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암스테르담 초보 여행자가 가면 좋을 순수 미술관을 추천한다면?

익명, 도시 미설정

21일 전 리포트

The Rijksmuseum is astounding. It actually was built around Rembrandt's Night Watch which is an extraordinary painting but there is so much more: four of the 34 known Vermeers live here, a few Van Goghs, many works by Frans Hals, magnificent Delft work and so much more. Truly one of the great museums of the world.

복잡한 인파를 피해 암스테르담 명소들을 즐기는 방법이 있나요?

Bina, 영국

18일 전 리포트

Leave early in the morning, plan your days & book the bust spots like the Anne Frank museum & the ice bar in advance - otherwise you have to wait or be disappointed. The city on/off bus is great for getting your bearings & if you want to explore take the 24 hour ticket on the metro as its the cheapest way !

암스테르담 가이드북에 실리지 않은 박물관은 어떠셨나요?

Stavros, 그리스

4일 전 리포트

Best of museums/activities:
Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Anna Frank, Rijksmuseum, Maritime museum, Heineken experience, organised tours to Marken, Volendam, windmill village Zaanse Schans, Delft, The Hague, a little train trip to Haarlem. I strongly suggest to buy the 72hr iamsterdam card!

암스테르담의 도보 여행을 가장 잘 즐기는 방법은 무엇인가요?

Nicole, 싱가포르

12일 전 리포트

Don't take a map and just hoof it. It's hard to get lost if you stick to the canals (which are soo pretty), just take a turn and you might find a little hole-in-the-wall that's not listed in any guidebook. :)

암스테르담에서 제대로 문화 생활을 즐기는 법은 무엇인가요?

Christopher, 캐나다

9일 전 리포트

Look for a guesthouse rather than a hotel. There is something about staying in the old canal houses (especially when you're North American and many of the houses are older than your country), and being able to come and go from your own apartment-type place on y our own and at your leisure makes it much easier to experience the culture of the place authentically.

암스테르담 사람들이 정말 그렇게 친절한가요? 경험담을 들려주세요.

marianna, 키프로스

23일 전 리포트

well, we were very surprised of how friendly they are. the very first day we were looking for the hotel. we asked a girl if she could help us and she was sooo happy to do so. she went with us to the hotel cause she wanted to be sure that we found it! another story was that a man saw us having problems with our metro card and without asking for any help, he came back to explain how it works! amazing people :)

암스테르담의 역사가 배어 있는 장소는 어디인가요?

Maria, 러시아

23일 전 리포트

All the houses overlooking Amsterdam's famous canals are breathing with their glorious past, "golden age", spirit of merchants, adventurers and seafarers. When walking along its canals and over its countless bridges, sometimes you really feel like being in the 17th century!

암스테르담의 즐길거리로 음식을 추천하는 이유는 무엇인가요?

Ashley, 미국

17일 전 리포트

Amsterdam has a LOT of steakhouses, but my favorite is the wide variety of food available. I ate at an amazing Indonesian restaurant and had goat. It was delicious.

관광객용 레스토랑 대신 갈 만한 좋은 곳이 있나요?

Zdenka, 영국

11일 전 리포트

We did eat in the centre, a few lovely places on Warmoesstraat - Burger bar and a Wok to walk and we enjoyed both. I'd recommend to walk and a see for yourself first as both are part of chain shops and the quality, space to sit down and welcoming atmosphere can vary greatly from shop to shop. These ones food was freshly made to order and had funky space to sit and eat in.
We also loved a sushi restaurant at Damrak - Kyoto Sushi with all you can eat at around 28€.

암스테르담 문화는 살고 계신 곳과 어떤 점이 다른가요?

John, 영국

13일 전 리포트

I wouldn't use them myself but the 'coffee shops' and acceptance of cannibis use is only in Amsterdam. Keep away from using it as it will mess up your head. The smell in the street outside was enough for me.

암스테르담 분위기를 제대로 느끼려면 걷는 것이 최고라는데, 왜 그런가요?

khaled, 아랍에미리트

21일 전 리포트

Amsterdam is a very pedestrian city that is best seen by foot, or on bicycles, which is the most used method of transportation. Most streets in the city center are very narrow, intersected with the water canals in most areas, and cars are only allowed on the roads during certain hours/days of the week. All this has turned Amsterdam into a very pedestrian friendly city.

암스테르담의 나이트라이프를 최대한 즐기려면 특별히 주의할 점이 있나요?

Christopher, 캐나다

9일 전 리포트

If you're like us, the red lights. They were more widespread than we were led to believe, as was the drug culture. While we understand that it is a different place and that many travellers our age are looking for these two aspects of Amsterdam's culture, we were not and they were more pervasive than we were expecting them to be.

암스테르담에서 가장 편안했던 휴식에 대해 들려주세요.

Dawne, 영국

19일 전 리포트

Sitting in a coffee shop at the edge of the canal in the sunshine, reading .....perfect

가장 여행하기 좋은 도시 중 하나가 암스테르담인 이유는 무엇인가요?

Mimi, 불가리아

19일 전 리포트

It's numerous museums, cannals netting over the city center, old houses dating back from 17 century and peoples attitude to light drugs, prostitution and things we are not acustomed to.

암스테르담 사람들이 가진 어떤 점이 눈길을 끌던가요?

Anthea, 미국

30일 전 리포트

Observing the coordination of bikes, cycles, cars, buses, trams, pedestrians...it was all so interesting. The ride on the canal was beautiful...the structure of the city and how it all comes together. The visit to the Van Gogh museum to see the work of one of my favorite artists.

유명 쇼핑 거리 외에도 암스테르담에서 쇼핑할 만한 곳이 있나요?

Christine, 영국

6일 전 리포트

You can buy just about anything here, but the food is outstanding and it was great to have an apartment so we could sample salads and baked stuff from some of the little shops.

암스테르담 쇼핑은 어떤 점이 좋은지 다른 사람들에게 팁을 공유해보세요.

Mariia, 키르기스스탄

13일 전 리포트

Going out of the central museum you head straight into main shopping streets. There is every popular brand imaginable and lots of stores to choose from for young people. The prices are not expensive.
In addition, there were several incredible art, photo, and antique stores, if you're into that.

암스테르담의 분위기를 다들 입 모아 칭송하는 이유는 무엇인가요?

Maria, 러시아

23일 전 리포트

The city is really alive! It's so different - a bit crazy, but at the same time full of dignity of its rich past, serenity and tranquillity, and when the night falls, it becomes very calm, cosy and friendly. It has so many different people of different cultures, points of view, and its feeling of tolerance and freedom makes it really unique in the world!

암스테르담에서 돌아다니기 쉬운 이유는 무엇인가요? 대중교통이 값싸고 편리한가요?

Mariia, 키르기스스탄

13일 전 리포트

Trams, buses, and metro is always on time. You can use 2-,3-,4-day passes or a chipkart with everything. You also always have a person to ask for help. Everything is very convenient.

암스테르담에서 제일 타기 좋은 배는 무엇인가요?

익명, 도시 미설정

7일 전 리포트

Small motor boats for the canals. A boat too big won't fit!

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