Top reasons to visit:

  • Diving (926)
  • Snorkeling (539)
  • Relaxation (525)
  • Beach (347)
  • Reef Diving (173)
  • Water Sports (150)
  • Nightlife (142)
  • Sunny (110)
  • Safari (102)
  • Sunbathing (100)

The beach means different things to different people. What did the beach in Hurghada mean to you?

Injie, Egypt

2 days ago Report

sunny beach, clear water, soft sand, water sports, beach entertainment (sports, music, dancing, etc.)

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Hurghada.

Youmna, Egypt

10 days ago Report

at finger secret spa

What makes the people from Hurghada so friendly? Tell us your story.

Nader, Egypt

9 hours ago Report

The animation team were very friendly , they came and talk to us having pictures together encouraging me and ma family to practice in all the shows , asking on us all the time .
The bar tenders very friendly keep smiling and laugh with us all the time , i was really sad last day that i was moving back to home .
The staff in the resteraunt keep smiling , helping you very quickly i loved them very much .

What should you avoid to make the most of the nightlife in Hurghada?

Michael, Egypt

20 days ago Report

Egyptian workers

What's your best tip for water-sport novices in Hurghada?

Mahmoud, Egypt

24 days ago Report

Diving is the best. You can also enjoy the aqua park at many hotels in Tareeq El Qoura.

How do you get the most out of diving in Hurghada?

Mahmoud, Egypt

24 days ago Report

you don't have to search because in each hotel you will find a licensed outlet for diving equipments.

Where's the best place to go dancing in Hurghada?

Hazem, Egypt

21 days ago Report

little buddha , papas beach club, calipso, white beach club
  • Food 38 endorsements

Why do you recommend Hurghada for food?

Youmna, Egypt

10 days ago Report

Orient restaurant & bar makes delicious food and drinks
  • Family Friendly 68 endorsements

How does Hurghada go the extra mile to make your family feel at home?

Mahmoud, Egypt

24 days ago Report

The people there are tourist friendly even if you are Egyptian. You feel like you get out of the city madness although you are still in a major city on the red sea. There are lots of activities for my kids there.
  • Tourism 8 endorsements

How is tourism changing Hurghada?

Michael, Egypt

8 hours ago Report

More facilities
Tourists friendly
  • Fishing 52 endorsements

Did you find anything frustrating about fishing in Hurghada?

Walid, Egypt

3 days ago Report

Boats are so dirty
  • Beaches for Kids 31 endorsements

What did your kids enjoy the most at the beaches in Hurghada?

Shenouda, Egypt

28 days ago Report

  • Sunbathing 100 endorsements

What was it in particular that made sunbathing so nice in Hurghada?

Nader, Egypt

9 hours ago Report

The sun is wonderful in hurghada and there is air so you won't feel bad in your sunbathing
  • Hot Weather 16 endorsements

How do you best handle (or escape) the heat in Hurghada?

Emma, United Kingdom

14 days ago Report

Stay in water
  • Swimming Pools 54 endorsements

Where's the best place to go swimming in Hurghada?

Yasmine, Egypt

26 days ago Report

steigenberger el dau
  • Diving 926 endorsements

What can people expect to see when scuba diving around Hurghada?

Mahmoud, Egypt

24 days ago Report

everything is beautiful under the water there. It is one of the most amazing places worldwide to go and divie in.
  • Aquarium 7 endorsements

Why should people going to Hurghada head to the aquarium?

Mahmoud, Egypt

24 days ago Report

the aqua park is available at many hotels
  • Snorkeling 539 endorsements
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