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  • Architecture (15888)
  • Shopping (13751)
  • Beach (11325)
  • Culture (10439)
  • Food (9330)
  • Sightseeing (8717)
  • Nightlife (5307)
  • Tapas (5299)
  • City Trip (5088)
  • Art (4346)

Barcelona was highly rated for architecture by 873 guests from the United States!

How can you enjoy the sights in Barcelona while avoiding the crowds?

Ayeesha, United Kingdom

18 days ago Report

By going to local areas and appreciating the sights. Mountains are pretty nice for views of Barcelona. Tibidabo was the least hassle to access and has amazing views! Everything else I would recommend buying tickets in advance unless you want to queue up for over an hour or two just to purchase the tickets. I would also recommend purchasing a two day pass for Barcelona City Sightseeing as you can jump on and off the bus whenever you want. Its 35 euros for two days and it goes all around the city every 5-10 minutes :)

Why do you recommend Barcelona for food?

Joshua, United Kingdom

26 days ago Report

Food, as with the whole of Spain, is a way of life. Whether enjoying sangria and olives outside a quiet cafe on ramble del poblenou or eating tapas at one of the many bars in La boquieria, you're pretty much surrounded by excellent fresh food. If you're a sea food lover, then you're in for a real treat. La boquieria market just off las ramblas is the place to be. You can't help but be inspired by the wonderful ingredients. You can either buy from the market and take away to cook yourself or as previously mentioned, eat from one of the many tapas bars, such as El quim or Barcentral, they're all amazing. Good food is everywhere in Barcelona. I recommend also you try Bar Mut. I could go on forever. Just go and eat!

The beach means different things to different people. What did the beach in Barcelona mean to you?

PHILIP, Latvia

13 days ago Report

Cleanest city beach ever seen, impressed with maintenance. Rare that a major metropolitan modern city has such nice beaches and a very clean sea with good underwater visibility. Yes, there are crowds, but there is mostly a respectful and peaceful atmosphere. Also a choice of beachwear, topless is optional and beaches to the north are optionally nudist.

How can you get the most authentic cultural experience in Barcelona?

Michele, United Kingdom

5 days ago Report

Plan your trips before you go as there is an immense amount to do. You need to decide what attractions to visit in the time available to you, but always leave extra time as things are so interesting and although you can get around quickly on public transport, the humidity can slow you down.

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Barcelona.

Jill, United Kingdom

16 days ago Report

A fantastic choice of shops to suit all ages and so reasonable. For gifts I recommend going up the cobbled side streets around the Gothic Quarter for bargains eg tourist gifts etc ( never pay the price as marked on the item, barter for the best price. Great for clothing and some great shoe shops etc.

Is there more to shopping in Barcelona than just brand-name stores?

Christine, United Kingdom

24 days ago Report

The attractive part of shopping in Barcelona are all the small, quirky shops in the Ciutat Vella which sell one-off items in clothing and presents

What makes the people from Barcelona so friendly? Tell us your story.

Nicola, United Kingdom

28 days ago Report

The metro us really simple and easy to use. I would recommended paying ten euros for ten trips as it works out considerably cheaper. I also used the train from the airport before getting the metro. Again very simple and staff at the airport station were very helpful.

What should you avoid to make the most of the nightlife in Barcelona?

Clare, United Kingdom

18 days ago Report

Be very careful outside clubs on the beach at night. Watch your bags and your friends and stay together! Don't take more money than you need for your night out and ideally try not to keep it all in one place - split it up. Lastly, don't take anything important (passport and glasses for me - it was hell managing without those)

What's the best way to make the most of Barcelona by foot?

Anonymous, Unknown location

22 days ago Report

I suggest to plan walks for each quarter per day: Barri Gotic, Eixample, Montjüic, etc. Barcelona is full of tourists and in front of each attraction there's a huge line (even though the prices are really high: for example, to enter the !!!unfinished!!! Sagarada Familia you have to wait for hours in the line and pay €21)
I suggest to enjoy the architecture from the outside.
Also, walking along the port is very nice and relaxing, cause there are not so many tourists and you can have a break from the urban noise.

