Marine City Airport
C17 Marion Airport
APT Marion County (Brown Field) Airport
HAB Marion County - Rankin Fite Airport
82A Marion County Airport
FLP Marion County Regional Airport
MZZ Marion Municipal Airport
MNN Marion Municipal Airport
O68 Mariposa-Yosemite Airport
2A0 Mark Anton Airport
15A Mark Reynolds/North Mobile County Airport
MKV Marksville Municipal Airport
T15 Marlin Airport
FRI Marshall Army Airfield (Fort Riley)
C75 Marshall County Airport
74D Marshall County Airport
MHL Marshall Memorial Municipal
MIW Marshalltown Municipal Airport
MFI Marshfield Municipal Airport
3B2 Marshfield Municipal Airport - George Harlow Field
MVY Martha's Vineyard Airport
1A3 Martin Campbell Field Airport
S95 Martin Field Airport
7K8 Martin Field Airport
MTN Martin State Airport
MDA Martindale AAF
Y14 Marv Skie-Lincoln County Airport
2W5 Maryland Airport
MCW Mason City Municipal Airport
3I2 Mason County
LDM Mason County Airport
MSS Massena International Airport (Richards Field)
X50 Massey Ranch Airpark
MWK Matak
8C4 Mathews Memorial Airport
MRC Maury County Airport
82C Mauston-New Lisbon Union Airport
5T9 Maverick County Memorial International Airport
89N Maxson Airfield
MXF Maxwell Air Force Base
M25 Mayfield Graves County Airport
MLC McAlester Regional Airport
MFE McAllen-Miller International Airport
MYL McCall Municipal Airport
U02 McCarley Field Airport
LAS McCarran International Airport
M83 McCharen Field Airport
SBP McChesney Field Airport
TCM McChord Airforce Base
MCC McClellan Airfield
MCB McComb-Pike County Airport (John E. Lewis Field)
IAB McConnell Airforce Base
MCK McCook Regional Airport
S19 McCormick County Airport
18I McCreary County Airport
4O4 McCurtain County Regional
20V McElroy Airfield
MMT McEntire Air National Guard Station
TYS McGhee Tyson Airport
PWG McGregor Executive Airport
WRI McGuire Air Force Base
MKL McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport
T30 McKinley Field Airport
MCL McKinley National Park Airport
25A McMinn Airport
MMI McMinn County Airport
MMV McMinnville Municipal Airport
SLE McNary Field Airport
MPR McPherson Airport
00V Meadow Lake Airport
BFL Meadows Field Airport
AVC Mecklenburg-Brunswick Regional Airport
MDF Medford Airport
K51 Medicine Lodge Airport
1G5 Medina Municipal Airport
TLR Mefford Field Airport
MLB Melbourne International Airport
42A Melbourne Municipal Airport- John E Miller Field
2V8 Melon Field Airport
MEM Memphis International Airport
F21 Memphis Municipal Airport
MEZ Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport
MNM Menominee-Marinette Twin County Airport
MCE Merced Municipal Airport (Macready Field)
BLF Mercer County Airport
HZE Mercer County Regional Airport
NMM Meridian (McCain Field) Naval Air Station
MRI Merrill Field Airport
RRL Merrill Municipal Airport
COI Merritt Island Airport
KIC Mesa Del Rey Airport
67L Mesquite Airport
HQZ Mesquite Metro Airport
TDZ Metcalf Field Airport
S52 Methow Valley State Airport
MTX Metro Field Airport
M30 Metropolis Municipal Airport
CEV Mettel Field Airport
LXY Mexia-Limestone County Airport
K81 Miami County Airport
MIA Miami International Airport
MIO Miami Municipal Airport
OXD Miami University Airport
MRH Michael J. Smith Field Airport
MGC Michigan City Municipal Airport
E98 Mid Valley Airpark
T65 Mid Valley Airport
H71 Mid-America Industrial Airport
GLH Mid-Delta Regional Airport
PKB Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport
PSB Mid-State Airport
JWY Mid-Way Regional Airport
BLV MidAmerica St. Louis/Scott Air Force Base
MCN Middle Georgia Regional Airport
FYJ Middle Peninsula Regional Airport
1A6 Middlesboro-Bell County Airport
GZH Middleton Field Airport
C29 Middleton Municipal Airport - Morey Field
MDT Middletown Airport
MDD Midland Airpark Airport
MAF Midland International Airport
MDW Midway International Airport
GPH Midwest National Air Center
RVL Mifflin County Airport
MLS Miles City Municipal Airport (Frank Wiley Field)
MLF Milford Municipal Airport (Ben and Judy Briscoe Field)
N76 Millard Airport
2J5 Millen Airport
VTN Miller Field Airport
NQA Millington Regional Jetport
MLT Millinocket Municipal Airport
MIV Millville Municipal Airport
F24 Minden Webster Airport
MEV Minden-Tahoe Airport
3F9 Mineola -Wisener Field Airport
9S4 Mineral County Airport
MWL Mineral Wells Airport
SJC Mineta San Jose International Airport
4I0 Mingo County Airport
45K Minneapolis City County Airport
MSP Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport
MIB Minot Air Force Base
MOT Minot International Airport
LVM Mission Field Airport
MSO Missoula International Airport
MHE Mitchell Municipal Airport
BFM Mobile Downtown Airport
MOB Mobile Regional Airport
MBG Mobridge Municipal Airport
MOD Modesto City-County Airport (Harry Sham Field)
NUQ Moffett Federal Airfield
MHV Mojave Airport
MKK Molokai Airport
M58 Monett Municipal Airport
BLM Monmouth Executive Airport
CN1 Mono Co Medical Heliport
M40 Monroe County Airport
MVC Monroe County Airport
BMG Monroe County Airport
EFT Monroe Municipal
MLU Monroe Municipal Airport
D73 Monroe-Walton County Airport
1O5 Montague -Yreka Rohrer Airport
MTP Montauk Airport
MRY Monterey Peninsula Airport
MVE Montevideo-Chippewa County Airport
GAI Montgomery County Airpark
43A Montgomery County Airport
MYF Montgomery Field Airport
MGM Montgomery Regional Airport (Dannelly Field)
U43 Monticello Airport
N37 Monticello Airport
