Ting du kan gjøre i Fortaleza

Central Market


Fancy yourself as a master haggler? Steel yourself with a glass of “cajuina” (cashew juice) outside and dive in! Countless stalls line the inner walls of this massive indoor market. Each of Central Market’s concentric tiers brings a new chance to test your bartering skills. Look out for the snappy Ceará delicacy, cachaça liquor – complete with a preserved crab.

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Ceara Museum


A window into Ceará State history. From primeval beginnings right up to the present day, Ceará’s story is told through the objects that have defined it. Items of cultural importance like indigenous pottery, paintings of major state events and the personal effects of local folk heroes. It’s a fascinating history lesson for anyone interested in the human story.

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Futuro Beach


Futuro Beach is Fortaleza’s go-to spot for fun and frolics on the sand. Head down with an empty belly to enjoy ‘crab Thursdays’ at the place where this city tradition was born. Once you’re sated, catch a disco nap on the sand before getting the party started at one of the busy ‘barraca’ beach bars.

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Porto das Dunas Beach


Not only is Porto das Dunas a beautiful beach that undulates with sandy dunes, it’s also home to a popular water park. So whether you prefer to laze about on your back, soaking up the sunshine, or zoom down flumes in a rush of adrenaline, you’ll be right at home.

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Iracema Beach


Iracema Beach graces many a Fortaleza postcard. With its white sands, swaying palms and turquoise waters, it’s not hard to see why. At dusk, it’s particularly stunning – and a favourite with local lovebirds. Head down to the Ponte dos Ingleses pier, hand in hand, and sit back to take in the colourful sunset.

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31. juli 2016

jeg liker fortaleza veldig god å jeg har hvert der ca 15 ganger men det som gjør meg like overrasket alle år. Er at det flyter søppel mange steder. så mine venner å jeg vurderer å finne et reisemål.
kjell arild
3 omtaler

Hoteller og andre overnattingssteder i Fortaleza

Seara Praia Hotel

8,2 Meget bra

Vurdering basert på 1532 gjesteomtaler

NOK 779

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  • Av. Beira Mar, 3080, Meireles, Fortaleza
Hotel Luzeiros

8,8 Utmerket

Vurdering basert på 3541 gjesteomtaler

NOK 672

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  • Av. Beira Mar, 2600, Meireles, Fortaleza
Hotel Gran Marquise

8,7 Utmerket

Vurdering basert på 580 gjesteomtaler

NOK 925

Gj.snittspris per booking
  • Av. Beira Mar, 3980, Mucuripe, Fortaleza
Mareiro Hotel

8,3 Meget bra

Vurdering basert på 1369 gjesteomtaler

NOK 635

Gj.snittspris per booking
  • Av. Beira Mar, 2380, Meireles, Fortaleza
Quality Hotel Fortaleza

8 Meget bra

Vurdering basert på 1123 gjesteomtaler

NOK 672

Gj.snittspris per booking
  • Av. Beira Mar, 2340, Meireles, Fortaleza
Othon Palace Fortaleza

8,3 Meget bra

Vurdering basert på 716 gjesteomtaler

NOK 661

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  • Av. Beira Mar, 3470, Meireles, Fortaleza
Praiano Hotel

8,1 Meget bra

Vurdering basert på 713 gjesteomtaler

NOK 666

Gj.snittspris per booking
  • Av. Beira Mar, 2800, Meireles, Fortaleza
Comfort Hotel Fortaleza

8,5 Meget bra

Vurdering basert på 1176 gjesteomtaler

NOK 519

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  • Rua Frei Mansueto, 160, Meireles, Fortaleza
Oasis Atlantico Imperial

7,9 Bra

Vurdering basert på 622 gjesteomtaler

NOK 551

Gj.snittspris per booking
  • Av. Beira Mar 2500, Meireles, Fortaleza

We went to Via Sul Mall and people were talking to us like they knew us. Wanted to know where we are coming from, how do we find Fortaleza,and if they can be of any help to us. When we exit the mall, there were no taxis available, we stood for about 3 minutes and a gentle man in security uniforms approached us and asked if we needed any help. We told him we need a taxi. He immediately got us the next taxi that arrived after speaking some Portuguese to the rest of the people that were waiting for taxis too.

Stay in the hotel or have a beer or a fruit juice (excellent!) in a bar (if you are lucky enough to find one open).

Garments and hand made stuff at the art markets for personal use of as souvenirs

Relaxation and people to chat to in the bars and restaurants

The bus service was always available, cheap and easy to use.

wear shorts every day..even in their winter time

Seafood prepared the local way, very good.

Take some sunscreen along!

Walk do not drive

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