Motive principale pentru a vizita:

  • Drumeţii (937)
  • Peisaj (892)
  • Schi alpin (867)
  • Munţi (566)
  • Natură (468)
  • Cumpărături (463)
  • Vizitare (414)
  • Relaxare (360)
  • Viaţă sălbatică (262)
  • Gastronomie (248)

Banff a fost foarte apreciat pentru schi alpin de 1 clienţi din România!

Sunteți curios să aflați ce sfaturi interesante și amuzante oferă cei care au călătorit în Banff?

Ce efect are peisajul din Banff asupra dumneavoastră?

hawaza, Marea Britanie

Acum 28 zile Raportaţi

The river running through Banff is wonderful, an amazing sparkling turquoise blue in the summer sun. Fortunately for us tourists it has paths running next to it so anyone can stroll along it gaze at its beauty, or that of the magnificent mountainous backdrop.
It may be a tourist hotspot but it is so for a very good reason! If you want a more quiet experience then there are ample walks and viewpoints just a short distance from the town where you can get your fill of natural awe and wonder without the crowds.

Care este motivul principal pentru a merge la schi în Banff?

Glenn, Canada

Acum 25 zile Raportaţi

The choice of areas is unique. While the conditions can be different at any of the peaks within 40 minutes there is almost never a time when I cannot find good snow (in terms of the seasonal expectation). Almost a second home (20-30 days a year skiing),

Care este sfatul dumneavoastră pentru a petrece timpul în munții din Banff?

Joyce, Canada

Acum 20 zile Raportaţi

Take the gondola ride in Banff, the views up there are just breathtaking. Visit Canmore, which is only 15 minutes away - eye candy for any world traveler - take the Three Sisters exit from the main highway and follow it right into town. You won't be disapointed with the views.

Care este cel mai bun sfat al dumneavoastră pentru cineva care merge pentru prima dată la Banff?

Bryan, Canada

Acum 17 zile Raportaţi

Johnson's Canyon is easy, but it's crowded and paved. Instead, hike to the Cascade Amphitheatre, or up to Sentinel Pass (near Lake Louise). Those will give you far more enjoyment for your time.

Cum se poate vizita oraşul Banff evitând în acelaşi timp aglomeraţia?

Erin, Australia

Acum 12 zile Raportaţi

Banff isn't a busy place, well it wasn't when we went. It is such a relaxed town with stunning surroundings. You can chill out or if you want to do snow sports, there are plenty of ski resorts close by.

Ce locuri recomandaţi celor care doresc să evite să mănânce într-un local pentru turişti?

Jeffery, Canada

Acum 4 zile Raportaţi

Layer your clothing, the weather changes quickly. In peak seasons, there alot of people on the trails, but for people fearful of bears and cougars, may be a better time for them to go.

Descrieţi care este cea mai fascinantă viaţă sălbatică pe care aţi văzut-o în călătoria dumneavoastră.

Bob, Marea Britanie

Acum 10 zile Raportaţi

Elk and deer abound. What we saw wasn't scared of human presence which is rare these days. The fish and birdlife at Sulphur Mt are fascinating even though most of the fish shouldn't be there!

Descrieți natura din Banff.

Johanna, Canada

Acum 15 ore Raportaţi

The natural beauty of the mountains and lakes around Banff lifts the spirit each time we visit there.

Povestiți-ne care au fost momentele cele mai relaxante petrecute în Banff.

Erin, Australia

Acum 12 zile Raportaţi

Our whole trip was relaxing. We loved it! We were in Banff around the middle of our trip so it was nice to chill out after such a full on first couple of weeks and before we went to Las Vegas.

De ce aţi recomanda oraşul Banff pentru mâncare?

David, Irlanda

Acum 14 zile Raportaţi

Banff has a wide range of restaurants, from fast food to fine dinning and menus which cater for everyone.

Descrieţi ce experienţă de cumpărături ar avea alte persoane ca dumneavoastră în Banff.

Adriana, Canada

Acum 5 zile Raportaţi

There are brand names such as lulu lemon, helly hanson, Roots, but also original shops with native indian creations or even tourist gifts as well.

Care este cel mai bun sfat pentru drumețiile în munții orașului Banff?

Edward, Statele Unite ale Americii

Acum 12 zile Raportaţi

There are a number of trails, of various degrees of difficulty. The Tunnel Mtn. staff were most helpful in helping us find just the right blend of sweat and views!

Unde se poate face cea mai bună baie în apă termală în Banff?

Debora, Canada

Acum 13 zile Raportaţi

To soak in the hot Springs and be surrounded by mountains is a spectacular event not equaled anywhere else I have traveled

Spuneţi-ne mai multe despre o aventură pe care aţi avut-o...

Erin, Australia

Acum 12 zile Raportaţi

We loved our time in Banff. The first day we got in late and ended up going to a Tavern then the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner - great service and delicious food! The next day we headed out to Lake Louise - their winter festival was on so we got to see the ice scultures which are just incredible. It's such a gorgeous place! We went for a ride on the Gondola which was amazing as well. Such a stunning view! The staff were super friendly as well! The following day we went on a tour with Discover Banff & It's Wildlife Tours, it was a great experience. We got to see deer, elk, goats etc in the wild and explore some incredible lakes, waterfalls and viewing spots. Very much worth it! In the afternoon we went on a horse drawn carriage tour through Banff, it was very relaxing and nice to be able to sit back and take in all the views as well as learn a bit of history about the horses and their role in the town.

De ce spun oamenii că orașul Banff trebuie vizitat pe jos?

Barbara, Canada

Acum 14 zile Raportaţi

Walking around the town, shopping or window shopping, stopping to eat at the many places for lunch or coffee, or taking a longer walk to see the Banff Springs Hotel

Prin ce se caracterizează un restaurant de lux în Banff?

Bryan, Canada

Acum 17 zile Raportaţi

The variety and volume of places to go, all within a short distance of each other.
  • Romantic 53 recomandări

Unii spun că romantismul a murit, de ce credeţi că oraşul Banff îi contrazice?

Joyce, Canada

Acum 20 zile Raportaţi

You need to go there and find out. So many opportunities in terms of couple activities to bring the spark back - both fun and romantic: canoeing, nature trails, horse drawn carriages, gondola rides to the top of mountains, trying out new, exotic dishes: buffalo, ostrich anyone?
  • Plajă recomandări

Plaja înseamnă altceva pentru diferiţi oameni. Ce a însemnat plaja din Banff pentru dumneavoastră?

Jeffery, Canada

Acum 4 zile Raportaţi

Banff Springs Hotel
  • Oameni prietenoşi 63 recomandări

Locuitorii din Banff sunt prietenoși? Spuneți-ne povestea dumneavoastră.

Jeffery, Canada

Acum 4 zile Raportaţi

The store owners are very friendly and it is a nice way to spend the afternoon. I also love that the stores don't have any set closing hours, so you can go have a nice dinner and drinks and do some more shopping after.

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