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4 guests fra Danmark har givet Gold Coast rigtig gode vurderinger for strand!

Er du nysgerrig efter sjove, unikke tips fra rejsende, som kender Gold Coast?

'Stranden' kan have forskellig betydning for forskellige mennesker. Hvilken betydning fik stranden i Gold Coast for dig?

David, Australien

27 dage siden Rapporter

It was our first visit to the Gold Coast (Broad Beach) area. We were awestruck by the endless clean beaches and wonderful recreational pathways that followed the shoreline. We enjoyed perfect weather every day and felt secure venturing into the surf in areas that were supervised by the life saving patrols located along the beach.
  • Temaparker 3687 anbefalinger
  • 73 svar

Fortæl os dine bedste råd til, hvordan man får mest ud af tiden i temaparkerne i Gold Coast?

Lisa, Australien

27 dage siden Rapporter

buy a skip the que pass - grab a locker half way through the park not at the entrance. Do a couple of your favourite rides first and then leave some of your top rides for an hour before the park closes.
  • Shopping 450 anbefalinger
  • 36 svar

Er der andre shoppemuligheder i Gold Coast end de sædvanlige high street butikker?

Judy, Australien

23 dage siden Rapporter

I love shopping at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre conveniently across the road from Jupiter's Casino. It has beautiful clothes full of bright colours and very affordable. I can't believe how much lower the cost of really nice clothes is compared to Melbourne.
  • Afslapning 3226 anbefalinger
  • 31 svar

Fortæl os om dine mest afslappende øjeblikke i Gold Coast.

Colin, Australien

14 dage siden Rapporter

Was on a seminar all day, it was good to come back and relax watching the waves .

Hvorfor synes du, at Gold Coast er et godt valg, hvis man vil have god mad?

Wendy, Australien

3 dage siden Rapporter

We love the coastal activities and watching the changeable weather conditions. We could just walk along that beach all morning. The beach can get a bit rough, that's ok, there's plenty of other things to do there.
  • Sandstrande 1020 anbefalinger
  • 27 svar

Hvad gjorde stranden i Gold Coast uforglemmelig?

Jody, New Zealand

9 dage siden Rapporter

Wide open space great to walk or run throughout the day when the tide is out quite far. The Water is sparkling and glistening like glass especially on a cloudless blue sky day! Water is not too cold either and quite swimmable even in cooler months!
  • Underholdning 564 anbefalinger
  • 25 svar

Hvad var det mest underholdende du så i Gold Coast?

Denise, Australien

27 dage siden Rapporter

The Abba Show which was technically at tweed heads
  • Børnevenlige strande 427 anbefalinger
  • 24 svar

Hvad synes dine børn bedst om ved strandene i Gold Coast?

Janette, Australien

16 dage siden Rapporter

Running down the sand-dunes; collecting shells; finding washed up jelly fish (and all sorts of other unusual animals and objects); being with parents who are in relaxed mode; feeling safe to swim near the surf lifesavers; watching planes flying in to land...seeing them so close!
  • Shopping 2969 anbefalinger
  • 22 svar

Beskriv hvad andre som dig, ville synes om at shoppe i Gold Coast.

Jarrod, Australien

25 dage siden Rapporter

With the recent addition of the tram its easier to get to Pacific Fair and to buses that can take you to DFO's! Shop around because there are many stores that compete for the best prices!!! My pick would be Pacific Fair - last stop on the tram line (Broadbeach South) and has something to cater all needs.
  • Gåture på stranden 1016 anbefalinger
  • 22 svar

Hvad kunne gøre strandende i Gold Coast nemmere at gå langs?

danielle, Australien

14 dage siden Rapporter

More parks for the kids, like walking beams or little swing type things along the beach on some of the grassed areas,
Ice cream and fruit juice vendors.
Bicycle hire.
All walks should have great little pit stops, so there is more to it than the same view with nothing but walking
  • Varmt vejr 281 anbefalinger
  • 18 svar

Hvad gør du for at kunne holde til varmen i Gold Coast?

