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Brighton & Hove Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo, East Sussex

Najbolji razlozi za posjet:

  • Shopping (2228)
  • Noćni život (1045)
  • Plaža (1030)
  • Hrana (675)
  • Restorani (668)
  • Opuštanje (526)
  • Šetnja plažom (300)
  • Barovi (281)
  • Kupovina odjeće (235)
  • Pubovi (231)

Postoji li još mogućnosti za shopping u gradu 'Brighton & Hove'?

Louis, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 8 dana Prijavi

Check out Iydea ten minutes away for really good vegan and veggie food. If you're hungry late evening and low on cash, Pompoko over the road from the hostel is really good for a big bowl of donburi. There are loads of indie stores in the area for clothes and gifts, and the Laines are famous for their jewellery shops. The seafront is also ten minutes away, and the Pavilion is literally across the road. Public transport links are great - the parade the hostel is on has a lot of bus stops, and the rail station is a fifteen minute walk. You can't move for LGBT+ friendly establishments around the city.

Kamo bi ljudi trebali ići kako bi mogli jesti daleko od turističke vreve?

Pete J S
Pete J S, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 2 dana Prijavi

Try Alfresco's Italian Restaurant, If You love your Italian Food this is the place for you.

Or If you prefer your food american, American Diner is a Must!!

Svatko od nas plažu doživljava na drugačiji način. Kako ste vi doživjeli plažu u gradu 'Brighton & Hove'?

Michelle, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 11 dana Prijavi

I am a nature lover and being by the sea was most relaxing and serene. It was good to just sit near the shores and basque in the beauty and splendour of mother nature. I enjoyed seeing people and their families also enjoying the beach. It was not too crowed and the atmosphere was great.

Opišite nam zašto je Brighton & Hove odličan grad za shopping.

Barbara, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 17 dana Prijavi

Individual and independent shops, makes a different experience to visiting other large towns which mainly have the 'big boys' as their main attractions. Refreshing to find quirky, individual and different businesses. Avoided at all cost shops, bars, restaurants I can visit in my own home town.

Što ljude u gradu 'Brighton & Hove' čini toliko zanimljivima?

Patricia, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 6 dana Prijavi

There is such a diversity of people, it feels like being in several countries at once

Kako bi plaže u gradu 'Brighton & Hove' mogle biti pogodnije za šetnje?

Bernadette, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 12 dana Prijavi

Jeez -- Don't wrap us in cotton wool. It's a gravel beach. It is what it is. Anyone who doesn't bring sensible shoes hasn't exercised basic common sense.
I do think though, that a sandy area for young children would enhance the provision and be welcomed by families- similar to the one that is already there for beach volleyball.
If the promenades were to be improved, I'd suggest that bicycle routes along the sea-front would make it easier to travel along the coastline of Brighton and Hove

Zašto svi hvale ugođaj u gradu 'Brighton & Hove'?

Nicole, Nizozemska

Prije 6 dana Prijavi

Friendly little city with big gay community, hippylike, creative, lots of restaurants and feels a bit like Amsterdam

Koja je najzabavnija stvar koju ste vidjeli u gradu 'Brighton & Hove'?

Kamal, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 10 dana Prijavi

May Festival & Fringe festival -just an amazing variety of entertainment -music, dance, arts, literature, performances -some free.
Ida Barr's Mash Up -fusion of music hall, R&B, bump & grind by a 50 yr old man in drag with local musicians & DJs -thoroughly entertaining, unique experience, very funny & sing-a-long! Where else except Bighton?

Zbog čega će vegetarijanci uživati u gradu 'Brighton & Hove'?

Anonimno, Lokacija nepoznata

Prije 19 dana Prijavi

Lots of vegetarian and gluten free alternatives, saw a vegetarian Indian. Alternative and ethical supermarket.

Zbog čega je Brighton & Hove savršen grad za peglanje kreditne kartice?

Basil, Južna Afrika

Prije 21 dan Prijavi

it provides unique products over and above those found in corporate stores

Po čemu se kultura u gradu 'Brighton & Hove' razlikuje od one kod kuće?

tiny, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 29 dana Prijavi

people accept each other
no racial issues

Što Brighton & Hove nudi kako biste se vi i vaša obitelj osjećali dobrodošlim?

Jane, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 15 dana Prijavi

Please make back streets cleaner: make bins seagull proof.

Brighton & Hove: Kako se može razgledavati ovaj grad pritom izbjegavajući velike gužve?

Charlie, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 28 dana Prijavi

During my experience, it wasn't very crowded as such sightseeing was relatively easy. However the view from my side sea view room was better than expected. Apart from the road maintenance barricades it was a picturesque view.

Podijelite s nama svoje omiljene trenutke opuštanja u gradu Brighton & Hove.

Peter, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 5 dana Prijavi

We had a nice relaxing meal by the seafront, and a nice walk along the pier afterwards.

Zašto biste preporučili ovaj grad za uživanje u hrani: Brighton & Hove?

Jane, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 6 dana Prijavi

You can choose food from nearly every nation, We had lovely food and reasonable price,Though we did find some places very expensive for drinks.Soft drinks were very much over priced in some bars.

Zbog čega vam Brighton & Hove nudi iskustvo klasičnog posjeta gradu?

Anna, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 14 dana Prijavi

Seaside, shops, restaurants and bars. Atmosphere.

Što vam se najviše svidjelo kod pubova u gradu 'Brighton & Hove'?

Michelle, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 26 dana Prijavi

Browns restaurant, Duke Street-Fantastic food
  • Promatranje zvijezda 16 preporuka

Koje je najbolje mjesto koje Brighton & Hove nudi za promatranje zvijezda?

Kwok, Hong Kong

Prije 27 dana Prijavi

royal pavilion
  • Krajolik 48 preporuka

Brighton & Hove: Kako je na vas utjecao krajolik u tom odredištu?

Anonimno, Lokacija nepoznata

Prije 28 dana Prijavi

Very relaxed
  • Hodanje 165 preporuka

Zašto je najbolje istražiti pješice grad 'Brighton & Hove'?

Anonimno, Lokacija nepoznata

Prije 8 dana Prijavi

You can't take a vehicle in to the lanes!

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