What travellers love about Skegness

  • Beaches

    3,175 recommendations

  • Family friendly trips

    3,322 recommendations

  • Entertainment

    2,401 recommendations

  • Seaside

    2,147 recommendations

What travellers love about Broadstairs

  • Beaches

    945 recommendations

  • Beach walks

    832 recommendations

  • Coastal walks

    824 recommendations

  • Relaxation

    779 recommendations

What travellers love about Novo Sancti Petri

  • Beaches

    2,844 recommendations

  • Beach walks

    2,251 recommendations

  • Relaxation

    2,216 recommendations

  • Tranquillity

    2,090 recommendations

What travellers love about Scharbeutz

  • Beaches

    1,315 recommendations

  • Beach walks

    1,480 recommendations

  • Seaside

    1,229 recommendations

  • Relaxation

    1,175 recommendations

What travellers love about Mamaia

  • Beaches

    4,932 recommendations

  • Sandy beaches

    3,407 recommendations

  • Nightlife

    3,034 recommendations

  • Seaside

    2,991 recommendations

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Top places around the world for beaches

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Cosmopolitan and architecturally stunning Dubai is a truly global city. With its ultramodern skyscrapers, the artificial archipelago of Palm Islands and the world’s largest shopping mall, Dubai offers something for every taste.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Home of samba, Brazil’s 2nd largest city is sassy, seductive and spectacular. The Rio Carnival is legendary the world over for outrageous costumes and infectious rhythms.

Miami Beach, USA

A Millionaire's playground, Miami Beach is all about sun, sea and sand. Popular as a spring break destination, its miles of pristine sands shelve gently into the turquoise Atlantic Ocean.