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Kaplinn Lõuna-Aafrika, Western Cape

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Kaplinn ja vaatamisväärsused said 2 külastajalt Eestist häid hinnanguid!

Miks soovitate sihtkohta Kaplinn toidu nautimiseks?

CAROL, Suurbritannia

19 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

The restaurants are so reliable and give excellent value for money. There is such a variety of cuisine and the quality of food and service is brilliant whether it be a simple take away or a luxury seafood dinner.
My favourite special occasion restaurant is definitely Pigalle. Wonderful lobster and seafood, excellent service, beautiful surroundings, a band and you can dance if you wish to.

Millise tunde tekitas teis Kaplinn ja selle ümbrus?

Karlene, Lõuna-Aafrika

3 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

needed to clear my mind and unwind. watching the ocean, even just standing in the breeze - its so calming i cant explain it - my mind drifts but to a calm place and sets me at ease - major de-stresser
  • Vaatamisväärsused 902 korral kiidetud
  • 17 vastust

Kuidas kõige paremini nautida sihtkoha Kaplinn vaatamisväärsusi ning vältida rahvamasse?

Michele, Lõuna-Aafrika

28 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Use the sightseeing bus.....There is no better way to see the city.
I suggest you do that when you arrive and it will give you a good idea of where you want to spend more time.

Kuidas saaks teie meelest sihtkohas Kaplinn mägesid kõige paremini nautida?

Peter, Suurbritannia

6 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Before doing anything else do the red bus tour - it provides a good overview of just about everything (from the beaches to table mountain etc) so you can plan your stay better

Rand seostub erinevatele inimestele erinevate asjadega. Mida tähendavad Kaplinn ja selle rand teie jaoks?

Dot, Lõuna-Aafrika

29 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

I like walking on the beach & picking up shells but I did not always feel 100% comfortable as homeless people sleep on the beach at Sea Point.i

Jagage oma lemmikhetki lõõgastumiseks sihtkohas Kaplinn ka teistega.

Annalie, Lõuna-Aafrika

10 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Sitting on the beach watching the kite surfers or sitting in a restaurant while all your senses are spoiled with the best view, noises, tastes, breeze en aroma's.

Mida peaks vältima, kui on soov sihtkoha Kaplinn ööelu maksimaalselt nautida?

Sean, Lõuna-Aafrika

14 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Difficult to avoid pestering beggars, particularly in city bowl!
  • Veinisõpradele 1038 korral kiidetud
  • 9 vastust

Kuidas erines kogetud veinikultuur kodusest veinikultuurist?

Philip, Suurbritannia

27 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

We had booked a lunch and wine tasting at Buitenverwachting. Far to much to eat and drink, and the only meal needed that day. Ther are numerous other vineyards offering tastings.

Kuhu peaksid inimesed minema, kui nad ei soovi sattuda sööma turistilõksu?

Andrew, Suurbritannia

12 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

V&A has excellent restaurants but is relatively expensive. Bukhara & La Mouette provide fantastic food at fraction of the UK price.

Milline maitseelamus mereandidest sihtkohas Kaplinn on selline, mis paneb siiani suu vett jooksma?

Dorothy, Lõuna-Aafrika

22 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Can't remember the name but a super place behind Pick and PAY where you choose from the raw fish which seafood you want on your platter . Such fun and wonderful friendly efficient staff.

Mis on teie nõuanded esmakordselt sihtkohas Kaplinn seiklevale reisijale?

Steven, Suurbritannia

9 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

The hike up Table Mountain is superb. If you are reasonably fit, head up Skeleton Gorge, across to MacLear's Beacon and then to the cable car station for an easy ride down. The route is well signed. Start at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, where you can get a map, water and snacks to keep you going for the four or so hours it takes.

Kirjeldage, milline on Kaplinn oma looduse poolest?

CHARLES, Lõuna-Aafrika

21 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast


Kirjeldage, mis teiesarnastele inimestele sihtkohas Kaplinn šoppamise juures eriti meeldiks.

Dot, Lõuna-Aafrika

29 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

I am from Durban & always notice that you get different things in the Cape Town shops.

Miks on Kaplinn paik, kus kohtuvad ajalugu ja tänapäev?

marumo frank
marumo frank, Lõuna-Aafrika

23 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

the life style and the history behind the other buildings ,flours ect
  • Matkad mägedes 74 korral kiidetud
  • 6 vastust

Mida soovitate neile, kes plaanivad mägimatka sihtkohas Kaplinn?

Anton, Lõuna-Aafrika

1 päev tagasi Teata ebasobivast

If you want a light walk that still gives you an incredible view over the entire Cape Town, climb Lion's Head.

If you want something a bit more adventurous there's a great 2 hours hike up Table Mountain. More intense, but totally worth-it. The route is called Platteklip Gorge.
  • Päikeseloojangud 86 korral kiidetud
  • 6 vastust

Kuidas muuta elamus päikeseloojangust sihtkohas Kaplinn unustamatuks?

Sean, Lõuna-Aafrika

14 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Table Mountain - entry after 18:00 half price & catch unequalled moonrise & sunset! Long beach - speechless!
  • Riiete ostmine 90 korral kiidetud
  • 6 vastust

Kas Kaplinn pakub lisaks brändikauplustele veel šoppamisvõimalusi?

Johann, Brasiilia

5 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

The restaurants are all excellent in and around the city, moving around is easy, all roads are well sign posted

Kas Kaplinn on koht, kus nautida unustamatut maitseelamust? Rääkige meile, miks.

Anton, Lõuna-Aafrika

1 päev tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Always eat where the locals eat, Be sure to have a meal at Willoughby & Co above Entrance 9 at the V&A Waterfront. They offer superb Asian cuisine in a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. Go early on Wednesdays and Weekends, or be prepared to wait in line for a table.

You may also want to try The Test Kitchen at the Old Biscuit Mill. Receiver of SA's best restaurant award, the food and wine pairing menus are excellent, but be prepared for a slightly pretentious atmosphere and somewhat snooty service.
  • Sõbralikud inimesed 283 korral kiidetud
  • 5 vastust

Mis teeb sihtkoha Kaplinn inimesed nii sõbralikuks? Rääkige meile oma lugu.

Victor, Lõuna-Aafrika

22 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

The Myciti and tour busses had friendly staff. Also people serving you at the restaurants made you feel welcome with their good service. It's the first time we ever interacted with so many foreign visitors from outside our continent which tells us they feel safe being in South Africa.

Kuhu oleksite tahtnud end unustada botaanikaaedades sihtkohas Kaplinn?

Mpharoane, Lesotho

1 päev tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Everywhere from the lush vegetation; the fynbos; underneath and on top of the leafy jungle

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