LLQ Monticello Municipal/Ellis Field Airport
MXO Monticello Regional Airport
MTJ Montrose Regional Airport
VAD Moody Airforce Base
DUX Moore County Airport
SOP Moore County Airport
JKJ Moorhead Municipal Airport
JMR Mora Municipal Airport
I73 Moraine Air Park
2F8 Morehouse Memorial Airport
I71 Morgan County Airport
42U Morgan County Airport
MRN Morganton-Lenoir Airport
MGW Morgantown Municipal Airport -Walter L. Bill Hart Field
MOX Morris Municipal Airport
C09 Morris Municipal Airport -James R. Washburn Field
MMU Morristown Municipal Airport
MVL Morrisville-Stowe State Airport
4I9 Morrow County Airport
K5K Mosby Heliport
K7A Mosby Heliport
MTV Mota Lava Airport
5M3 Moultonboro Airport
MGR Moultrie Municipal Airport
47K Moundridge Municipal Airport
MQJ Mount Comfort Airport
3MY Mount Hawley Auxiliary Airport
W40 Mount Olive Municipal Airport
43U Mount Pleasant Airport
MPZ Mount Pleasant Municipal Airport
MOP Mount Pleasant Municipal Airport
OSA Mount Pleasant Regional Airport
I63 Mount Sterling Municipal Airport
IOB Mount Sterling-Montgomery County Airport
MVN Mount Vernon Airport
HIE Mount Washington Regional Airport
1MO Mountain Grove Memorial Airport
MUO Mountain Home Air Force Base
U76 Mountain Home Municipal Airport
22B Mountain Meadow Airstrip
L94 Mountain Valley Airport
MNV Mountain Valley Airport
MNF Mountain View Airport
7M2 Mountain View Wilcox Memorial Field Airport
7CL Mountain Warfare Training Center Heliport (MWTC)
AJG Mt Carmel Municipal Airport
M21 Muhlenberg County Airport
MUI Muir Army Airfield
ULS Mulatos Airport
HMY Muldrow Army Heliport
2T1 Muleshoe Municipal Airport
K49 Municipal Airport
8F6 Murdo Municipal Airport
EKA Murray Field Airport
CEY Murray-Calloway County Airport
MUT Muscatine Municipal Airport
MKG Muskegon County Airport
MYR Myrtle Beach Airport
NEL NAES Lakehurst Airport
NID NAWS China Lake Airport (Armitage Field)
NBJ NOLF Barin Airport
NGW NOLF Cabaniss Airport
NFJ NOLF Choctaw Airport
NJW NOLF Joe Williams Airport
NUN NOLF Saufley
NRQ NOLF Spencer Airport
NWL NOLF Waldron Airport
NEN NOLF Whitehouse Airport
NRB NS Mayport (Adm. David L. McDonald Field) Airport
NGU NS Norfolk (Chambers Field) Airport
NBC Naberevnye Chelny Airport
S67 Nampa Municipal Airport
ACK Nantucket Memorial Airport
APC Napa County Airport
APF Naples Municipal Airport
C03 Nappanee Municipal Airport
RCT Nartron Field
5C3 Nary National-Shefland Field
X68 Nasa Shuttle Landing Facility
BNA Nashville International Airport
HEZ Natchez-Adams County Airport(Hardy-Anders Field)
IER Natchitoches Regional Airport
MA5 Natick Army Laboratories Heliport
CPR Natrona County Airport
60R Navasota Municipal Airport
AFK Nebraska City Municipal Airport
EED Needles Airport
AXV Neil Armstrong Airport
VIQ Neillsville Municipal Airport
LSV Nellis Air Force Base
2K7 Neodesha Municipal Airport
EOS Neosho Hugh Robinson Airport
U14 Nephi Municipal Airport
O02 Nervino Airport
48K Ness City Municipal Airport
O17 Nevada County Air Park
NVD Nevada Municipal Airport
M72 New Albany-Union County Airport
EWB New Bedford Regional Airport
ILG New Castle Airport[Greater Wilmington]
UCP New Castle Municipal Airport
UWL New Castle-Henry County Municipal Airport
C80 New Coalinga Municipal Airport
L88 New Cuyama Airport
N57 New Garden Airport
T17 New Gulf Airport
8D1 New Holstein Municipal Airport
1Q4 New Jerusalem Airport
W96 New Kent County Airport
W90 New London Airport
8W2 New Market Airport
NEW New Orleans Lakefront Airport
RNH New Richmond Regional Airport
PSK New River Valley Airport
EVB New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport
3A2 New Tazewell Municipal Airport
05D New Town Municipal Airport
ULM New Ulm Municipal Airport
2S4 New Warden Airport
EWR Newark Liberty International Airport
VTA Newark-Heath Airport
27J Newberry County Airport
M19 Newport Municipal Airport
ONP Newport Municipal Airport
PHF Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport
UUU Newport State (Rhode Island) Airport
EFK Newport State Airport
EWK Newton City/County Airport
59B Newton Field Airport
61R Newton Municipal Airport
TNU Newton Municipal Airport
IAG Niagara Falls International Airport
NKL Nkolo Airport
I10 Noble County Airport
F48 Nocona Airport
OLS Nogales International Airport
ORF Norfolk International Airport
XNO North Af Aux Airport
OTH North Bend Municipal Airport
U68 North Big Horn County Airport
MO8 North Central Missouri Regional Airport
SFZ North Central State Airport
CKB North Central West Virginia Airport
7V2 North Fork Valley Airport
NZY North Island (Halsey Field) Naval Air Station
VGT North Las Vegas Airport
1M1 North Little Rock Municipal Airport
F45 North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport
HWO North Perry Airport
LBF North Platte Airport
OVO North Vernon Airport
7B2 Northampton Airport
GAD Northeast Alabama Regional Airport
CCY Northeast Iowa Regional Airport
PNE Northeast Philadelphia Airport
EDE Northeastern Regional Airport
FVE Northern Aroostook Regional Airport
PQI Northern Maine Regional at Presque Isle Airport
N79 Northumberland County Airport
MSL Northwest Alabama Regional
XNA Northwest Arkansas Regional
ECP Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport
VPS Northwest Florida Regional/Eglin Air Force Base
EVU Northwest Missouri Regional Airport
52F Northwest Regional Airport
5A1 Norwalk-Huron County Airport
