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Kanbera Australija, Australian Capital Territory

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  • Muzeji (755)
  • Razgledanje (411)
  • Šoping (297)
  • Kultura (264)
  • Galerije (249)
  • Umetničke galerije (233)
  • Istorijski lokaliteti (207)
  • Hrana (198)
  • Relaksacija (163)
  • Restorani (135)

Kako možete da uživate u razgledanju grada: Kanbera dok istovremeno izbegavate gužvu?

Greg, Australija

pre 5 dana Prijavi

We experienced a lot of school tours when we were there last week. Even though we arrived at opening time for many national buildings, so did the tours. We just went in opposite direction to them, where possible. It's great children are learning about our history & how our Government works.

Šta ste otkrili o muzejima u gradu Kanbera što nije bilo u turističkim vodičima?

Clive, Australija

pre 16 dana Prijavi

How long you should plan your time,as you could spend at least a day in the war memorial, also very good value.

Gde ljudi treba da idu ukoliiko žele da izbegnu obrok u turističkoj zamci?

Keera, Australija

pre 13 dana Prijavi

Tilly Devines was great we were allowed to sit there listing to great music: eat, drink, have a coffe talk some more and have cakes and be merry.

The tradies was great an member of the family sighned us in
Rubies Chinese restaurant another family affair huge buffet something for everone.

Zbog čega su ljudi oduševljeni atmosferom u gradu Kanbera?

Frank, Australija

pre 2 dana Prijavi

The Audio-Visual presentations at the War Museum are 'excellent'.
The Art Galley is a true delight to the eyes. Monet's 'Haystack' painting will leave you with a lasting impression.

Which fine art museums should a first time visitor to Kanbera start with?

John, Australija

pre 29 dana Prijavi

National Gallery of Australia
National Library
National Portrait Gallery
Museum of Canberra

Kakav utisak je izgled grada: Kanbera ostavio na vas?

Suzie, Australija

pre 12 dana Prijavi

Since living in the Sunshine State of Queensland for the past 12 years. I do miss the crisp fresh air, the winter trees and spring flowers. Going to Canberra in mid August was just beautiful seeing the green grass, feeling the fresh crisp air on your face while snuggling into a warm jacket and gloves. I know I'd hate living there in the cold (one of the reasons I moved up here from the Blue Mountains 12 years ago), but its nice to go back and just have a little holiday.

Po čemu su ekskluzivni restorani u gradu Kanbera posebni?

Libby, Australija

pre 28 dana Prijavi

Jamie's Italian had such a friendly atmosphere. Waiter & waitresses were amazing

Zbog čeka možete da osetite istoriju u gradu Kanbera?

Damien, Australija

pre 29 dana Prijavi

Australian War Memorial is a place of deep cultural significance that allows visitors the opportunity to gain some insight into the realities and cruelty of war, as well as the bravery and heroism of those who have been involved in the conflicts Australia has been part of. The Last Post Ceremony is a truly moving experience, not to be missed. By far the highlight of our trip. All staff, Administrators and Curators are to be congratulated on their wonderful, ongoing work.

Kako možete u potpunosti da doživite kulturu u gradu Kanbera?

Eduardo, Australija

pre 30 dana Prijavi

A weekend with a diverse cultural agenda: History (War Memorial), Politics (Parliament House), Arts (National Gallery), Sports (AIS), Science (Questacom). On top of that, cycling or jogging around Lake Burley-Griffin and sips and bites in Manuka.

Ispričajte nam kako ste se opuštali na destinaciji Kanbera.

Yvonne, Singapur

pre 17 dana Prijavi

Going to Lake Burly Griffin and spending an afternoon there.

Zbog čega Kanbera nudi iskustvo klasičnog obilaska grada?

Richard, Australija

pre 22 dana Prijavi

Canberra is our National Capital. It has many features, exhibitions, ceremonies etc. etc.

How do you best while away the day at a cafe in Kanbera?

Suzie, Australija

pre 12 dana Prijavi

Go with your elderly Aunt and your Dad. Sit and listen to them reminise about the place. Enjoy the aromas of the barister (I don't drink coffee) and just enjoy strolling around the place with no time frame to be anywhere in a hurry. It was sooooo relaxing

Why do people recommend Kanbera for the parks?

Mary, Australija

pre 19 dana Prijavi

Natural surrounds, good play facilities for children, easy access.

Where in the botanical gardens in Kanbera could you have stayed for ever?

Phil, Australija

pre 14 dana Prijavi

The rock gardens/waterfall, because of the lizards.
  • Hrana 198 preporuka

Zašto biste preporučili grad: Kanbera za hranu?

jack, Australija

pre 5 dana Prijavi

good and innovative restaurant's without the price point of Sydney
  • Posmatranje zvezda 18 preporuka

Kako ste otkrili najbolje mesto za posmatranje zvezda u gradu: Kanbera?

margaret, Australija

pre 26 dana Prijavi

In the hills
  • Šetanje 64 preporuke

Zašto ljudi kažu da je grad: Kanbera najbolji za razgledanje pešice?

Nick, Australija

pre 19 dana Prijavi

To take in the many historical sights and beautiful gardens that can only be fully appreciated if seen by foot.
  • Šoping 297 preporuka

Gde ste mogli da iskoristite još jedan sat (ili 10) za šoping u gradu: Kanbera?

Anoniman/-na, Nepoznata lokacija

pre 10 dana Prijavi

Canberra centre
  • Priroda 28 preporuka

Opišite prirodu na destinaciji Kanbera

Harry, Australija

pre 2 dana Prijavi

The exquisite Floriade, trees, the lake, etc

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