Janette, Australien

16 dage siden Rapporter

That's what we come here for! Enjoy the cool breezes, the refreshing sea water; the pool facilities in your accommodation; etc. And...drink plenty of water!!
  • Restauranter 1056 anbefalinger
  • 17 svar

Hvor skal man spise, hvis man vil undgå at ende i en turistfælde?

Denise, Australien

4 dage siden Rapporter

Broadbeach Bowls Club offers great meals out of the tourist trap areas and at reasonable prices. Local football clubs such as the AFLBears Club in Christine Avenue Burleigh also offer meals and entertainment with free buses to take patrons home. Upmarket supberb seafood, plus other dishes, buffet at Four Winds Restaurant at the top of the Crown Plaza Hotel Broadbeach, with free parking underneath or, if no car, the tram stops directly opposite hotel.
  • Natteliv 1066 anbefalinger
  • 14 svar

Hvad bør man undgå, hvis man vil have mest ud af nattelivet i Gold Coast?

Jarrod, Australien

25 dage siden Rapporter

All the clubs are great...lots of fun! You just need to keep your wits about you especially with others who have had a "few too many" and look our for each other if you're in a group! There wasn't a time I didn't feel unsafe :)
  • Atmosfære 164 anbefalinger
  • 11 svar

Hvorfor synes mange at stemningen i Gold Coast er så speciel?

Frans, New Zealand

25 dage siden Rapporter

Lively and vibrant atmosphere with night markets, buskers, dining out, the beautiful beaches, fantastic swimming areas, great weather and the feeling of being safe.
  • Familievenlig 877 anbefalinger
  • 9 svar

Gjorde Gold Coast noget særligt, der fik din familie til at føle sig hjemme?

Cissimata, Australien

9 dage siden Rapporter

The family parks and inviting atmosphere at the markets and township
  • Surfing 1448 anbefalinger
  • 9 svar

Hvordan var din bedste surfing-lektion i Gold Coast?

David, Australien

27 dage siden Rapporter

My wife and I enrolled in an intro to surfing lesson with the Cheyne Horan School of Surf. The instructors knew the locations that had good waves for beginner surfers. With great instruction and a lot of practice and encouragement, by the end of our first lesson we were successful at being able to get up to a standing position and briefly ride a wave. SO MUCH FUN -even with your swimsuit full of sand! It is definitely worthwhile getting instruction!
  • Landskab 169 anbefalinger
  • 8 svar

Hvordan påvirkede landskabet i Gold Coast dig?

Robyn, Australien

12 dage siden Rapporter

Very relaxing, except for the Harley Davidsons that seemed to drive by regularly. Too noisy. Unfortunately not something that can be changed.
  • Sightseeing 229 anbefalinger
  • 8 svar

Har du et tip til, hvordan man kan se seværdighederne i Gold Coast og samtidig undgå alle de andre turister?

Janette, Australien

16 dage siden Rapporter

Absolutely!! I HATE crowds but I simply avoid the touristy areas...avoid the shops...wander along the less crowded beaches (away from Surfer's Paradise); etc.
  • Gastronomi 174 anbefalinger
  • 8 svar

Hvad er det, der gør restaurantoplevelser i Gold Coast til noget særligt?

Lex, Australien

24 dage siden Rapporter

Maybe it is the competition whereby the restaurateurs have to compete for the tourist dollar, there is a vast selection of cuisines that taste wise, will blow your socks off. So Yummy.
  • Venlige mennesker 140 anbefalinger
  • 8 svar

Hvad er det der gør, at folk fra Gold Coast er så venlige? Lad os høre din historie.

Michael, Australien

11 dage siden Rapporter

I was provided assistance when I didn't ask for help once and they actually solved my problems. eg. Translink staff. I was even provided help by local residents for directions even when I didn't ask and not to mention security guard escorts to taxi ranks (at a theme park)

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