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Brüssel ja šokolaad said 8 külastajalt Eestist häid hinnanguid!

Olete huvitatud nende reisijate unikaalsetest soovitustest, kelle jaoks Brüssel juba tuttav on?

Kuidas leidsite sihtkoha Brüssel parima õlle?


28 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

It's everywhere! Lots of beer shops with hundreds of Belgian beers and lots of bars serving amazing Belgian beer from the tap too.

Miks soovitate sihtkohta Brüssel toidu nautimiseks?

Helen, Suurbritannia

30 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

I had some gorgeous meals: moules, rare steak & frites, veggie lunches from Exki, great pizzas
  • Vaatamisväärsused 2464 korral kiidetud
  • 30 vastust

Kuidas kõige paremini nautida sihtkoha Brüssel vaatamisväärsusi ning vältida rahvamasse?

Anonüümne, Asukoht teadmata

12 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

There are quite a few other tourists around but it isn't overcrowded and you can get plenty of sightseeing done we travelled to Ieper by train to see the ww1 trenches was a bit of a journey 1h 50m to get there but was well worth the wait
  • Kaunite kunstide muuseumid 708 korral kiidetud
  • 20 vastust

Milliste kaunite kunstide muuseumidega peaks sihtkoha Brüssel esmakordne külastaja alustama?

Frances, Suurbritannia

28 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Beaux arts museums, particularly the modern/Magritte section.
Comic design museum

Miks on Brüssel paik, mille vahvlid on eriliselt maitsvad?

Heather, Suurbritannia

16 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Variety and choice, but try and find a small shop away from the more tourist orientated areas.
  • Linnaekskursioonid 1327 korral kiidetud
  • 16 vastust

Milline on parim viis sihtkohaga Brüssel jalgsi tutvumiseks?


28 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Walking around the city center is easy, start with the Grand Place and from there the Manneken Pis is really close. The surrounding streets are lovely, make sure you discover all of them while you can try many chocolate places and beer bars. If you book a room in the city center you don't even have to spend on public transport too much.

Miks on Brüssel paik, kus kohtuvad ajalugu ja tänapäev?

Howard, Suurbritannia

18 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Buildings....maze of narrow cobbled streets,all with bright colorful shops ,whatever it is,either new,old,retro or historic its there.

Mida sellist avastasite sihtkoha Brüssel muuseumides, mida reisijuhtides kirjas polnud?

Jernej, Sloveenia

3 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

MIM has a great view from the terrace, some of the biggest museum collections with free admission first Wed of the month after 1 p. m., but be organized, you have only 4 hours to see as much as possible. Natural history museum takes the whole day, if you are interested in nature. But you can combine the visit with a sight-seeng of the EU palaces not far from the museum.

Kuidas pakub Brüssel võimalust kõige autentsemalt kultuuri nautida?

LukeC, Suurbritannia

11 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

We only had one night but the few hours we spent walking around were great. The most fun thing for us was trying to work out which language to try and speak to the locals in- French? Dutch? German? It's always fun having waiters try out a handful of languages on you too- it would be great to be so multilingual, it was excellent.

As we didn't stay long we didn't get time to explore properly, but the bits we did see were beautiful.

Kuhu peaksid inimesed minema, kui nad ei soovi sattuda sööma turistilõksu?

Anonüümne, Asukoht teadmata

20 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Cheesecake Factory, Brussels centre (Brouckère) and Tapas restaurant also in the centre.

Kas Brüssel on koht, kus nautida unustamatut maitseelamust? Rääkige meile, miks.

loscarlosboy, Hispaania

13 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

The whole country appears to be geared up and ready to provide excellent cuisine at every turn. This encourages competition and whilst this is not reflected in the prices, so much, it is absolutely personified in the quality and quantity provided.
  • Sõbralikud inimesed 857 korral kiidetud
  • 8 vastust

Mis teeb sihtkoha Brüssel inimesed nii sõbralikuks? Rääkige meile oma lugu.

Erika, Hispaania

22 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Every time we needed help with directions people were more than willing to help. We also met some really nice locals that were very friendly and bought us drinks!

Miks on Brüssel ja sealne klassikaline linnareis unustamatud?

Joyce, Suurbritannia

8 tundi tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Lovely city. Not as grand as Paris but a great deal friendlier and more relaxed. Some great restaurants. Chips served on the side with everything. Suits me

Miks on Brüssel mõnede meelest paik, mida tuleks just jalgsi avastada?

Anonüümne, Asukoht teadmata

14 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Galleries, Grande Place, park quite close to one another. Good to walk if you can cope with some steep slopes and steps.
  • Erinevad rahvustoidud 462 korral kiidetud
  • 7 vastust

Brüssel pakub nii palju erinevaid rahvustoite. Milline on parim viis nende kõikide proovimiseks?

NomadInEurope, Belgia

26 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Go to 2-3 key areas with many small restaurants: Saint-Catherine/Halles, St-Boniface Church/Matonge, Chatelaine. There you can pick pretty much any restaurant. Check whcih beer on tap is available.

Miks on Brüssel ja selle monumendid nii tähelepanuväärsed?

Antonio, Hispaania

4 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

La Grand Place es con diferencia una de las plazas más bonitas que he visitado. Su vista nocturna es espectacular. El Manneken Pis es una estatuilla de lo más carismática

Jagage oma lemmikhetki lõõgastumiseks sihtkohas Brüssel ka teistega.

Alistair, Suurbritannia

7 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Many cafes & bars to sit and watch the world go by. Very large selection of Belgian beers to try, not to mention variety of freshly baked pastries & waffles.

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