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Brodick United Kingdom, Strathclyde

Top reasons to visit:

  • Relaxation (46)
  • Walking (39)
  • Scenery (26)
  • Cycling (17)
  • Tranquility (15)
  • Hiking (14)
  • Golf (12)
  • Nature Walks (12)
  • Sightseeing (11)
  • Trail Walking (10)

Brodick was highly rated for relaxation by 41 guests from the United Kingdom!

  • Food 4 endorsements

Why would you recommend Brodick for food?

Donna, United Kingdom

24 days ago Report

Good choice . Tasted fantastic
  • Scenery 26 endorsements

What effect did the scenery in Brodick have on you?

Pauline, United Kingdom

18 days ago Report

totally chilled out
  • Relaxation 46 endorsements

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Brodick.

Pauline, United Kingdom

18 days ago Report

sitting and watching the world go by while having a meal
strolling about on the sea front
Driving round the ISland
  • Clean Air 1 endorsement

Why did the clean air in Brodick make an impact on you?

Margaret, United Kingdom

3 days ago Report

Take out the leaflets that are available and choose which walk you would like to do, whether it be a leisurely walk or a days walk.
  • Atmosphere 1 endorsement

Why is the atmosphere in Brodick something people rave about?

Christopher, United Kingdom

20 days ago Report

Great views, mountains covered in snow, Christmas lights everywhere.

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