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Bordeus França, Aquitània

Raons principals per visitar aquest lloc:

  • Ideal per tastar vins (1618)
  • Arquitectura (997)
  • Compres (811)
  • Menjar (622)
  • Menjar gurmet (493)
  • Escapada urbana (378)
  • Cultura (330)
  • Història (300)
  • Monuments (284)
  • Visites turístiques (284)

105 clients que han reservat des d'Espanya han destacat Bordeus per a ideal per tastar vins!

Com es viu aquí la cultura del vi?

Mats, Països Baixos

Fa 27 dies Denuncia

Well. It's Bordeaux. We were there for the wine festival, which was fun. But even then, one of the nights we were just walking in town and came across another large wine tasting event which was being held in the opera building. We could taste 160 Grand Cru wines, chatting with representatives from the chateaus.

Per què recomanaries Bordeus pel menjar?

Susan, França

Fa 9 dies Denuncia

Lunch time particularly good value. Range of restaurants for all budgets.

Com pots visitar els llocs d’interès de Bordeus i evitar les munions de turistes?

John, Austràlia

Fa 26 dies Denuncia

Pick your times. Early starts or Sundays are good for sightseeing however there are not many shops open.

Com pots gaudir d’una autèntica experiència cultural a Bordeus?

Anònim, Ubicació desconeguda

Fa 26 dies Denuncia

Wine tasting
Cycling along the waterfront and in the old city

On s’ha d’anar si no vols menjar al típic restaurant per a turistes?

Jenny, Regne Unit

Fa 10 dies Denuncia

Plume - but only does lunch. Chez DuPont restaurant - pricey but good and the locals eat there. It has an excellent atmosphere.

Què fa que a Bordeus puguis reviure moments històrics?

Nathalie, Regne Unit

Fa 13 dies Denuncia

Interesting plaques on street corners explaining the origins of the street names

A més de les botigues principals, on més pots comprar a Bordeus?

Susan, França

Fa 9 dies Denuncia

Lots of individual boutique shops if you avoid Rue Ste Catherine.

Quina és la millor manera de descobrir Bordeus a peu?

Kristian, Finlàndia

Fa 24 dies Denuncia

Wander arounf and enjoy the caffes and bistrots.
  • Paisatge 133 recomanacions

Què t’ha inspirat el paisatge de Bordeus?

Kerrie, Austràlia

Fa 23 dies Denuncia

Unforgettable.Nice clean old city with a lovely bridge and access along the river.If you haven't been before it is well worth a visit.
  • Natura 10 recomanacions

Explica com és la natura de Bordeus.

Anna, Regne Unit

Fa 5 dies Denuncia

The city and surrounding area is really lush and green
  • Menjar gurmet 493 recomanacions

Et ve salivera només de parlar de Bordeus? Explica'ns per què.

Laurence, França

Fa 13 hores Denuncia

Restaurant "le garage" and "brasserie bordelaise"
  • Platja 27 recomanacions

Pots viure la platja de moltes maneres. I a tu, què et diu la platja de Bordeus?

Anna, Regne Unit

Fa 5 dies Denuncia

Some great beaches, and towns around the coast
  • Relaxació 87 recomanacions

Explica'ns els moments més tranquils a Bordeus.

Galen, Estats Units

Fa 7 dies Denuncia

Walking in the Public Garden of Bordeaux
Visiting the food market along the river on Sunday
Viewing the city lights from across the river
  • Compres 811 recomanacions

Explica'ns per què comprar a Bordeus fa per a gent com tu.

Tony, Nova Zelanda

Fa 4 dies Denuncia

The people were incredibly friendly in the shops
  • Gent amable 76 recomanacions

Què fa que la gent de Bordeus sigui tan amable? Explica’ns la teva experiència.

Mats, Països Baixos

Fa 27 dies Denuncia

Probably the delicious food and wine. I bet they are all slightly tipsy at all times. I would be if I lived there! Everyone had time to make a joke or chat a bit more than necessary. People are very interactive and like being talked with, even in English.
  • Escapada urbana 378 recomanacions

Per què Bordeus és ideal per fer una escapada urbana?

Elizabeth, Regne Unit

Fa 27 dies Denuncia

Beautiful River, gardens, buildings, shops, places to eat and drink and excellent bus and tram services.
  • Bon ambient 51 recomanacions

Per què agrada tant l’ambient de Bordeus?

Craig, Estats Units

Fa 29 dies Denuncia

Old World feel and close to major wine growing area!
  • Catedrals 25 recomanacions

Què és el que més impressiona de les catedrals de Bordeus?

Ber, Irlanda

Fa 27 dies Denuncia

They are amazing works of art.
  • Observació de la gent 26 recomanacions

Què és el que t'ha semblat més interessant de la gent de Bordeus?

Charles, Regne Unit

Fa 13 dies Denuncia

Mixed ages ,races cultures.
  • Rebaixes 45 recomanacions

Com t'ho has fet per aprofitar al màxim les rebaixes?

Shirley, França

Fa 9 dies Denuncia

Go second week in January most shops had reduced everything twice! The Main Street St. Catherine is apparently the longest shopping street in Europe! Shops, restaurants, bars..what is NOT to like!

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