Топ причини да отидете там:

  • Старинен град (2021)
  • Култура (1864)
  • История (1479)
  • Забележителности (1474)
  • Замъци (1221)
  • Музеи (1035)
  • Музика (957)
  • Пейзажи (954)
  • Паметници (869)
  • Шопинг (868)

Залцбург е с висока оценка за забележителности от 8 госта от България!

Искате ли уникални и забавни съвети за Залцбург от гости, които вече са били там?

Как може най-добре да се усети автентичната култура на Залцбург?

Lynwen, Великобритания

Преди 27 дни Докладвайте

The salt mines were worth a visit though we went at a quiet time. I've heard it gets very busy in peak season with much larger groups on the guided tour. The fortress is worth a visit though there were no Mozart concerts on while we were there. Take a ride to Berchtesgaden & Konigsee though we missed out on the Eagles Nest and boat trip as our trip was early November. Stunning scenery!

Как да се насладите на забележителностите на Залцбург без да се сблъсквате с тълпата?

Анонимен потребител, Неизвестно местоположение

Преди 23 дни Докладвайте

Salzburg is the glorius cyti , I like it almost then Wiena. To my heart it is closer becouse it is smaller and easy to understand. The hotel Meningier is very convinient the staf is helpful and the breakfast is solid.We spent beutiful 2 days and I hope we were came back same day.

Къде е най-приятно за разходка в стария град на Залцбург?

squaring12, Обединени арабски емирства

Преди 4 дни Докладвайте

All over, there are free maps available at the information center at the trainstation (and most hotels). It has all the sight of Old-Town on it. They are all close by and can be seen in a single day. There was a farmer's market in Mirabelplatz the day we took the Sound of Music Tour (waste of money), which we wished we had gotten a chance to explore.

Кое в Залцбург кара миналото да оживява?

Calin, Белгия

Преди 24 дни Докладвайте

The fortress and the old city. Especially watching the animated evolution of the fortress over almost 2000 years. Watching the rock on which the fortress is built from below, seeing the vertical cliffs, gives you a sense of how hard it must have been to try and conquer it before modern weaponry.

В какво е магията на коледните пазари в Залцбург?

Diane, Канада

Преди 22 дни Докладвайте

Everything is decorated for the holidays and the atmosphere is magical, especially at night when all the lights twinkle. There are musicians and singers in the street and the church bells are constantly ringing. The smell of Gluwein and and Lebkuchen is in the air making it feel very Christmassy and warm.

Защо толкова хора говорят за атмосферата в Залцбург?

Calin, Белгия

Преди 24 дни Докладвайте

It feels like history and culture are all around you. From the fortress and palaces to the architecture, statues and fountains and the buildings in the old city, you can see this was one of the most important cities of a formerly great empire.

Защо според някои Залцбург е най-добре да се види пеша?

squaring12, Обединени арабски емирства

Преди 4 дни Докладвайте

It is small, and easy to wander around. Some great places to eat (Mozart Cafe, L'Osteria). Also the main Old-Town areas are pedestrian only. 24-hour bus pass is only 4 Euros though, so if you want to go visit Hangar-7 and the Steigl & Augustine breweries, it is a good investment.

Какво изпитахте при срещата с красотата на Залцбург?

Joseph, Малта

Преди 16 дни Докладвайте

simply stunning in particular the mountaind and the not so distant lake district with St Gilgen and St Wolfgang standing out proud!

Опишете природата в Залцбург.

Rajinder, Индия

Преди 15 дни Докладвайте

Going around mirabell gardens ,standing on the bridge on the river,going for a boat in the river, bus ride to Untersberg going up the trolley at Untersberg a days outing to Hallstatt or Koingssee from Salzburg .

Колко добре бяха възстановени замъците в Залцбург?

Mike, САЩ

Преди 11 дни Докладвайте

The castle was rustic. The walls were in good shape and the tour was informative. The views are what you go for though. The views of the city from the top are worth the price of admission. The Marionette museum, though a little creepy, is also fun.

Как може да се разгледа Залцбург, ако се движите пеша?

Kimhaz, Великобритания

Преди 8 дни Докладвайте

Spend more than one day there! Take a tour of the circuit of the sightseeing bus to organize in your head where you want to see. There are a couple of 'Sound of Music' sights that lie out of town. Public transport will take you there, too but without the benefit of the commentary. The tour bus does not go up to the castle, though - use the funicular for that. Visit the churches, go find Mozart, visit the theatre, find a cafe for kaffee and kuchen, eat in a bierkeller and don't expect 'The Sound of Music' to be the be all and end all of the city; it's far better than that.

Къде в Залцбург може да се намери най-добрата бира?

Joseph, Малта

Преди 16 дни Докладвайте

Very difficult as each beer is shrouded with praise from the brewer that at the end it all boils down to taste.
I found the Kaiser Doppel Malz delightful in taste, also the Wieninger bier was exciting (though brewed in nearby Teisendorf-germany! )

Разкажете ни защо Залцбург е добър избор за шопинг.

Mike, САЩ

Преди 11 дни Докладвайте

I liked the small shops. Something different through every door. We didn't really hit the high end shops, but there were some local fun shops in the city center. There are also food vendors, so you can grab a quick, cheap, lunch and keep on shopping.

Какво прави от Залцбург класическа дестинация за градски туризъм?

Charles, Великобритания

преди 10 часа Докладвайте

The buildings are beautiful, the people are friendly the historical buildings are worth seeing and the atmosphere at Christmas should be on anyone's bucket list.

На каква музика си тактувахте с крак в Залцбург?

Hubert, САЩ

Преди 25 дни Докладвайте

Attend a concert at the Mozarteum....one of the finest concert halls anywhere. Went to the Sunday morning concert - three hours of beautiful piano, harp and orchestral works in a stunning Baroque setting.

Опишете античните забележителности, които човек не бива да пропуска в Залцбург.

Lester, Бразилия

Преди 14 дни Докладвайте

Don´t miss Hohensalzburg fortress. Go on the beginning of the day. We went walking and I recommend it. Don´t hurry there, take your time, try to imagine how was the life there during the last (almost) 2000 years!

Защо бихте препоръчали Залцбург на любителите на добрата храна?

Nicola, Великобритания

Преди 23 дни Докладвайте

well priced, good quality and portion size. Good choice of restaurants providing different types of cuisine

Какъв съвет бихте дали на тези, които за първи път отиват на разходка в Залцбург?

Rebecca, САЩ

Преди 19 дни Докладвайте

Buy the Salzburg card!!! You will save more money than I can even say on entrance fees AND you can get a free beer tasting at the Stiegl brewery. DO IT!

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