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Bridlington United Kingdom, East Riding of Yorkshire

Top reasons to visit:

  • Beach (159)
  • Relaxation (87)
  • Family Friendly (72)
  • Beach Walks (59)
  • Fish and Chips (44)
  • Walking (43)
  • Coastal Walks (31)
  • Shopping (27)
  • Harbour (27)
  • Beaches for Kids (25)

Bridlington was highly rated for beach by 157 guests from the United Kingdom!

Why do people say Bridlington is best seen on foot?

Graham, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

It's not a large place if you walk close to the promenade. There are lots of tourist shops, cafe's and restaurants.

What did your kids enjoy the most on the beaches of Bridlington?

Helen, United Kingdom

9 days ago Report

Playing imaginary games using sand and toys and splashing is the sea - what else?

What made the beach in Bridlington unforgettable?

Anonymous, Location unknown

22 days ago Report

Lots of space, plenty of facilities (toilets, changing, food/drink etc)

What rare birds are you proud of spotting in Bridlington?

David, United Kingdom

29 days ago Report

tree sparrows. puffins. linnet. meadow pipit. kittiwake. ringed plover. guillemot. razorbill. gannets. reed bunting.

Why would you recommend Bridlington for food?

martin, United Kingdom

29 days ago Report

Wonderful sands to play on, especially the south side. The north and the south beach are shallow into the sea, and both beaches are very clean

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Bridlington.

Michelle, United Kingdom

15 days ago Report

Enjoying an afternoon drink

What seafood experience in Bridlington lingers in your mind?

Ian, United Kingdom

15 days ago Report

went to naked fish restaurant 5 minute walkaway i had the best fish & chips ive ever had and my wife had dressed crab which she said was beautiful

How could the beaches in Bridlington be more accommodating to walking?

patricia, United Kingdom

25 days ago Report

work is being done to improve beach promenade, a very wheelchair friendly town.

Sheer cliffs or soft sand? What make the coast in Bridlington perfect for meandering?

Anonymous, Location unknown

22 days ago Report

Soft sand and some large pebble areas. Promenade is miles long, flat and wide making it easy to walk/cycle or jog along. Facilities at regular intervals from North to South.
  • Family Friendly 72 endorsements

How does Bridlington go the extra mile to make your family feel at home?

linda, United Kingdom

27 days ago Report

Caters for all ages.
  • Friendly People 19 endorsements

What makes the people from Bridlington so friendly? Tell us your story.

julie, United Kingdom

14 days ago Report

the trawler chippy kept open just for us to eat our dinner in comfort and boy were they lovely usually shops are ushering you out when they want to close
  • Old Town 3 endorsements

Where were the best places to wander in the old town of Bridlington?

julie, United Kingdom

14 days ago Report

they were filming the new dads army so didn't get to visit the antique shops
  • Fishing 15 endorsements

Did you find anything frustrating about fishing at Bridlington?

Roger, United Kingdom

30 days ago Report

  • Entertainment 8 endorsements

What was the most entertaining thing you saw in Bridlington?

Alexander, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

Live show at Bridlington Spa Theatre
  • Sun Bathing 1 endorsement

What was it about Bridlington in particular that made sun bathing so nice?

Anonymous, Location unknown

22 days ago Report

Lots of space, deck chairs for hire, plenty of quieter areas if you want peace
  • Boating 8 endorsements

What kind of boating is Bridlington best for?

Anonymous, Location unknown

22 days ago Report

Short boat trips - 'pirate boat', power boat ride, 2.5 hour boat trip to Flamborough & Bempton
  • People Watching 1 endorsement

What is it with people in Bridlington that makes them so watchable?

Granville, United Kingdom

20 days ago Report

Just like old times,ye old England ! Plenty Fish & Chips !
  • Budget-friendly 7 endorsements

Describe your best tactic for travelling on the cheap in Bridlington.

Linda, United Kingdom

10 hours ago Report

boat trips around the coastline

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