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Birmingham Royaume-Uni, Midlands de l'Ouest

Les principales raisons de s'y rendre :

  • Shopping (5288)
  • Vie nocturne (1891)
  • Magasins de vêtements (1104)
  • Nourriture (927)
  • Restaurants (814)
  • Concerts (562)
  • Divertissement (486)
  • Théâtre (481)
  • Culture (413)
  • Séjour en ville (370)

36 clients habitant en France ont fortement recommandé Birmingham pour le thème shopping !

À part les grandes enseignes, y a-t-il d’autres endroits pour faire du shopping à : Birmingham?

Evelyn, Royaume-Uni

il y a 3 jours Signaler

Disappointed with the jewellery quarter and the city centre is lacking in antique dealers. Finally, too much/many renovations happening all at once in the city.

Pourquoi recommanderiez-vous la cuisine de cette ville : Birmingham ?

Mary, Irlande

il y a 20 jours Signaler

Ate at a fab Indian Restaurant East to East. Excellent value for really good quality food. Staff excellent.

Si vous sortez le soir, que déconseillez-vous de faire à : Birmingham ?

Natalie, Royaume-Uni

il y a 17 jours Signaler

We was told to avoid Broad Street as its the trouble-some area but we found it very pleasant and less drama then a Friday night in Brighton. Deff recommend if your under 25. If your over 25, check out the Arcadiam - its more up market, so nice dresses and heels for that one.

Quelle était la chose la plus amusante que vous ayez vue à : Birmingham ?

Anonyme, Ville non renseignée

il y a 5 jours Signaler

some brave youth jumped in the canal who couldn't swim, but only to find out after that the water only went up to his knees!!.......

Les théâtres de Birmingham et leur programme étaient-ils à la hauteur de leur réputation ?

Rosemary, Royaume-Uni

il y a 23 jours Signaler

Yes went to L G arena and the journey was very easy by train from the well situated hotel.

Que conseillez-vous aux voyageurs qui ne souhaitent pas manger dans un attrape-touriste ?

Stanley, Royaume-Uni

il y a 11 jours Signaler

Try Fumo - mid price but excellent. Ask was slightly cheaper (city centre also) and good.

Birmingham : qu'est-ce qui rend les habitants de cette ville si aimables ? Dites-nous tout !

Anonyme, Ville non renseignée

il y a 13 jours Signaler

Everyone we met was very friendly and chatted to both myself and my granddaughter. They were interested in why we were visiting Birmingham and also spoke to us about Scotland.

En quoi les marchés de Noël de Birmingham sont-ils si magiques ?

Anonyme, Ville non renseignée

il y a 2 jours Signaler

The Christmas markets stretch a long way through the city centre. With lots of variety, some lovely food and drinks. One downside is that the sheer volume of people visiting the market can make it a bit slow to navigate, but still worth a look if you happen to be in Brum. If you do go, keep an eye on your valuables, those kind of crowds can be prime targets for pickpockets.

Quelles sont les meilleures pistes de danse de : Birmingham ?

Chris, Royaume-Uni

il y a 10 jours Signaler

Levana Bar in the Arcadian Centre is the best place to go.

Broad St was unwelcoming, especially mooch and Risa.

Comment trouver le temps de visiter Birmingham lorsque vous y êtes pour un voyage d'affaires ?

Anonyme, Ville non renseignée

il y a 29 jours Signaler

All the major sights are located close to the shopping district. Otherwise a canal boat trip is recommended.

Où peut-on assister à des concerts à : Birmingham ?

Anonyme, Ville non renseignée

il y a 21 jours Signaler

cutting edge live music at 02 arena i came to see RISE AGAINST.
spent the afternoon in the birmingham museum and art gallery at the STAFFORDSHIRE HOARD exibition.

Pourquoi Birmingham est une destination idéale pour une escapade urbaine ?

Naomi, Royaume-Uni

il y a 22 jours Signaler

It's got a lovely selection of foods from around the world, along with traditional English pubs and food. There's history right next to shopping centres, for instance there's a beautiful church right by the Bullring shopping centre.

Comment vit-on une expérience culturelle authentique à : Birmingham ?

Yvonne, Royaume-Uni

il y a 11 jours Signaler

By talking to people and trying all the different resturaunts. Walking around the town centre and visiting the Christmas Market or normal markets at any other time of the year.

Comment faire pour goûter à toute la cuisine du monde que Birmingham propose ?

Elaine, Royaume-Uni

il y a 5 jours Signaler

Buying the Birmingham "INVITATION BOOK" that has lots of offers on hundreds of restaurants in and around the Birmingham area.. Buy one meal get the other free...available for use in chain restaurants and independents...also offers on McDonalds!!

Qu’est-ce qui rend un dîner gastronomique différent à : Birmingham ?

Sharon, Royaume-Uni

il y a 29 jours Signaler

There is a variety of places you can experience. So many new places I have found in Birmingham which I never even knew existed and have been pleasantly surprised.

Les transports en commun sont-ils économiques, rapides, clairs ? Se déplacer à Birmingham a-t-il été facile ?

Naomi, Royaume-Uni

il y a 22 jours Signaler

Everything is quite near everything else in the city centre. Even if something is a bit far out, there are plenty of buses and there are regular trains too.

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