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Things to do in Ilha Grande
Feiticeira Beach
Reaching Feiticeira Beach can take a couple of hours on foot, but the good news is that it’s much more accessible by boat! Hire a water taxi and get there early to avoid the crowds brought by the big tour providers – then, you’ll have this strip of tropical heaven almost entirely to yourself.
Dois Rios Beach
Clear blue waters and an almost deserted beach will greet you at Dois Rios. While the big tour operators usually avoid it, it is possible to reach this tranquil stretch in a smaller boat. Be prepared for a hike, though – as, if the water turns choppy, you’ll need to take the trail back.
Aventureiro Beach
A stunning tropical stretch that’s more than worthy of a postcard, Ilha Grande’s most secluded beach is certainly worth the trip. Named ‘Aventureiro’ because of the adventure of getting there on stormy seas, hop aboard your boat on a clear blue day and you’ll soon find yourself delivered to its golden shores.
Lagoa Azul
Named after the Brooke Shields film ‘The Blue Lagoon’, Lagoa Azul is a pool of pure paradise. You can hire your own boat, book a package trip or even a private transfer – all manner of vessels find their way here. When you arrive, it’s time to splash overboard and discover the rainbow of tropical fish swimming just beneath the surface.
Parrot's Peak
As the name suggests, Ilha Grande’s second highest peak resembles the hooked beak of a parrot. To reach the top, follow the T13 trail that begins in Abraão, and be prepared for a challenging walk. Or, avoid getting in a flap by hiring a guide – try the sunrise hike that sets out the night before, taking in the sounds of the jungle along the way.
Lopes Mendes Beach
You’ll have to work hard to earn the deserted slice of paradise that is Lopes Mendes Beach. The T10 trail from Vila do Abraão itself isn’t so difficult, but the two-hour trek in sticky rainforest climate can be a tough slog. Still, it’s worth it for that moment when you happen upon the pure white sand and crystal blue waters of Ilha Grande’s most beautiful beach.
Abraãozinho Beach
The secluded cove of Abraãozinho is just a half-hour walk east of the busier beaches of Vila do Abraão. The trail is an easy one, a leisurely roam through a thicket of leafy rainforest. You may have to clamber over the odd boulder and wade through an occasional rock pool, but that just heightens the sense of adventure as you close in on your sandy reward.

Traveller's reviews and photos

Very good
Abraăo is the main village in ilha Grande, with a choice of pousadas, hostels and restaurants. The beach is not very enjoyable, due to the presence of many boats all around. But the village is an excellent starting point to other highlights of the island, such as lopes Mendes beach and the lagoons.
20 February 2017
it was far hotter than i,d imagined,(jan/feb) 39 degrees some days, so i was swimming all the time!! I just loved it & so did my husband & son, our highlight was swimming with turtles!!!
United Kingdom
21 February 2017
Stunning location with enough restaurants, amenities, and liveliness. Definitely the most busy place on the island so if you want total seclusion, go elsewhere on the island.
United Kingdom
7 March 2017
Great place to stay in Ilha Grande if you want to be close to restaurants. Boats and tours to the whole island.
2 March 2017
Abraao itself was small and not too much to see and do there. However this is a great base to see and explore the rest of ilha grande.
3 March 2017

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Ilha Flat Boganville

8.1 Very good

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Ancoradouro Flats

9.1 Superb

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Suítes do Cid

8.9 Fabulous

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Buganville Loft

8.3 Very good

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Canto do Buganville

7.4 Good

Score from 17 reviews


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Varanda Sobre O Mar


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Angel Ilha Flats

8.6 Fabulous

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Private Apartment Ilha Grande

7.8 Good

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Cozy apartment, Ilha Grande

5.8 Review score

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Best beach Lopes Mendes. Virgin beautiful place on Earth. Divine. asked travellers...

What made the beach in Abraão unforgettable?

Lopes Mendes is crystal clear with gorgeous waves

Semi-desert, powder-sand, clean beaches. asked travellers...

How do you find a secret beach in Abraão?

Treak trough the awesome jungle asked travellers...

Describe the nature in Abraão.

Wilderness, views asked travellers...

Why would you recommend Abraão for food?

Fresh seafood

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