OWD Norwood Memorial Airport
16A Nunapitchuk Airport
VCB Nut Tree Airport
16P Oakdale Ahp
O27 Oakdale Airport
PTK Oakland County International Airport
OAK Oakland International Airport
Y47 Oakland Southwest Airport
7D2 Oakland/Troy Airport
OEL Oakley Municipal Airport
5S0 Oakridge State Airport
OIN Oberlin Municipal Airport
OCF Ocala International Airport (Jim Taylor Field)
OXB Ocean City Municipal Airport
5R2 Ocean Springs Airport
NTU Oceana (Apollo Soucek Field) Naval Air Station
C04 Oceana County Airport
CEU Oconee County Regional Airport
60J Odell Williamson Municipal Airport
ODO Odessa-Schlemeyer Field Airport
OFF Offutt AFB
OGD Ogden-Hinckley Airport
OGS Ogdensburg Airport
7K4 Ohio County Airport
OSU Ohio State University Airport
E14 Ohkay Owingeh Airport
D11 Ojibwa Airpark
OBE Okeechobee County Airport
OKM Okmulgee Regional Airport
5A4 Okolona Municipal Airport-Richard Stovall Field
M51 Oktibbeha Airport
3N6 Old Bridge Airport
OLD Old Town Municipal and Seaplane Base Airport (DeWitt Field)
E52 Oldham County Airport
OLV Olive Branch Airport
OVL Olivia Regional Airport
OLY Olney-Noble Airport
OLM Olympia Airport
OMK Omak Airport
MBY Omar N Bradley (Moberly) Airport
12V Ona Airpark
WA5 One Thousand One 4Th Avenue Plaza Airport
OEA Oneal Airport
UCA Oneida County Airport
N66 Oneonta Municipal Airport
ONO Ontario Municipal Airport
OGM Ontonagon County Airport
OPF Opa Locka Airport
X46 Opa Locka West Airport
ORC Orange City Municipal Airport
MGJ Orange County Airport
OGB Orangeburg Municipal Airport
ESD Orcas Island Airport
OKB Orchid Beach Airport
X04 Orlando Apopka Airport
ORL Orlando Executive Airport
MCO Orlando International Airport
SFB Orlando Sanford International Airport
7I4 Orleans Airport
OVE Oroville Municipal Airport
D02 Osage Municipal Airport
I75 Osceola Municipal Airport
7M4 Osceola Municipal Airport
OSC Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport
OOA Oskaloosa Municipal Airport
OMN Osmanabad Airport
FZY Oswego County Airport
S70 Othello Municipal Airport
Z98 Ottawa Executive Airport
OWI Ottawa Municipal Airport
OTM Ottumwa Industrial Airport
ATW Outagamie County Regional Airport
CKV Outlaw Field Airport
OWA Owatonna Degner Regional Airport
H58 Owen Field Airport
OWB Owensboro-Daviess County Airport
81B Oxford County Regional Airport
55K Oxford Municipal Airport
OXR Oxnard Airport
7M5 Ozark-Franklin County Airport
OZA Ozona Municipal Airport
5W4 P K Airpark
Z10 Pacemaker Landing Zone
PFC Pacific City State Airport
35D Padgham Field Airport
FMY Page Field Airport
PGA Page Municipal Airport
PYG Pageland Airport
3I6 Paintsville-Prestonsburg-Combs Field Airport
PSX Palacios Municipal Airport
28J Palatka Muni Lt Kay Larkin Field Airport
PSN Palestine Municipal Airport
PHK Palm Beach County Glades Airport
LNA Palm Beach County Park Airport
PBI Palm Beach International Airport
PSP Palm Springs Airport
PMD Palmdale Regional Airport
PAQ Palmer Municipal Airport
PAO Palo Alto Airport
EAT Pangborn Memorial Airport
U55 Panguitch Municipal Airport
T45 Panhandle-Carson County Airport
4F2 Panola County - Sharpe Field Airport
PMU Panola County Airport
P18 Papago Army Heliport
Q88 Paradise Skypark Airport
PKF Park Falls Municipal Airport
PKD Park Rapids Municipal Airport (Konshok Field)
HLM Park Township Airport
WEA Parker County Airport
2B3 Parlin Field Airport
1L9 Parowan Airport
42I Parr Airport
Y74 Parshall Hankins Airport
PSC Pasco Airport
PRB Paso Robles Municipal Airport
COF Patrick Air Force Base
PYX Pattaya Airport
PTN Patterson Municipal Heliport
NHK Patuxent River (Trapnell Field) Naval Air Station
PVJ Pauls Valley Municipal Airport
1C1 Paxton Airport
S75 Payette Municipal Airport
2P3 Paynesville Municipal Airport
GA2 Peach State Airport
FFC Peachtree City Airport - Falcon Field
LVJ Pearland Regional Airport
VUO Pearson Field Airport
PSM Pease International Tradeport
PEQ Pecos Municipal Airport
C15 Pekin Municipal Airport
PEA Pella Municipal Airport
PLN Pellston Regional Airport
PMB Pembina Municipal Airport
0C4 Pender Municipal Airport
SEG Penn Valley Airport
PEO Penn Yan Airport
N70 Pennridge Airport
NPA Pensacola (Forrest Sherman Field) Naval Air Station
PNS Pensacola Regional Airport
16D Perham Municipal Airport
L65 Perris Valley Airport
M15 Perry County Airport
I86 Perry County Airport
TEL Perry County Municipal Airport
PPA Perry Lefors Field Airport
F22 Perry Municipal Airport
TAD Perry Stokes Airport
40J Perry-Foley Airport
PXE Perry-Houston County Airport
01G Perry-Warsaw Airport
K02 Perryville Municipal Airport
TDF Person County Airport
I76 Peru Municipal Airport
O69 Petaluma Municipal Airport
TPF Peter O. Knight Airport
2R4 Peter Prince Field Airport
PSG Petersburg James A. Johnson Airport
MPJ Petit Jean Park Airport
PHH Phan Thiet Airport
PHL Philadelphia International Airport
MPE Philadelphia Municipal Airport
PHP Philip Airport
TOP Philip Billard Municipal Airport
79D Philippi/Barbour County Regional Airport
APG Phillips Army Airfield
3I7 Phillipsburg Airport
PHG Phillipsburg Municipal Airport
DVT Phoenix Deer Valley Airport
GYR Phoenix Goodyear Airport
A39 Phoenix Regional Airport
PHX Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
IWA Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport
KN3 Picatinny Ahp
LQK Pickens County Airport
JZP Pickens County Airport
GSO Piedmont Triad Airport
1S0 Pierce County Airport - Thun Field
