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Berlin Germany, Berlin Federal State

Top reasons to visit:

  • History (11133)
  • Shopping (9428)
  • Museums (8655)
  • Culture (8073)
  • Sightseeing (5920)
  • Monuments (4422)
  • Nightlife (4153)
  • Food (2920)
  • Architecture (2700)
  • City Trip (2377)

Berlin was highly rated for history by 518 guests from the United States!

Looking for fun and unique tips from travelers who know Berlin?

What is it in Berlin that makes history come to life?

Jane, Australia

21 days ago Report

We went on a walking tour with 'Walking Tours in English' for 4 hours around Central Berlin, costing 12 euros. Fantastic value. The Deutche History. Museum is also amazing, not to mention Panorama exhibition near Check Point Charlie

How can you enjoy the sights in Berlin while avoiding the crowds?

Simon, United Kingdom

6 days ago Report

If you are going to see some of the museum's in and around Berlin I would definitely recommend the museum pass. It gives 3 consecutive days access to all museums in the program (you get a book telling you which ones with the card). You only need to go in to three museums and you have pretty much broke even on the cost of the card. It also cuts out most of the ticket queues as you just show the card to get in. You do still need a timed ticket for some museums though so read the signs as you will be refused entry if you don't have one, they are free but where required you must have one. If you are going to the Pergamon museum I would recommend getting there before it's scheduled opening time. I got there half an hour before the advertised time and was let in. A couple of hours or so later and there was a 2hr queue just to get tickets. It is also stupidly busy on weekends as buses ship a lot of tourists in from the surrounding cities and countries so I would avoid these days if possible.

Which fine art museums should a first-time visitor to Berlin start with?

Anonymous, Unknown location

2 days ago Report

go to museum square and get to all the museums EARLY AS THE lines get long. Buy a three day pass to get to all the museums... it is worth it. THe Kathe Kollwitz museum not included in the package but was stunning.

Why do you recommend Berlin for food?

Lynn, Canada

23 days ago Report

We actually didn't enjoy the food in Berlin in the typical restaurants. When we went a bit further away from the key tourist area, we found some lovely little restaurants (including at the ME art gallery - great food)! My daughter says that her favourite German food is Italian, and sadly it was. We did find the most amazing food hall in the big department store.

What did you discover about the museums in Berlin that wasn't in the guidebooks?

Jana, Czech Republic

23 days ago Report

Martin-Gropius-Bau is always hosting some great stuff, it's always a sure shot. And it's quite cheap. Don't ignore photography galleries in open spaces like train stations etc. (like World Press Photo in 2014).
  • Convenient Public Transportation 1167 endorsements
  • 28 answers

Was it cheap, fast, or easy to use? What made it so simple to get around in Berlin?

Helen, United Kingdom

2 days ago Report

My husband and I travelled round with a Berlin welcome travel card which covered all mode of transport for five days. Very good value as you travel underground, overground, bus, tram with ease and they came every 3-5 minutes. My husband and I covered quite a distance in the five days we were in Berlin. I would recommend this ticket.

How can you get the most authentic cultural experience in Berlin?

Rebecca, United Kingdom

2 days ago Report

Visit the main tourist attractions then explore the experiences like the stasi prison or take an unterwelten tour to gain a greater understanding of the lives of people in Berlin in the past.

What makes Berlin one of those classic city-trip experiences?

michelle, United Kingdom

2 days ago Report

The whole history of Berlin is there within a short distance of each other which made ne a lttle sad to think what these people had to endure. On a nicer note the shopping, cafes,bars and restaurants are all very good

Is there more to shopping in Berlin than just brand-name stores?

Thomas, Switzerland

13 days ago Report

Avoid the brand stores on Kurfürstendamm and head to the boutiques.

Where's the best place to go dancing in Berlin?

Deborah, Ireland

21 days ago Report

Berghain is second to none if you like techno, but watch out, its difficult to get in!
Arena is a great club, good atmosphere and great surroundings

What makes the Christmas markets so magical in Berlin?

Anonymous, Unknown location

27 days ago Report

Very impressive Christmas markets with a great variety of stands and little booths. The market at Gendarmenmarkt had a choir performing as well. Great food, great snacks, great drink and a ton of cozy little gifts to pick up and bring home to loved ones.

What's the best way to make the most of Berlin by foot?

SIEW KUANG, Singapore

13 days ago Report

City bus tour, City on Bike is the most popular way to travel around Berlin if you are in hurry or first visit. There are also popular tour at some famous landmark with tour agent bringing you around free of charge.

How do you find the best beer in Berlin?

Slobodan, Macedonia

14 days ago Report

Try the "Brauhaus Mitte" close to the Alexanderplatz train station. They have their own house beer and and excellent restaurant.
  • Culturally Diverse Food 778 endorsements
  • 14 answers

What's the secret to sampling all the diverse food Berlin has to offer?

Bettina, United States of America

16 days ago Report

You will have to do some home cooking, get some groceries from the amazing stores and markets and cook your own food. The Turkish stores has amazing fresh vegetables and meats to cook up Sucuk, Sesame Bread, Feta Cheese with Tomatoes, Cucumber, olives for breakfast. Try Mante with yogurt and Kofte for Dinner with a fresh salad with cucumber, feta, olives, tomatoes and mint leaves.

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Gary, United Kingdom

2 days ago Report

There are plenty of places to eat off the beaten track, either just across the river from Plus Berlin Hostel or over the railway tracks past the S Bahn
  • Alternative Culture 1206 endorsements
  • 13 answers

What aspect of the culture in Berlin was so different than back home?

Daniel, Israel

20 days ago Report

People, in most cases, are far more polite.

What should you avoid to make the most of the nightlife in Berlin?

Anonymous, Unknown location

29 days ago Report

If you want to experience the true nightlife in Berlin - DO NOT GO CLUBBING!!! Too many bouncers in Berlin are probably not valued in the society, therefore they take it out on tourists (stupid gorillas on steroids) ... It is very very very difficult to get in night clubs there, and when you do, it is totally NOT worth it.. Better go bar crawling, you will meet much more people and see much more of the city...

Why are the monuments in Berlin noteworthy?

Kevin, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

Cant comment other than to say the Aquarium at the Zoo is a great place to visit

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