Top reasons to visit:

  • Walking (944)
  • Relaxation (401)
  • Scenery (318)
  • Hiking (219)
  • Trail Walking (205)
  • Shopping (184)
  • Food (175)
  • Restaurants (159)
  • Pubs (126)
  • Country Walks (113)

Ambleside was highly rated for hiking by 18 guests from the United States!

Why do people say Ambleside can be seen best by foot?

Kerrin, New Zealand

18 hours ago Report

The town is quite compact so easily walkable and not a great distance to walk to Lake Windermere to take the boat trips.

What's your best advice for mountain walks in Ambleside?

Ian, United Kingdom

13 days ago Report

Don't be to ambitious, start on the easy walks unless you are reasonably fit and keep your eyes open to the wildlife around you.
  • Vegetarian cuisine 39 endorsements
  • 5 answers

What will make vegetarians' mouths water when they head to Ambleside?

Natalie, United Kingdom

16 days ago Report

Zefferellis restaurant is fantastic, I've been going there for years and it's always excellent. I'm vegi but my partner isn't and we both really enjoy it there.

What's your best piece of advice for a first-time hiker in Ambleside?

Mary, United Kingdom

21 days ago Report

always take good waterproofs whenever going anywhere in the Lake District- if you are prepared for all types of weather you will be happy..... after all its so beautiful in the Lakes you wont want a little thing like a spot of rain to upset a great trip

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Christine, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

The Tai mentioned, also the 'Priest's Hole' does lovely , slightly different European cuisine.

How do you get the most out of a country walk in Ambleside?

jane, United Kingdom

7 days ago Report

By just taking time out to just stop and admire the stunning breathtaking tranquil calming landscape that surrounds you!

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Ambleside.

Nichola, United Kingdom

1 day ago Report

Stopping at various points throughout the walk so we could soak up the landscape.
Evenings at the local pubs for food and drinks

Describe the best way to discover the lakes in Ambleside.

Tracy, New Zealand

27 days ago Report

Booking a lake cruise is the best way to view the lakes.

Why do you recommend Ambleside for food?

Nichola, United Kingdom

1 day ago Report

Good choice across the board of cuisines.
Some prices were high.
The Ambleside Inn was the best value for money and the food was great

How can you enjoy the sights in Ambleside while avoiding the crowds?

Guat, Malaysia

14 days ago Report

Follow small tour groups to soak in spectacular views which may not be advisable to do on your own cos the roads to the attractions are quite narrow.

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Ambleside.

Nichola, United Kingdom

1 day ago Report

Various types of shops selling quality items along with galleries. Lots of walking shops.
Some prices were extreme
  • Family Friendly 16 endorsements

How does Ambleside go the extra mile to make your family feel at home?

Karen, United Kingdom

1 day ago Report

Everything they did made us feel at home- great staff
  • Scenery 318 endorsements

What effect did the scenery in Ambleside have on you?

Nichola, United Kingdom

1 day ago Report

The scenes could not be captured well enough on the camera we had. It is all stored in my memory as we saw views I will never forget
  • Friendly People 29 endorsements

What makes the people from Ambleside so friendly? Tell us your story.

Anonymous, Unknown location

8 days ago Report

Great selection of outdoor gear shops
  • Atmosphere 10 endorsements

Why is the atmosphere in Ambleside something people rave about?

Thomas, United Kingdom

18 days ago Report

The scenery
  • Cafes 30 endorsements

What's the best way to spend the day at a cafe in Ambleside?

Denise, United Kingdom

16 days ago Report

Trying out all the delicious home made fare.
  • Mountain Biking 26 endorsements

What's your advice for a first-time mountain biker in Ambleside?

Sue, United Kingdom

5 days ago Report

Be prepared for tough/rough terrain!
  • Culturally Diverse Food 9 endorsements

What's the secret to sampling all the diverse food Ambleside has to offer?

Guat, Malaysia

14 days ago Report

Read the recommendations in the food magazines n talk to the locals.
  • Diving endorsements

What can people expect to see when scuba diving around Ambleside?

kate, United Kingdom

10 days ago Report

spiritually uplifting
  • Tango endorsements

Describe the best tango experiences that can be enjoyed in Ambleside.

kate, United Kingdom

10 days ago Report

bybboat and walks

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