PIR Pierre Regional Airport
EOP Pike County Airport
PBX Pike County Airport (Hatcher Field)
X05 Pilot Country Airport
PMP Pimaga Airport
MZJ Pinal Airpark
PJY Pinckneyville-Du Quoin Airport
71A Pine Hill Municipal Airport
E45 Pine Mountain Lake Airport
PWC Pine River Regional Airport
T24 Pineland Municipal Airport
2L0 Pineville Municipal Airport
48Y Piney Pinecreek Border Airport
0V3 Pioneer Village Field Airport
PQN Pipestone Municipal Airport
I17 Piqua Airport - Hartzell Field Airport
PGV Pitt-Greenville Airport
PIT Pittsburgh International Airport
PSF Pittsfield Municipal Airport
2B7 Pittsfield Municipal Airport
PVF Placerville Airport
S34 Plains Airport
JYL Plantation Airpark Airport
1D3 Platte Municipal Airport
18V Platte Valley Airpark
PVB Platteville Municipal Airport
PBG Plattsburgh International Airport
PCM Playa del Carmen Airport
PYM Plymouth Municipal Airport
C65 Plymouth Municipal Airport
M70 Pocahontas Municipal Airport
PIH Pocatello Regional Airport
MPO Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport
NTD Point Mugu (Naval Base Ventura County) Naval Air Station
POE Polk Army Airfield
4A4 Polk County - Cornelius Moore Field Airport
L66 Pollock Municipal Airport
8S1 Polson Airport
PNC Ponca City Regional Airport
22M Pontotoc County Airport
POB Pope Air Force Base
GFD Pope Field
POF Poplar Bluff Municipal Airport
C77 Poplar Grove Airport
M13 Poplarville-Pearl River County Airport
PAK Port Allen Airport
NOW Port Angeles CGAS Airport
KJR Port Auth Downtn Manhattan Wall St Hel
17G Port Bucyrus-Crawford County Airport
CMH Port Columbus International Airport
GKJ Port Meadville Airport
S94 Port of Whitman Business Air Center
29G Portage County Airport
C47 Portage Municipal Airport
VPZ Porter County Municipal Airport
PTV Porterville Municipal Airport
PDX Portland International Airport
PWM Portland International Jetport
PLD Portland Municipal Airport
1M5 Portland Municipal Airport
HIO Portland-Hillsboro Airport
4S9 Portland-Mulino Airport
TTD Portland-Troutdale Airport
1M4 Posey Field Airport
L73 Poso-Kern County Airport
F35 Possum Kingdom Airport
7L8 Post-Air Airport
W35 Potomac Airpark
PTD Potsdam Municipal Airport (Damon Field)
PTW Pottstown Limerick Airport
N47 Pottstown Municipal Airport
9NY Poughkeepsie Main Plant Heliport
POY Powell Municipal Airport
PPO Powell Point Airport
O47 Prague Municipal Airport
PDC Prairie du Chien Municipal Airport
PTT Pratt Industrial Airport
1A9 Prattville - Grouby Field Airport
5N2 Prentice Airport
M43 Prentiss-Jefferson Davis County Airport
T77 Presidio Lely International Airport
9G2 Prices Airport
39N Princeton Airport
PNN Princeton Municipal (Maine) Airport
PNM Princeton Municipal Airport
2M0 Princeton-Caldwell County Airport
HPV Princeville Airport
S39 Prineville Airport
PRZ Prineville Airport
64S Prospect State Airport
S40 Prosser Airport
8M9 Providence-Webster County Airport
PVC Provincetown Municipal Airport
PVU Provo Municipal Airport
33S Pru Field Airport
DCU Pryor Field Regional Airport
PUB Pueblo Memorial Airport
PUW Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport
N35 Punxsutawney Municipal Airport
3O3 Purcell Municipal Airport - Steven E. Shephard Field
LAF Purdue University Airport
4I7 Putnam County Airport
OWX Putnam County Airport
MLI Quad City Airport
UKT Quakertown Airport
NYG Quantico Marine Corps Airfield/Turner Field
N24 Questa Municipal Nr 2 Airport
UIL Quillayute Airport
80T Quincy Municipal Airport
UIN Quincy Regional Airport (Baldwin Field)
4J5 Quitman Brooks County Airport
OQU Quonset State Airport
ND1 R J Bohn Armory Heliport
54T RWJ Airpark
BKW Raleigh County Memorial
RDU Raleigh-Durham International Airport
RNM Ramona
RIU Rancho Murieta
RND Randolph AFB
I22 Randolph County
4V0 Rangely
78Y Rankin
RAP Rapid City Regional
RTN Raton Municipal (Crews Field)
6S5 Ravalli County
RWL Rawlins Municipal (Harvey Field)
RYM Ray S. Miller AAF/NG
RDG Reading Regional (Carl A. Spaatz Field)
E41 Reagan County
49R Real County
7M8 Rector
RBL Red Bluff Municipal
N73 Red Lion
RED Red Lodge
RDK Red Oak Municipal
22T Red River Army Depot Helipad
RDD Redding Municipal
L12 Redlands Municipal
TX1 Redmond Taylor Army Heliport
HUA Redstone Army Airfield
RWF Redwood Falls Municipal
O32 Reedley Municipal
C35 Reedsburg Municipal
0M2 Reelfoot Lake
41A Reeves
RHV Reid-Hillview of Santa Clara County
RVJ Reidsville Municipal (Swinton Smith Field)
RNO Reno-Tahoe International Airport
4SD Reno/Stead
RNT Renton Municipal Airport
FRG Republic
RXE Rexburg-Madison County
RHI Rhinelander-Oneida County
L67 Rialto Municipal (Miro Field)
RPD Rice Lake Regional (Carl's Field)
M95 Richard Arthur Field
RMG Richard B Russell
TWM Richard B. Helgeson
I40 Richard Downing
SUW Richard I Bong
RVS Richard Lloyd Jones Jr
RIF Richfield Municipal
93C Richland
RLD Richland
MO1 Richland Municipal
45J Richmond County
RIC Richmond International Airport
RID Richmond Municipal
3I4 Richwood Municipal
AMA Rick Husband Amarillo International
LCK Rickenbacker International
U05 Riddick Field
3J1 Ridgeland
RJD Ridgely Airpark
U56 Rigby-Jefferson County
67R Rio Grande City Municipal
O88 Rio Vista Municipal
25M Ripley
AZ3 Rittenhouse Ahp
2RR River Ranch Resort
K32 Riverside
RAL Riverside Municipal
RIW Riverton Regional Airport
08C Riverview
ROA Roanoke Airport
7A5 Roanoke Municipal
RQB Roben Hood
MJX Robert J. Miller Air Park
66R Robert R Wells Jr.
