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Belfast recebeu ótimas recomendações para cultura de 5 hóspedes do Brasil!

Por que você acha que outros viajantes adorariam ir às compras em Belfast?

Anônimo, Localização desconhecida

Há 7 dias Denunciar

Victoria's Square is only a few minutes walk from the Hilton Belfast, with 2 floors of shops and an additional 2 floors of restaurants and fast food outlets, including a cinema you'll definitely find whatever it is you're after, especially being in the middle of the town centre meaning even more shops just outside! You're also able to get a lift (or walk up a very large spiral staircase- don't be fooled, there are more stairs than you think!) to the very top of Victoria's Square Dome with a great 360 view over Belfast, which is beautiful at night.

Por que Belfast faz você viajar através do tempo e pela história?

John, Reino Unido

Há 17 dias Denunciar

There are many opportunities for History lovers with the Titanic Connection I never managed to get into the Titanic Exhibition but it looked impressive. A good way to see the city is to take an open top bus tour which takes in all the area where the main "Troubles" took place & allows you to see the famous wall murals on the Falls & Shankhill roads.The city now has a lot of modern buildings where Belfast has re-built some of it's troubled past & these sit side by side with many of the fine Victorian & Georgian buildings.If you are into football there is also the George Best connection.The best thing is to make a visit I do not think you will be disappointed.

Como aproveitar os pontos turísticos de Belfast e evitar as multidões ao mesmo tempo?

Maryann, Noruega

Há 11 dias Denunciar

By avoiding the July 12 "celebrations" but anytime before that...I was there early July, wasn't that crowded then. Off season traveling or low season traveling is a good idea.

Além de lojas de marca, que outras opções de compras existem em Belfast?

Teresa, Irlanda

Há 3 dias Denunciar

All the main stores are in the city center and there are two large shopping centers off the main street as well. It's a very friendly city and very easy to get around.

O que faz das pessoas de Belfast tão amigáveis? Conte sua estória.

John, Reino Unido

Há 17 dias Denunciar

Although Belfast has had something of a bad reputation in the past I found no evidence of this in the people I met. I hope the positive way that the City is now moving forward continues,the people make the city & seem very welcoming to visitors.

Por que você recomenda Belfast para gastronomia?

Jose, Estados Unidos

Há 9 dias Denunciar

We really enjoyed the food and service at the Nu Delhi restaurant, we went there 4 times and we tried different dishes and they were all great.

Alguns restaurantes são verdadeiras armadilhas para turistas. Aonde as pessoas deveriam ir para comer?

Lynda, Reino Unido

Há 21 dias Denunciar

We ate out at Scalini Italian Restaurant and The Joy Inn (Chinese) and found the food in both restaurants to be excellent.

O que você deve evitar em Belfast para ter uma vida noturna perfeita?

Catherine, Reino Unido

Há 26 dias Denunciar

Some bars and clubs charge an entry fee but most have touts that will give you a voucher to make it cheaper. But the best ones are the traditional pubs like the Dirty Onion.

O que mais chamou sua atenção em Belfast?

William, Reino Unido

Há 15 dias Denunciar

varied entertainment venues opera house etc

Por que os mercados de Natal de Belfast são mágicos?

Mary, Irlanda

Há 2 dias Denunciar

Great atmosphere, good food and friendly staff.

Por que Belfast é um dos destinos urbanos mais clássicos?

Frances, Reino Unido

Há 21 dias Denunciar

The recent history. Taxi tour of the Falls and Shankill murals was a different experience to most city tours - even the bus tour in Belfast. You really do hear the view of people who live there. Worth doing both.

Como vivenciar uma autêntica experiência cultural em Belfast?

Holly, Reino Unido

Há 27 dias Denunciar

Walk the streets, enter pubs, watch a march, see the murals, find traditional gigs. Talk to locals, they really are such a chatty nation!

Os espetáculos teatrais em Belfast correspondem à fama que têm?

Mary, Reino Unido

Há 29 dias Denunciar

Yes the theatre performances lived up to their reputation!

Quais são os aspectos culturais de Belfast que mais te atraem?

William, Irlanda

Há 11 dias Denunciar

Lively atmosphere, busy bars and cafes. Beautiful British style buildings and very clean streets.

Quais são as melhores atrações para ver num passeio com guia em Belfast?

Ian, Reino Unido

Há 13 dias Denunciar

Via Odyssey tours - The Giant's Causeway, locally the Titanic Museum and the Transport & Folk Museum at Cultra.

Descreva os melhores locais históricos que você visitou em Belfast.

David, Áustria

Há 12 dias Denunciar

not in Belfast - but 25 mins due South is Sty Patrick's Grave in Downpatrick (although 5 glue sniffing early teens were sitting on it), with museum nearby etc

Conte-nos sobre os momentos relaxantes que teve em Belfast.

Mary, Reino Unido

Há 29 dias Denunciar

The whole atmosphere in Belfast is relaxing & so laid back for a big city, it's lovely to sit with a nice cup of tea or coffee & just people watch!

De que forma o turismo está mudando Belfast?

Ronald, Austrália

Há 28 dias Denunciar

Tourism assists the economy of Belfast

Por que Belfast é o melhor lugar para abusar do cartão de crédito?

Cohlin, Irlanda

Há 22 dias Denunciar

There are so many options, places to see, food, venues, history

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