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Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi Emirate

Top reasons to visit:

  • Shopping (1539)
  • Relaxation (1026)
  • Beach (610)
  • Business (582)
  • Family Friendly (321)
  • Sightseeing (306)
  • Luxury Brand Shopping (303)
  • City Trip (252)
  • Culture (252)
  • Food (219)

Abu Dhabi was highly rated for shopping by 29 guests from the United States!

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Abu Dhabi.

Anonymous, Unknown location

21 days ago Report

While Abu Dhabi has an ever increasing number of shopping malls, they are not all (thankfully) as glitzy as those in Dubai. Where Abu Dhabi excels is in still presenting visitors with an insight into Emirati and Arab culture. Don't miss a visit to the Grand Mosque or the Heritage Village. There's also the falcon hospital just outside the city and Yas Marina Circuit shows the modern day interest in motor sports. A beautiful city, still with many green spaces and public beaches to enjoy.

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Abu Dhabi.

Anonymous, Unknown location

25 days ago Report

The most relaxing moment in Abu Dhabi you can found it in Yas island really with nice sea views and Golf area. also Qaryat Albari Hotels are nice front of beach with the big Zayed mosque.

The beach means different things to different people. What did the beach in Abu Dhabi mean to you?

Anonymous, Unknown location

17 days ago Report

many type of beaches around the city , many activities whatever beach related thing you want to do sure you will find it here in Abu Dhabi

How can you enjoy the sights in Abu Dhabi while avoiding the crowds?

MIchael, Australia

3 days ago Report

Crowds? That is one of the things we liked; no crowds, no pushing and shoving through cramped streets. "Big Bus" is a great way to start.

How can you get the most authentic cultural experience in Abu Dhabi?

Anonymous, Unknown location

25 days ago Report

we a meet many country pepal .....and we know abut the gulf s soo good,

How did you find the best spot for stargazing in Abu Dhabi?

Guillermo, United Arab Emirates

9 days ago Report

I can explain well, but I'm sure they we'll injoy it
  • Clothes Shopping 173 endorsements
  • 6 answers

Is there more to shopping in Abu Dhabi than just brand-name stores?

RASHDA, Bahrain

9 days ago Report

Excellent shopping malls; to name a few - Abu Dhabi Mall, Marina Mall, Khalidiya Mall, Dalma Mall.

Why do you recommend Abu Dhabi for food?

Matthew, United Arab Emirates

24 days ago Report

There are amazing hotels with high end restaurants but also fantastic felafel joints and shisha cafés. So varied, so yummy.

What was the most entertaining thing you saw in Abu Dhabi?

Anonymous, Unknown location

21 days ago Report

Go in November for the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix, or in January for the Volvo Ocean Race.
For more traditional entertainment, check out camel and dhow racing.

What makes the people from Abu Dhabi so friendly? Tell us your story.

James, United States of America

22 days ago Report

I am XY chromosome and so shopping is not generally pertinent. Lots of restaurants and a few bars around too.

What makes Abu Dhabi one of those classic city-trip experiences?

Joerg, Germany

10 days ago Report

Good starting-point to visit f.ex. Dubai, the Liwa-Oases, in town: the great mosque (attention: you need a ID-card or driver-license with FOTO if you want to get typical dress to visit a mosque - without this dress you can not enter!), the greek (good public bathing - women in Burka or Bikini - all we have seen there!).

How does Abu Dhabi go the extra mile to make your family feel at home?

Anonymous, Unknown location

21 days ago Report

Take a tour of the Grand Mosque and you will find out not only about Islam, but experience the genuine friendliness of the local people.

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Fatin, Bahrain

3 days ago Report

Shangri-La Hotel's breakfast, Bice Restaurant, Brasserie Angelique in Jumeirah at Etihad Towers.

How do you fit in some sightseeing when you're in Abu Dhabi on business?

Anonymous, Unknown location

17 days ago Report

no but leusure season usually start in winter time and before F1 race by 2-3 weeks where lot of parties , singers and amazing activity happen in YAS island and the main island .

How can you prepare for the sun in Abu Dhabi?

Anonymous, Unknown location

21 days ago Report

Make sure you take a high factor sunscreen, hat, lightweight shirt/blouse with long sleeves, and drink plenty of water.

How do they keep Abu Dhabi so clean?

Anonymous, Unknown location

21 days ago Report

The city is primarily kept clean by hundreds of employees, mainly from the Indian sub continent, who are employed simply to sweep the streets and pick up litter. They work long hours throughout the year - imagine being out in the sun all day in the summer with temperatures of 45/50 degrees. You can show them your appreciation with a small tip or even a can of soda.

Describe the nature in Abu Dhabi.

Ahmed, United Arab Emirates

17 days ago Report

Blistering hot in the summers, pleasantly cool in the winters. A desert country with many islands.

Is Abu Dhabi the place to have a meal to remember? Tell us why.

Gail, United Kingdom

3 days ago Report

Vast choice. Sofitel - Le Mer seafood restaurant excellent.
Rodeo Grill in Beach Rotana excellent

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