RKR Robert S Kerr
RDM Roberts Field Airport
4B8 Robertson Field
D55 Robertson Field
WRB Robins AFB
RSV Robinson Municipal
RPJ Rochelle Municipal (Koritz Field)
RST Rochester International
UZA Rock Hill/York County (Bryant Field)
RRQ Rock Rapids Municipal
RKS Rock Springs County Airport
78N Rockingham County NC Shiloh
F46 Rockwall Municipal
RKW Rockwood Municipal
RWI Rocky Mount-Wilson Regional
BJC Rocky Mountain Metropolitan
T20 Roger M. Dreyer Memorial
O05 Rogers Field
ROG Rogers Municipal (Carter Field)
MFR Rogue Valley Airport
FOT Rohnerville Airport
K07 Rolla Downtown Airport
VIH Rolla National Airport
D98 Romeo State Airport
DCA Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
7S0 Ronan Airport
RNP Rongelap Airport
RFG Rooke Field Airport
5A9 Roosevelt Memorial
74V Roosevelt Municipal Airport
L00 Rosamond Skypark Airport
N59 Rosaschi Air Park Airport
CRX Roscoe Turner Airport
3RC Roscommon Conservation Airport
HTL Roscommon County Airport
ROX Roseau Municipal Airport
RBG Roseburg Regional Airport
STJ Rosecrans Memorial Airport
RZT Ross County Airport
FWQ Rostraver Airport
ROW Roswell International Air Center
RUQ Rowan County Airport
E01 Roy Hurd Memorial Airport
RUG Rugby Municipal Airport
R47 Ruhes Airport
55Y Rushford Municipal Airport
F12 Rusk Co Airport
K24 Russell County
RSL Russell Municipal Airport
M22 Russellville Municipal Airport
RUE Russellville Regional Airport
4M7 Russellville-Logan County Airport
RSN Ruston Regional Airport
FQD Rutherford County (Marchman Field)
RUT Rutland State Airport
K83 Sabetha Municipal Airport
EOD Sabre AHP (Fort Campbell) Heliport
SMF Sacramento Airport
SAC Sacramento Executive Airport
MHR Sacramento Mather Airport
SAD Safford Regional Airport
HYX Saginaw County H.W. Browne Airport
38D Salem Airpark Inc
7M9 Salem Airport
K33 Salem Memorial Airport
SLO Salem-Leckrone Airport
SCX Salina Cruz Airport
SLN Salina Municipal Airport
44U Salina-Gunnison Airport
SBO Salina-Gunnison Airport
SNS Salinas Municipal Airport
M99 Saline Co Watts Field Airport
SBY Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport
JSV Sallisaw Municipal Airport
SLC Salt Lake City International Airport
SMQ Sampit Airport
CTZ Sampson County Airport
BRY Samuels Field Airport
SJT San Angelo Regional Airport (Mathis Field)
SAT San Antonio International Airport
78R San Augustine County Airport
SBD San Bernardino International Airport
SQL San Carlos Airport
P13 San Carlos Apache Airport
SAN San Diego International Airport
SET San Esteban Airport
SFO San Francisco International Airport
8T8 San Geronimo Airpark
ALS San Luis Valley Regional Airport
HYI San Marcos Municipal Airport
81R San Saba County Municipal Airport
NDY Sanday Airport
SHN Sanderson Field Airport
1N1 Sandia Airpark Estates East Airport
S24 Sandusky County Regional Airport
SFM Sanford Regional Airport
SBA Santa Barbara Airport
SAF Santa Fe Municipal Airport
SMX Santa Maria Public Airport (Capt. G. Allan Hancock Field)
SMO Santa Monica Municipal Airport
SZP Santa Paula Airport
SRB Santa Rosa Airport
I48 Santa Rosa Route 66 Airport
I58 Santa Rosa Route 66 Airport
IZA Santa Ynez Airport
SRQ Sarasota Bradenton Airport
5B2 Saratoga County Airport
SAZ Sasstown Airport
D39 Sauk Centre Municipal Airport
0LL Savanna Army Depot Helipad
SAV Savannah / Hilton Head Airport
HYR Sawyer County Airport
3O4 Sayre Municipal Airport
06C Schaumburg Regional Airport
SCH Schenectady County Airport
GLS Scholes International Airport at Galveston
ISQ Schoolcraft County Airport
4B7 Schroon Lake Airport
M80 Scott Airport
0M1 Scott Fld
2K4 Scott Fld Airport
A30 Scott Valley Airport
4A6 Scottsboro Municipal Airport -Word Field
SCB Scribner State Airport
SEA Sea-Tac Airport
F97 Seagraves Airport
1L3 Searchlight Airport
SRC Searcy Municipal Airport
OGA Searle Field Airport
X26 Sebastian Municipal Airport
SEF Sebring Regional Airport
DMO Sedalia Memorial Airport
SOV Seldovia Airport
MTC Selfridge Air National Guard Base
MMS Selfs Airport
P23 Seligman Airport
H45 Seminole Municipal Airport
16G Seneca County Airport
W28 Sequim Valley Airport
D86 Sequoia Field Airport
7SP Seven Springs Airport
SWD Seward Airport
SWT Seward Municipal Airport
GSB Seymour Johnson Air Force Base
60F Seymour Municipal Airport
MIT Shafter Airport
2F1 Shamrock Municipal Airport
KNH Shang-Yi Airport
EZF Shannon Airport
CVK Sharp County Regional Airport
3WO Shawano Municipal Airport
SNL Shawnee Regional Airport
SBM Sheboygan County Memorial Airport
SBX Shelby Airport
12G Shelby Community Airport
2H0 Shelby County Airport
21A Shelby County Airport
EET Shelby County Airport
EHO Shelby-Cleveland County Regional Airport
GEZ Shelbyville Municipal Airport
SYI Shelbyville Municipal Airport (Bomar Field)
0Q5 Shelter Cove Airport
SHD Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport
SPS Sheppard AFB
5I4 Sheridan Airport
SHR Sheridan County Airport
9M8 Sheridan Municipal Airport
FLV Sherman Army Airfield
SWI Sherman Municipal Airport
9B4 Shirley Airport
SAA Shively Field Airport
S83 Shoshone County Airport
SOW Show Low Regional Airport
SHV Shreveport Airport
DTN Shreveport Downtown Airport
BFW Sidi Belabbes Airport
N23 Sidney Municipal Airport
I12 Sidney Municipal Airport
SNY Sidney Municipal Airport/Lloyd W. Carr Field
SDY Sidney-Richland Municipal Airport
SRR Sierra Blanca Regional Airport
FHU Sierra Vista Municipal Airport/Libby Army Airfield
O79 Sierraville Dearwater Airport
SIK Sikeston Memorial Municipal Airport
KJS Sikorsky Heliport
5W8 Siler City Municipal Airport
S45 Siletz Bay State Airport
B08 Silver Springs Airport
NQB Silverhill Nolf Airport
FBG Simmons Army Airfield