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Jill, United Kingdom

16 days ago Report

Go up some of the side streets eg around the Gothic quarter much quieter and more reasonably priced. Small supermarkets have beautiful fresh breads, cheeses, cold meats and fruit, buy and make your own lunches etc. Great fresh food market approximately half way up Les Rambles (recommend you go early for their fresh bread &croissants etc. There are a variety of eating places here but it is really busy.

What makes Barcelona one of those classic city-trip experiences?

Raj, United Kingdom

12 days ago Report

Make sure you see the sights, watch a concert or a flamenco show at the Palace of music, sailing trip, food is excellent and good value, look for 3 course set menu's, tapas for a snack ( can become expensive), free walking tour of the gothic area. We had a great time and we loved visiting this great city.
Just a word of caution, pickpockets on the metro and other crowded places. We carried our backpacks but on our chests, one arm across it. Not worth spoiling your holiday by being foolish. Otherwise quite a safe city. We used to use the metro till quite late at night, walk back to the apartment after midnight, never felt intimidated.

Tell us what you really thought about the art in Barcelona?

ALEJO, United States of America

7 days ago Report

Modernism is all around you. So if you like Art Nouveau this is the place to be. There is contrasting styles from ancient roman ruins, medieval churches, modern churches, palaces, contemporary building door to door to old ones. Gaudi, Domenech, Dali, Picasso, Miró are around the next corner. You could be walking in the Ramblas and see in the floor a Miró.

What is it in Barcelona that makes history come to life?

Peter, United Kingdom

27 days ago Report

There is so much of interest in Barcelona it cannot all be taken in in a day or two. We have visited Barcelona many times and there are still places we wish to see. We spend a lot of time in Spain and will undoubtedly be visiting Barcelona many more times.

What seafood experience in Barcelona is still on your mind?

Sergio, Italy

21 days ago Report

The best seafood you can eat in Barcellona is in Can Magno "restaurant" in Barceloneta, hard to find, full of people, but very good and cheaper!
Other is "La Paradeta" there are 4 "restaurants in Barcelona, in different places, one is near La Sagrada Familia, other is near La Sagrera, other is inside the Born, near the market, other don't remember. La Paradeta are like a fish market, you choose what you prefer, and they cook it..
  • Culturally Diverse Food 935 endorsements
  • 15 answers

What's the secret to sampling all the diverse food Barcelona has to offer?

Michael, Australia

7 days ago Report

Go to the food market located at the ocean end of the La Rambla. The best places to eat hands down. Huge variety of fruits, cold meats, seafood and other treats. The most beautiful stall displays you will see anywhere.

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Barcelona.

Teresa, United Kingdom

16 days ago Report

Wandering at leisure and being able to stop at bars and cafes for a drink and something nice to eat whenever I felt like it made the holiday for me. The hotel was relaxing and life seemed to be at a slower pace. However, there are areas of the city that have a lively night life but that's not what I was looking for. There is plenty to see and do whether on your own or with friends/family.

What is it about the people in Barcelona that makes them so watchable?

Robert, United States of America

30 days ago Report

You will see every different kind of people, from those who dress quite radical to those who act out of the ordinary. We were there the week of a holiday, and the crowds were overwhelming! It was much like walking into a HUGE PARTY!

Why do people say Barcelona can be seen best by foot?

Justyna, Ireland

3 days ago Report

Public transportation is quite good and regular, however, I believe you can only see the real Barcelona by walking through its small alleys. That's when you really see the true Barcelona.

Why is the atmosphere in Barcelona something people rave about?

Craig, United Kingdom

13 days ago Report

There's just so much going on every visit you always discover something new.

Which fine art museums should a first-time visitor to Barcelona start with?

Anonymous, Unknown location

21 days ago Report

Picasso. Go early to buy tickets and visit museum later. This helps avoid lines since they have separate places for tickets and entrance. They open at 9:00am now.

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