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Ankara Turkey, Central Anatolia Region

Top reasons to visit:

  • Business (238)
  • Shopping (231)
  • Museums (115)
  • History (66)
  • City Trip (63)
  • Monuments (62)
  • Food (57)
  • Culture (45)
  • Clothes Shopping (43)
  • Old Town (42)

Ankara was highly rated for museums by 11 guests from the United States!

  • Family Friendly 20 endorsements

How does Ankara go the extra mile to make your family feel at home?

Toyin, Turkey

1 day ago Report

one feel like not going back home....lolz
  • Relaxation 17 endorsements

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Ankara.

Hamidreza, Iran

4 days ago Report

hiking on the beautiful Ankara streets.
  • History 66 endorsements

What is it in Ankara that makes history come to life?

Leia, Turkey

7 days ago Report

The museum of Anatolian civilizations is a fantastic place to learn about the many different peoples that lived in Turkey in ancient times. There are many displays and some great dioramas to see how people would have lived thousands of years ago.
  • Old Town 42 endorsements

What were the best places for wandering in Ankara's old town?

Waratit, Belgium

17 days ago Report

Turkish garden
  • City Trip 63 endorsements

What makes Ankara one of those classic city-trip experiences?

Toyin, Turkey

1 day ago Report

because of day-to-day business, where you find people going to their various destination as well students going to lecture room.
  • Business 238 endorsements

How do you fit in some sightseeing when you're in Ankara on business?

Toyin, Turkey

1 day ago Report

yes, through public transport and by train often and it was really cool for me to know more about the transportation operates.
  • Nightlife 27 endorsements

What should you avoid to make the most of the nightlife in Ankara?

Toyin, Turkey

1 day ago Report

nothing really because there was security everywhere i go and the police are helpful when am lost.
  • Surfing 2 endorsements

What was your best surf session like in Ankara?

Toyin, Turkey

1 day ago Report

surfing for new designer clothes and shoes...lolz...guys love to where designers you know
  • Entertainment 17 endorsements

What was the most entertaining thing you saw in Ankara?

Toyin, Turkey

1 day ago Report

wow, the Genciki park and Astinl park were amazing for any lover to visit...wink
  • Convenient Public Transportation 13 endorsements

Was it cheap, fast, or easy to use? What made it so simple to get around in Ankara?

Toyin, Turkey

1 day ago Report

it was cheap, reliable and convenient.
  • Parks 21 endorsements

Why do people recommend Ankara for the parks?

Toyin, Turkey

1 day ago Report

because is grate place to relaxed especially for lover birds..
  • Alternative Culture 22 endorsements

What aspect of the culture in Ankara was so different than back home?

Zohreh, United States of America

23 days ago Report

Social freedom.
  • Local Food 3 endorsements

Why does the local food in Ankara get such good reviews?

Jane, United States of America

3 days ago Report

The historic area of Ankara is quite small. Museum of Anatolian Civilizations is fantastic. There is wonderful market just a few blocks from Sahinbey Hotel that is bustling with activity and we'll worth a visit.

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