SUX Sioux Gateway Airport
SIY Siskiyou County Airport
8D3 Sisseton Municipal Airport
6K5 Sisters Eagle Air Airport
SIT Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport
6B9 Skaneateles Aero Drome Airport
44N Sky Acres Airport
DYT Sky Harbor Airport
3I3 Sky King Airport
N40 Sky Manor Airport
3L2 Sky Ranch Airport
8N2 Skydive Chicago Airport
9K4 Skyhaven Airport
DAW Skyhaven Airport
7B6 Skylark Airpark
ILE Skylark Field
BTF Skypark Airport
7T7 Skywest Inc Airport
F49 Slaton Municipal Airport
ISN Sloulin Field International Airport
SLG Smith Field Airport
SMD Smith Field Airport
W91 Smith Mountain Lake Airport
INT Smith Reynolds Airport
84R Smithville Crawford Municipal Airport
0A3 Smithville Municipal Airport
MQY Smyrna Airport
PAE Snohomish County Airport (Paine Field)
SOA Soc Trang Airport
ONM Socorro Municipal Airport
JSO Sodertalje Heliport
N51 Solberg-Hunterdon Airport
2G9 Somerset County Airport
79J South Alabama Regional Airport at Bill Benton Field
ELD South Arkansas Regional Airport at Goodwin Field
SBN South Bend Regional Airport
GEY South Big Horn County Airport
E16 South County Airport of Santa Clara County
LWA South Haven Area Regional Airport
VAY South Jersey Regional Airport
X49 South Lakeland Airport
TDO South Lewis County Airport (Ed Carlson Memorial Field)
U42 South Valley Regional Airport
3B0 Southbridge Municipal Airport
3A4 Southeast Greensboro Airport
BRL Southeast Iowa Regional Airport
BPT Southeast Texas Regional Airport
VCV Southern California Logistics Airport
MDH Southern Illinois Airport
JVL Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport
L75 Southland Field Airport
RSW Southwest Florida International Airport
ABY Southwest Georgia Regional Airport
BEH Southwest Michigan Regional Airport
MML Southwest Minnesota Regional Airport (Marshall/Ryan Field)
TIX Space Coast Regional Airport
U77 Spanish Fork Springville Airport
4V1 Spanish Peaks Airfield
SAR Sparta Community Airport (Hunter Field)
CMY Sparta/Fort McCoy Airport
SPA Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport
1Q2 Spaulding Airport
MUL Spence Airport
SPW Spencer Municipal Airport
88R Spicewood Airport
0F3 Spirit Lake Municipal Airport
SUS Spirit of St. Louis Airport
GEG Spokane International Airport
SBU Springbok Airport
D68 Springerville Municipal Airport
D42 Springfield Municipal Airport
M91 Springfield Robertson County Airport
SGH Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport
SGF Springfield-Branson Airport
PIE St Petersburg-Clearwater Airport
SGJ St. Augustine Airport
3SQ St. Charles Airport
PLR St. Clair County Airport
PHN St. Clair County International Airport
K39 St. Clair Regional Airport
STC St. Cloud Regional Airport
2R5 St. Elmo Airport
6J2 St. George Airport
F47 St. George Island Airport
SGU St. George Municipal Airport
JYG St. James Municipal Airport
1L0 St. John the Baptist Parish Airport
SJN St. Johns Industrial Air Park
OPL St. Landry Parish Airport-Ahart Field
CPS St. Louis Downtown Airport
3K6 St. Louis Metro-East Airport/Shafer Field
ALN St. Louis Regional Airport
FPR St. Lucie County International Airport
S72 St. Maries Municipal Airport
2W6 St. Mary's County Regional Airport
4J6 St. Marys Airport
OYM St. Marys Municipal Airport
STP St. Paul Downtown Airport (Holman Field)
L31 St. Tammany Regional Airport
RMN Stafford Regional Airport
HHW Stan Stamper Municipal Airport
1M6 Standard Field Airport
U12 Stanford Field Airport
VUJ Stanly County Airport
I50 Stanton Airport
SYN Stanton Airport
63F Stanton Municipal Airport
55M Star City Municipal Airport
OXI Starke County Airport
8S0 Starr Browning Airstrip
TBR Statesboro-Bulloch County Airport
SVH Statesville Regional Airport
SBS Steamboat Springs Airport (Bob Adams Field)
M12 Steele Municipal Airport
P19 Stellar Airpark
HSA Stennis International Airport
STF Stephen Island Airport
BKD Stephens County Airport
3B3 Sterling Airport
STK Sterling Municipal Airport
8B0 Steven A. Bean Municipal Airport
2V1 Stevens Field Airport
STE Stevens Point Municipal Airport
7A6 Stevenson Airport
32S Stevensville Airport
SWF Stewart Airport
F84 Stigler Regional Airport
SWO Stillwater Regional Airport
O11 Stilwell Cherokee Nation Airport
SSF Stinson Municipal Airport
SCK Stockton Metropolitan Airport
MO3 Stockton Municipal Airport
T60 Stonewall County Airport
SLB Storm Lake Municipal Airport
N69 Stormville Airport
H70 Stratford Field Airport
SOY Stronsay Airport
WLD Strother Field Airport
SUD Stroud Municipal Airport
N53 Stroudsburg-Pocono Airport
DVK Stuart Powell Field Airport
8V2 Stuart-Atkinson Municipal Airport
I05 Sturgis Municipal Airport
49B Sturgis Municipal Airport
SGT Stuttgart Municipal Airport
SGR Sugar Land Regional Airport
B21 Sugarloaf Regional Airport
SCD Sulaco Airport
SIV Sullivan County Airport
MSV Sullivan County International Airport
UUV Sullivan Regional Airport
F30 Sulphur Municipal Airport
SLR Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport
NFD Summerdale NOLF Airport
DYB Summerville Airport
EVY Summit Airport
M33 Sumner County Regional Airport
A20 Sun Valley Airport
71N Sunbury Airport
HSD Sundance Airpark Airport
SEQ Sungai Pakning Bengkalis Airport
1S5 Sunnyside Municipal Airport
X43 Sunray Airport
SUO Sunriver Airport
SVE Susanville Municipal Airport
FWN Sussex Airport
GED Sussex County Airport
O52 Sutter County Airport
24J Suwannee County Airport
SWW Sweetwater-Avenger Field
9F9 Sycamore Strip Airport
SYV Sylvester Airport
T43 T P Mc Campbell Airport
PVD T.F. Green Airport
CNW TSTC Waco Airport
36M Table Rock Airport
TIW Tacoma Narrows Airport
L17 Taft-Kern County Airport
TQH Tahlequah Municipal Airport
