Top reasons to visit:

  • Castles (345)
  • History (96)
  • Great for Wine (69)
  • Sightseeing (53)
  • Culture (46)
  • Food (42)
  • Monuments (40)
  • Gourmet Food (35)
  • Cycling (29)
  • Scenery (27)

Amboise was highly rated for castles by 27 guests from the United States!

How can you enjoy the sights in Amboise while avoiding the crowds?

Paul, Australia

26 days ago Report

Get out and about early or otherwise late in the afternoon (some Chateau's open until 7pm) less crowds and cooler part of the day.

How well restored were the castles in Amboise?

Anonymous, Unknown location

11 days ago Report

The castle of Amboise is in excellent shape and is nice to visit. This is where Leonardo da Vinci is buried.
  • Gourmet Food 35 endorsements

Is Amboise the place to have a meal to remember? Tell us why.

Anonymous, Unknown location

1 day ago Report

Le36, the restaurant at the Hotel de Choiseul, must be the best in town. We especially recommend the carpaccio de St. Jacques (thinly sliced and marinated scallops), and the demi-pigeon de racan. The Pavlova dessert was also delicious. Fine service and lovely setting too.
  • Relaxation 23 endorsements

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Amboise.

Paul, United Kingdom

27 days ago Report

Sitting in the hotel with a wonderful glass of wine
  • Countryside 11 endorsements

What's the countryside best for in Amboise?

Gerald, United States of America

1 day ago Report

Located almost out of the urban area, the hotel is very quiet and peaceful and introduced us to the beauties of the Loire Valley. From there it was easy to drive to visit the spectacular chateaus and splendid wineries. In a country full of beautiful landscapes, the Valley of the Loire easily holds its own.
  • Great for Wine 69 endorsements

How was the wine culture different than what you'd experience at home?

Anonymous, Unknown location

1 day ago Report

Very good regional wines, well-priced too.

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