Birmingham United Kingdom, West Midlands

Top reasons to visit:

  • Shopping (4430)
  • Nightlife (1567)
  • Food (788)
  • Shopping for clothes (666)
  • Restaurants (640)
  • Live Music (409)
  • Theatre (406)
  • Entertainment (403)
  • Culture (333)
  • City Trip (304)
  • Shopping for clothes 666 endorsements
  • 19 answers

Is there more to shopping in Birmingham than main street stores?

Evelyn, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

Disappointed with the jewellery quarter and the city centre is lacking in antique dealers. Finally, too much/many renovations happening all at once in the city.

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Birmingham.

Sharon, United Kingdom

6 days ago Report

Bull Ring Shopping centre is vast and their outdoor market gives you best of both worlds. Great place for children to visit Chocolate Factory,

What should you avoid to make the most of the nightlife in Birmingham?

Natalie, United Kingdom

17 days ago Report

We was told to avoid Broad Street as its the trouble-some area but we found it very pleasant and less drama then a Friday night in Brighton. Deff recommend if your under 25. If your over 25, check out the Arcadiam - its more up market, so nice dresses and heels for that one.

Why would you recommend Birmingham for food?

donna, United Kingdom

8 days ago Report

Plenty of choice to eat ,you would find something to suit everyone's tastes.

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Stanley, United Kingdom

12 days ago Report

Try Fumo - mid price but excellent. Ask was slightly cheaper (city centre also) and good.

Did the theatre performances in Birmingham live up to their reputation?

Rosemary, United Kingdom

24 days ago Report

Yes went to L G arena and the journey was very easy by train from the well situated hotel.

How can you fit in some sightseeing when you're in Birmingham on business?

Rossallie, United Kingdom

11 days ago Report

Take a couple of hours off to walk around the city centre and visit some of the eateries

What was the most entertaining thing you saw in Birmingham?

Paul, United Kingdom

8 days ago Report

The people and live bands.

What can we expect to get our toes tapping in Birmingham?

Paul, United Kingdom

9 hours ago Report

Loads of great live music venues in the neighbourhood (Deritend/Bordesley).

What makes Birmingham one of those classic city trip experiences?

Philippe, France

4 days ago Report

Birmingham is a lot more interesting than it is usually written in the guidebooks.

Where's the best place to bust a move in Birmingham?

Angela, United Kingdom

17 days ago Report

Loft Lounge - soul & R&B night

What makes fine dining in Birmingham different?

Lesley, United Kingdom

9 days ago Report

plenty of choice for all budgets

How can you get the most authentic cultural experience in Birmingham?

Anonymous, Location unknown

5 days ago Report

symphony hall. museum. NIA. and much more

What's the best way to make the most of Birmingham on foot?

Philippe, France

4 days ago Report

Walking along the canals : you can reach almost every place in the town by this way.
  • Vegetarian cuisine 30 endorsements
  • 2 answers

What will make vegetarians mouths' water when they head to Birmingham?

Yaduvansh, United Kingdom

29 days ago Report

Good Indian curry
  • Shopping for food 16 endorsements
  • 2 answers

Which foodie haven did you discover on your recent trip to Birmingham?

Sami, United Kingdom

8 days ago Report

Arabic food in coventry road

How did you find the best spot for stargazing in Birmingham?

Kylie, United Kingdom

10 days ago Report

I looked up.

How can you enjoy the sights in Birmingham while avoiding the crowds?

Anonymous, Location unknown

1 day ago Report

Off peak periods are the best

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Birmingham.

Obinna, Nigeria

28 days ago Report

Oh yes of course, hanging out especially at the Mailbox was the best moment.
  • Friendly People 117 endorsements
  • 1 answer

What makes the people from Birmingham so friendly? Tell us your story.

Helen, United Kingdom

30 days ago Report

Very easy to talk to, very helpful with showing us around the city.

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