TKX Takaroa Airport
TKA Talkeetna Airport
ASN Talladega Municipal Airport
68J Tallahassee Commercial Airport
TLH Tallahassee Regional Airport
TPA Tampa International Airport
X39 Tampa North Aero Park
TSG Tanacross Airport
8B5 Tanner Hiller Airport
SKX Taos Regional Airport
ETC Tarboro-Edgecombe Airport
TKV Tatakoto Airport
TAN Taunton Municipal Airport
T74 Taylor Municipal Airport
6V3 Tazewell County Airport
68F Teague Municipal Airport
0G3 Tecumseh Municipal Airport
ANC Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
TSP Tehachapi Municipal Airport
TQE Tekamah Municipal Airport
MQW Telfair-Wheeler Airport
TEX Telluride Regional Airport
L33 Tensas Parish Airport
HUF Terre Haute International Airport (Hulman Field)
6R6 Terrell County Airport
TRL Terrell Municipal Airport [Terrell Field]
TEB Teterboro Airport
TXK Texarkana Regional Airport-Webb Field
42M Thayer Memorial Airport
CID The Eastern Iowa Airport
ONL The O'Neill Municipal Airport (John L. Baker Field)
DIK Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport
L83 Thibodaux Municipal Airport
TVF Thief River Falls Regional Airport
00M Thigpen Field Airport
ALX Thomas C. Russel Field Airport
1O4 Thomas Municipal Airport
F91 Thomas P Stafford Airport
OPN Thomaston-Upson County Airport
TVI Thomasville Regional Airport
THM Thompson Falls Airport
HEE Thompson-Robbins Airport
HQU Thomson-McDuffie County Airport
9S5 Three Forks Airport
HAI Three Rivers Municipal Airport (Dr. Haines Flying Field)
4B6 Ticonderoga Municipal Airport
N58 Tiger Field Airport
S47 Tillamook Airport
TIK Tinker AFB
FME Tipton Airport
1O8 Tipton Municipal Airport
0F9 Tishomingo Airpark
6G1 Titusville Airport
14Y Todd Field Airport
TKJ Tok Airport
TKI Tokeen Seaplane Base
TOL Toledo Express Airport
DUH Toledo Suburban Airport
P29 Tombstone Municipal Airport
8J7 Tomlinson Field Airport
TZV Tompkinsville-Monroe County Airport
W01 Tonasket Municipal Airport
TPH Tonopah Airport
TOR Torrington Municipal Airport
12D Tower Municipal Airport
F82 Town And Country Airpark
TCY Tracy Municipal Airport
TDW Tradewind Airport
22W Transylvania County Airport
SUU Travis AFB
0H1 Trego Wakeeney Airport
PQL Trent Lott International Airport
TTN Trenton-Mercer Airport
N87 Trenton-Robbinsville Airport
4J8 Treutlen County Airport
3G6 Tri City Airport
CZG Tri-Cities Airport
PPF Tri-City Airport
TRI Tri-City Regional Airport
1J0 Tri-County Airport
LNR Tri-County Regional Airport
HTS Tri-State Airport (Milton J. Ferguson Field)
ANQ Tri-State Steuben County Airport
SFY Tri-Township Airport
O86 Trinity Center Airport
5W5 Triple W Airport
Z25 Tripod Airport
57S Troy Airport
TOI Troy Municipal Airport
TCS Truth or Consequences Municipal Airport
T03 Tuba City Airport
TUS Tucson International Airport
TCC Tucumcari Municipal Airport
THA Tullahoma Regional Airport (William Northern Field)
TUL Tulsa International Airport
CXP Tunggul Wulung (Carson) Airport
UTA Tunica Municipal Airport
TUP Tupelo Regional Airport
O15 Turlock Municipal Airport
75J Turner County Airport
CL1 Turner Fld Amphibious Base Helipad
0B5 Turners Falls Airport
TCL Tuscaloosa Regional Airport
78D Tuscola Area Airport
HVN Tweed-New Haven Airport
TNP Twentynine Palms Airport
NXP Twentynine Palms Airport
HLX Twin County Airport
S17 Twin Lakes Airport
3B5 Twitchell Airport
TYR Tyler Pounds Regional Airport
PAM Tyndall Air Force Base
UKI Ukiah Municipal Airport
MRT Union County Airport
35A Union County Troy Shelton Fld Airport
AFF United States Air Force Academy Airfield
0O5 University Airport
UNV University Park Airport
CMI University of Illinois-Willard Airport
OUN University of Oklahoma Westheimer Airport
UOX University-Oxford Airport
UPP Upolu Airport
W22 Upshur County Regional Airport
E48 Upton County Airport
FCT Vagabond Army Airfield
A08 Vaiden Field Airport
VDZ Valdez Pioneer Field
VLD Valdosta Regional Airport
7S7 Valier Airport
X59 Valkaria Airport
40G Valle Airport
HRL Valley International Airport
5S9 Valley View Airport
VNY Van Nuys Airport
VNW Van Wert County Airport
76F Van Zandt County Regional Airport
END Vance Air Force Base
2V2 Vance Brand Airport
VLA Vandalia Municipal Airport
VBG Vandenberg AFB
VDF Vandenberg Airport
FKL Venango Regional Airport
VNC Venice Municipal Airport
DNV Vermilion County Airport
VEL Vernal Airport
VRB Vero Beach Municipal Airport
VKS Vicksburg Municipal Airport
TVR Vicksburg Tallulah Regional Airport
VCT Victoria Regional Airport
VDI Vidalia Regional Airport
H04 Vinita Municipal Airport
22I Vinton County Airport
VTI Vinton Veterans Memorial Airpark
BFR Virgil I. Grissom Municipal Airport
VJI Virginia Highlands Airport
BCB Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive Airport
Y51 Viroqua Municipal Airport
VIS Visalia Municipal Airport
S98 Vista Field Airport
3F4 Vivian Airport
VOK Volk Field Airport
35M Vortex Heliport Airport
BTL W K Kellogg Airport
DBN W. H. 'Bud' Barron Airport
IWH Wabash Municipal Airport
ACT Waco Regional Airport
3G3 Wadsworth Municipal Airport
AHQ Wahoo Municipal Airport
MUE Waimea-Kohala Airport
I64 Wakeman Airport
33V Walden Jackson Co Airport
M27 Waldron Municipal Airport
96D Walhalla Municipal Airport
VG3 Walker Ahp Airport
JFX Walker County Airport (Bevill Field)
6V4 Wall Municipal Airport
ALW Walla Walla Regional Airport
WAL Wallops Flight Facility Airport
ARG Walnut Ridge Regional Airport
GBR Walter J Koladza Airport
69K Wamego Municipal Airport
62D Warren Airport
RNC Warren County Memorial Airport
OCW Warren Field Airport
3M9 Warren Municipal Airport
W66 Warrenton-Fauquier Airport
RAW Warsaw Municipal Airport
35S Wasco State Airport
