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  • Nature (501)
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  • Walking (427)
  • Friendly People (396)
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Vancouver was highly rated for food by 213 guests from the United States!

Looking for fun and unique tips from travelers who know Vancouver?

How can you enjoy the sights in Vancouver while avoiding the crowds?

Milton, United States of America

19 days ago Report

For me part of sightseeing includes checking out the crowds and the local people and how they interact among themselves and visitors. Sightseeing is more than just looking at the prairies in Kansas or beautiful Black Hill of South Dakota, the Yellowstone River running through Wyoming and Montana, or the forest and coastline in Oregon or even the Cactus Forest we saw in Arizona. It also about checking out the people in crowded streets of downtown Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, and San Francisco or the people who or at the other table is restaurants in Newport, Oregon or San Diego California or the waiters and waitresses who served us in Oklahoma City, Seattle, Vancouver, Oakland and El Paso. There is a lot to see on this wonderful continent and my wife and I take try to take in all the sights; the natural environment such as Stanley Park in Vancouver or the coastline of Victoria, the man-made structures that include all the High-Rise buildings in Vancouver, the monuments and Regal Government Buildings in Victoria and even the wonderful and interesting people that we observed and met.

Why do you recommend Vancouver for food?

Claire, Canada

9 days ago Report

Oh yes I certainly would. I wish I could have tried all the restaurants on my list but sadly I ran out of time. Once again there truly is something for everyone. The options are endless and depending on your budget and your desires it's truly all there in lovely Vancouver!!

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Vancouver.

Denny, Canada

30 days ago Report

all the stores conveniently located in Robson. Want something different - take the skytrain on the Millenium line to Metrotown. Convenience just riding the public transit

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Philip, Australia

30 days ago Report

Go to the markets, to a wholefoods outlet, and buy fresh produce and / or prepared dishes which can then be eaten anyway - in the Park, around the Harbour, in your room ....

What effect did the scenery in Vancouver have on you?

Claire, Canada

9 days ago Report

I am from northern BC so it was very difficult to return home to snow etc. after spending time amongst the green trees and the flowers that were blooming in early spring. I would dearly love to live in the southern part of BC one day.

Why do people say Vancouver can be seen best by foot?

Philip, Australia

30 days ago Report

Because so much of Vancouver is at a human scale - both vertically and horizontally, and even 60+ year olds enjoyed days of strolling around, rain or no rain.

What makes the people from Vancouver so friendly? Tell us your story.

Alice, United Kingdom

6 days ago Report

I am fortunate enough to have lived in Canada before, not in Vancouver but in British Columbia, further to the east of the province. I took my boyfriend to a friends wedding who is born and bred from Vancouver. We are British and at first, his natural scepticism as a Brit had him asking "why do they all say hello to you - what do they want?" As he grew used to it over the first few days, he fully began to appreciate the good natured kindness of Canadians, even in a huge city like Vancouver! We both live and work in London which can be an abrasive place at times and the residents of Vancouver make you realise how little a smile and small talk costs, but how much it can be appreciated. The friendliness of Canadians is difficult to capture in writing as it is not one individual act or gesture you can put your finger on, it is the outlook and a view on life shared by an entire nation of people, that would make the world a much better place if everybody were to share it!

Why do people recommend Vancouver for the parks?

Brian, United States of America

5 days ago Report

Stanley Park is really beautiful with a great location. One could spend most of the day exploring the park vistas and visiting the Aquarium there.

What's the best way to make the most of Vancouver by foot?

Alice, United Kingdom

6 days ago Report

We bought tickets for the hop on, hop off old style city tram which isn't the most ideal option as it runs in a loop and it doesn't run particularly late in the day, but it means you can walk to certain areas of the city and explore them on foot and then if you plan your journey you can pick up one of the trams and have it drop you off somewhere like Granville Island which is not walking distance from a lot of places in the city.
  • Clothes Shopping 178 endorsements
  • 7 answers

Is there more to shopping in Vancouver than just brand-name stores?

Donald, United States of America

25 days ago Report

Our hotel was near shopping but was in the heart of restaurants in numbers, I have never seen - most of them independently owned. Stanley Park offers much to do and there are many museums available as well as sports. Going to Granville Island was a lot of fun for unusual shopping. We enjoyed taking a free bus ride to Capilano suspension bridge which was a highlight of our trip. Three days was not enough time to do what we wanted.
  • Culturally Diverse Food 288 endorsements
  • 7 answers

What's the secret to sampling all the diverse food Vancouver has to offer?

Judy, Canada

8 days ago Report

Do not be afraid try something different everyday, just sample different ethnic foods and you will be amazed at how some foods just grab your attention. You will never know until you try them.

Why should people going to Vancouver head to the aquarium?

Judith, Canada

29 days ago Report

Awesome animals and you can see the Beluga's behind glass ; swim to you and your hand on the glass.
Lots to see there, many items. A good time.

What is it about the people in Vancouver that makes them so watchable?

Milton, United States of America

19 days ago Report

Very young population in the Yaletown area of Vancouver. While the people their don't to appear to be as friendly as the people we find in American we believe they are very caring people and love being Canadians! We saw and received many acts of kindness from many of the Canadians we met.

Is Vancouver the place to have a meal to remember? Tell us why.

Jason, Canada

22 days ago Report

Van's food culture shares cosmopolitan and innovation from dozens of cultures. You can eat unique creative dishes along with any country's "comfort foods." Access to every ingredient imaginable from various markets means you can recreate your meals back home. The emphasis on healthy living in Van also sculpts many food choices to help keep aging bodies running clean or vitalize younger palates.

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Vancouver.

Ruhi, Canada

17 days ago Report

Relaxing on the balcony beach and beach walks walking in downtown and enjoying relaxed eating in the coast plaza

What seafood experience in Vancouver is still on your mind?

Bjarki, United States of America

4 days ago Report

The Boathouse Restaurant at English Bay was exceptional, reasonably priced and excellent services.

Why is the atmosphere in Vancouver something people rave about?

Milton, United States of America

19 days ago Report

If you like a fast-pace, clean city with a million and one high-rise building then Vancouver is the place for you which has many beautiful sights. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Convenient Public Transportation 93 endorsements
  • 5 answers

Was it cheap, fast, or easy to use? What made it so simple to get around in Vancouver?

Toby, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

The public Transport system is very cheap and easy to use, one day travel pass can be used all over Vancouver and can be used on buses, Sky Train and Trolley buses and ferry!

Describe the nature in Vancouver.

Philip, Australia

30 days ago Report

Trees. So green, so fresh, in both the natural and the human engineered environments. Birds, wolves, squirrels and more birds. And the always changing waterfronts.

What makes Vancouver one of those classic city-trip experiences?

Alice, United Kingdom

6 days ago Report

Vancouver actually IS NOT a classic city-trip experience which is what makes it so fantastic! You get the best of both worlds - you get to walk around the city and see all the shopping areas, the old town areas like Gas Town, but you also have the incredible natural space that is Stanley Park and the marina! Plus you have all the incredible mountains and outdoor pursuits type of areas on Vancouver's doorstep which makes a visit to Vancouver so refreshing - especially if you live or work in a city and want to experience some nature whilst you are away.

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