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Cairo recebeu ótimas recomendações para museus de 5 hóspedes do Brasil!

Por que Cairo faz você viajar através do tempo e pela história?

Benjamin, Arábia Saudita

Há 24 dias Denunciar

Cairo is like an open air museum from the Pharaohs of 4500 years in the past, to the Christians of 2000 years ago, to the time of Mohammed and the Arab development of North Africa, to Azhar University, then to the time of the Ottomans and Mohammed Ali Pasha, the European colonialism of the Brits and French, and up to the present with the new society that is emerging on the heels of Arab Spring, the installation of Morsi and his subsequent removal and the new way forward (we hope) with Sisi. Cairo is one of the most fascinating historical places on earth.

Como aproveitar os pontos turísticos de Cairo e evitar as multidões ao mesmo tempo?

amanda, Reino Unido

Há 17 dias Denunciar

You cannot really avoid the crowds in Cairo due to the amount of people that live there. The people are very friendly and i would certainly recommend that you sit in a local coffee shop and enjoy life passing you by. City stars is a great shopping mall with all named shops and a great experience. I would suggest going to the sights very early to avoid massive crowds. Travelling in Cairo is an experience as a simple taxi ride can take forever due to traffic, and always ask them to put the meter on and take a look at it when you get in, as taxis are very cheap if you know to check the meter !!!

Como vivenciar uma autêntica experiência cultural em Cairo?

Benjamin, Arábia Saudita

Há 24 dias Denunciar

Any visitor will inevitably be deluged with offers of assistance: guides, touts, camel rides, museum guides, pyramid guides, and so on. Travelers should keep in mind that these people are working hard and though they may seem annoying they are in fact working and providing services. On the other hand, they can be quite persistent and unwilling to allow you to enjoy something by yourself. Be firm and say no, but it might be worth it to have a well-informed person accompany you around teh souk or museum or pyramids. I don't know what he word ''authentic'' means in this context, but for me it would mean walking around on my own and sitting in cafes or restaurants away from hordes of tourists.

O que você deve evitar em Cairo para ter uma vida noturna perfeita?

KEFAH, Reino Unido

Há 7 dias Denunciar

You need to know where to go or someone with you knows the city well
  • Pessoas Hospitaleiras 126 recomendações
  • 4 respostas

O que faz das pessoas de Cairo tão amigáveis? Conte sua estória.

Benjamin, Arábia Saudita

Há 24 dias Denunciar

The people in Cairo are very friendly, outgoing, exuberant about their country, city and the politics and history therein. They are very curious to know where you are from and what your opinions are about their country. Do try and speak with locals as you will learn a lot about the people this way.
  • Locais de Interesse Antigos 112 recomendações
  • 4 respostas

Descreva os melhores locais históricos que você visitou em Cairo.

Andressa, Emirados Árabes Unidos

Há 11 dias Denunciar

I would recommend to anyone fond of history and archaeology, to visit Saqqara archaeological site and its Imhotep museum. It's mind blowing, non-touristy and really peaceful. The museum is simple, well organised and instructive. Nothing like the Giza horrible harassment, even the people selling the souvenirs are kind and polite. Once you say no, they will never follow you around. I would strongly advise to get one of the guys to show you around the site. They are really nice and helpful and you will feel lost without them.

Por que você recomenda Cairo para gastronomia?

Doaa, Egito

Há 27 dias Denunciar

kosheri beans and tami3ia
ma7shy and meat
kabab and kofta
soap are good too
chicken are good too in el housin

Por que você acha que outros viajantes adorariam ir às compras em Cairo?

Benjamin, Arábia Saudita

Há 24 dias Denunciar

Khan al-Khalili is a very charming and ancient souk across from Azhar University. There are endless warrens of shops and old Ottoman style streets and homes. In the same area, on the side of the university is the old Turksih shoppping arcade. This area is well worth a visit whether you are an avid shopper, people watcher or intrepid flaneur.

O que você descobriu sobre os museus de Cairo que não estava nos guias de turismo?