L19 Wasco-Kern County Airport
ACQ Waseca Municipal Airport
5C8 Washburn Municipal Airport
8WC Washington County Airport
AFJ Washington County Airport
K38 Washington County Memorial Airport
IAD Washington Dulles International Airport
W32 Washington Executive AirportHyde Field
AWG Washington Municipal Airport
MO6 Washington Regional Airport
IIY Washington-Wilkes County Airport
IYS Wasilla Airport
33M Water Valley Municipal Airport
OXC Waterbury-Oxford Airport
ALO Waterloo Regional Airport
ART Watertown International Airport
RYV Watertown Municipal Airport
ATY Watertown Regional Airport
WVL Waterville Robert LaFleur Airport
S25 Watford City Municipal Airport
WVI Watsonville Municipal Airport
O41 Watts Woodland Airport
UGN Waukegan Regional Airport
UES Waukesha County Airport
PCZ Waupaca Municipal Airport
AUW Wausau Downtown Airport
Y50 Wautoma Municipal Airport
AYS Waycross-Ware County Airport
EKQ Wayne County Airport
BJJ Wayne County Airport
38U Wayne Wonderland Airport
TBN Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport (Forney Field)
EBS Webster City Municipal Airport
O46 Weed Airport
EUF Weedon Field Airport
EDG Weide Army Airfield
EYQ Weiser Air Park
S87 Weiser Municipal Airport
EGT Wellington Municipal Airport
LWL Wells Municipal Airport (Harriet Field)
N38 Wellsboro Johnston Airport
ELZ Wellsville Municipal Airport (Tarantine Field)
K20 Wendell H Ford Airport
ENV Wendover Airport
ETB West Bend Municipal Airport
02M West Bolivar Flying Service Airport
Y31 West Branch Community Airport
CTJ West Georgia Regional O V Gray Field Airport
IWS West Houston Airport
AWM West Memphis Municipal Airport
UNO West Plains Municipal Airport
WWR West Woodward Airport
HPN Westchester County Airport
WST Westerly State Airport
BFF Western Nebraska Regional Airport (William B. Heilig Field
CEF Westover ARB/Westover Metropolitan Airport
O70 Westover Field/Amador County Airport
D17 Westwinds - Hawkins Field Airport
08A Wetumpka Municipal Airport
CAD Wexford County Airport
9Y1 Weydahl Field Airport
5R5 Wharton Regional Airport
HHI Wheeler Army Airfield Airport
T59 Wheeler Municipal Airport
HLG Wheeling Ohio County Airport
NUW Whidbey Island Naval Air Station (Ault Field)
94E Whiskey Creek Airport
SZL Whiteman AFB
WHP Whiteman Airport
SQI Whiteside Count Airport (Jos. H. Bittorf Field)
B16 Whitfords Airport
NSE Whiting Field Naval Air Station North Airport
ICT Wichita Mid-Continent Airport
F14 Wichita Valley Airport
E25 Wickenburg Municipal Airport
F05 Wilbarger County Airport
H05 Wilburton Municipal Airport
PWA Wiley Post Airport
9TS Wilford Hall Medical Center Heliport
8A6 Wilgrove Air Park Airport
UKF Wilkes County Airport
WBW Wilkes-Barre Wyoming Valley Airport
AVP Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport
OKC Will Rogers World Airport
2S9 Willapa Harbor Airport
8G1 Willard Airport
DDH William H. Morse State Airport
M08 William L. Whitehurst Field Airport
W78 William M Tuck Airport
06F William P Gwinn Airport
HOU William P. Hobby Airport
CLM William R. Fairchild International Airport
0F8 William R. Pogue Municipal Airport
LHV William T. Piper Memorial Airport
9X1 Williams Airport
0G6 Williams County Airport
JGG Williamsburg Jamestown Airport
W38 Williamsburg-Whitley County Airport
MWA Williamson County Regional Airport
3G7 Williamson-Sodus Airport
IPT Williamsport Regional Airport
X60 Williston Municipal Airport
ILL Willmar Muni John L Rice Field Airport
LNN Willoughby Lost Nation Municipal Airport
WOW Willow Airport
YIP Willow Run Airport
1H5 Willow Springs Memorial Airport
ILM Wilmington International Airport
4F8 Wilson Airport
W03 Wilson Industrial Air Center Airport
OKV Winchester Regional Airport
WDR Winder-Barrow Airport
IJD Windham Airport
MWM Windom Municipal Airport
RQE Window Rock Airport
LOM Wings Field Airport
INK Winkler County Airport
WMC Winnemucca Municipal Airport
F51 Winnsboro Municipal Airport
ONA Winona Municipal Airport (Max Conrad Field)
5A6 Winona-Montgomery County Airport
INW Winslow-Lindbergh Regional Airport
SNK Winston Field Airport
GIF Winter Haven's Gilbert Airport
77F Winters Municipal Airport
3Y3 Winterset-Madison County Airport
IWI Wiscasset Airport
SUA Witham Field Airport
OSH Wittman Regional Airport
NHL Wolf Nolf Airport
1G0 Wood County Airport
JDD Wood County Airport
1N4 Woodbine Municipal Airport
O42 Woodlake Airport
M60 Woodruff County Airport
CDN Woodward Field Airport
1R4 Woodworth Airport
ORH Worcester Regional Airport
WRL Worland Municipal Airport
OTG Worthington Municipal Airport
2V5 Wray Municipal Airport
FFO Wright-Patterson AFB
N82 Wurtsboro-Sullivan County Airport
56D Wyandot County Airport
6G4 Wynkoop Airport
M65 Wynne Municipal Airport
YKM Yakima Air Terminal (McAllister Field)
YAK Yakutat Airport
HDN Yampa Valley Airport
KSX Yasuru Airport
87I Yazoo County Airport
CRW Yeager Airport
WYS Yellowstone Airport
COD Yellowstone Regional Airport
O43 Yerington Municipal Airport
F98 Yoakum County Airport
T85 Yoakum Municipal Airport
2Q3 Yolo County Davis/Woodland/Winters Airport
THV York Airport
FAT Yosemite Airport
4G4 Youngstown Elser Metro Airport
YNG Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport
MYV Yuba County Airport
L22 Yucca Valley Airport
YUM Yuma Airport
CRT Z.M. Jack Stell Field Airport
TOA Zamperini Field Airport
ZZV Zanesville Municipal Airport
T86 Zapata County Airport
8G7 Zelienople Municipal Airport
ZPH Zephyrhills Municipal Airport
ZER Zero Airport

Islands in United States of America

States / Provinces in United States of America

Regions in United States of America

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