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Bickenhill United Kingdom, Warwickshire

Top reasons to visit:

  • Business (67)
  • Live Music (61)
  • Relaxation (42)
  • Shopping (39)
  • Budget-friendly (29)
  • Food (22)
  • Friendly People (20)
  • Convenient Public Transportation (15)
  • Entertainment (15)
  • City Trip (12)

Bickenhill was highly rated for business by 1 guests from the United States!

How do you fit in some sightseeing when you're in Bickenhill on business?

Anonymous, Unknown location

27 days ago Report

Get the monorail from departures to LG Arena and then a train to New Street Station which is the city centre.

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Bickenhill.

Adam, United Kingdom

7 days ago Report

Easy to get into the city centre. Food available nearby. Busses to the city
  • Convenient Public Transportation 15 endorsements
  • 2 answers

Was it cheap, fast, or easy to use? What made it so simple to get around in Bickenhill?

Chris, United Kingdom

29 days ago Report

Unbelievably poor traffic - 1.5 hours for 1.5 mile journey!!
  • Food 22 endorsements

Why do you recommend Bickenhill for food?

Gill, United Kingdom

28 days ago Report

14 pounds fish and chips three pound fifty for a cup of tea I know it's the Hilton but seriously are you having a laugh we went down the road to the Toby Carvery if they made the meals cheaper more foldable maybe people would stop in the hotel and spend money there
  • Countryside 2 endorsements

What's the countryside best for in Bickenhill?

Ronald, United Kingdom

11 days ago Report

Bird watching

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