Doaa, Egito

Há 27 dias Denunciar

the most amazing museums all over the world
7000 years
old museums in El taherir
agriculture museum and was museum

Alguns restaurantes são verdadeiras armadilhas para turistas. Aonde as pessoas deveriam ir para comer?

amanda, Reino Unido

Há 17 dias Denunciar

there is so much choice, there is american restaurants i.e TGI Fridays, lots of Chinese and Indian restaurants, you will never be at a loss for somewhere to eat. Its a magical place. the new museum opens at the end of this year, and the pyramids and the sound and light show is breathtaking.

Por que Cairo é um dos destinos urbanos mais clássicos?

Anônimo, Localização desconhecida

Há 10 dias Denunciar

Cairo is a country that never sleeps. The warmth and hospitality given. Makes one feel at home especially in Khan al khalili

Ao visitar Cairo a trabalho, como você faria para conhecer um pouco da cidade?

Benjamin, Arábia Saudita

Há 24 dias Denunciar

From the city center you will have access to Tahrir, the Egyptian Museum, the Nile river and Khan al-Khalili. Do take advantage. If you are feeling adventurous take a ride on the very well-developed metro.

Além de lojas de marca, que outras opções de compras existem em Cairo?

wahab, Jordânia

Há 21 dias Denunciar

Plenty of local made clothing stores with much to offer at a frat of the price...enjoy the amazing Egyptian cotton

O que há de especial nos monumentos de Cairo?

Benjamin, Arábia Saudita

Há 24 dias Denunciar

I could only spend three days in Cairo, but it was worth it just to see the pyramids alone. Everyone should see them at least once. The rest of what I saw of Cairo was also noteworthy - Khan al Khalili, the old Islamic Quarter, Tahrir Square, the Egyptian Museum, a long walk along the Nile - all of it is very worthwhile and noteworthy.
  • Paisagens 12 recomendações

Qual foi o efeito das paisagens de Cairo sobre você?

ABDALLAH, Emirados Árabes Unidos

Há 25 dias Denunciar

Nile View is like nowhere else
  • Mercados 22 recomendações

Conte sua estratégia para pagar o menor preço nos mercados de Cairo.

Sergejs, Reino Unido

Há 18 dias Denunciar

Say you are looking for a thing similar to what you want to buy, but cheap. Normally most things cost in a range of 1 and 6 british pounds. I would normally start negotiating by diving the given price by 4 to get it somewhere 2.5-3 times cheaper
  • Culinária Tradicional 21 recomendações

Que prato você experimentou em Cairo que te deu água na boca?

Shima, Egito

Há 2 dias Denunciar

Oriental food
  • Fotografia 9 recomendações

Que lugar os amantes da fotografia escolheriam para representar Cairo?

Melina, Canadá

Há 21 dias Denunciar

Giza, Old Cairo, Downtown, Coptic Cairo. Picturesque view of all of Cairo from the Cairo Tower.
  • Aventura 33 recomendações

Conte-nos um pouco sobre uma aventura de viagem que tenha vivido...

Andressa, Emirados Árabes Unidos

Há 11 dias Denunciar

If you really want to experience the inside of a pyramid's chamber, head to Dahshur instead of Giza. Why?
1. No tourists around
2. The way down is well ventilated, safe and fairly easy.
3. The 3 chambers are impressive and easy to access.
4. Even if you are a bit claustrophobic like me, you won't feel bad. The way down and up are illuminated and ventilated (and i can proudly says i managed it!)
Superb experience, kinda scary to be the only living soul inside!

1. The stairs to the entrance are a bit hard. If you get tired stop and take a rest. I wouldnt say it's accessible to people with disabilities. Im skinny but not fit, struggled badly on the way up and had to rest once i reached the top
  • Ver gente 10 recomendações

Por que é tão interessante observar as pessoas de Cairo?

david, Reino Unido

Há 13 dias Denunciar

Cairo is a very busy city. I felt safe. The people are respectful and helpfull

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