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Chefchaouene fik høj vurdering for natur af 2 gæster fra Danmark!

  • Vandreture 66 anbefalinger
  • 2 svar

Hvad er dit bedste råd til folk, der skal ud og vandre i Chefchaouene for første gang?

Nezik, Canada

18 dage siden Rapporter

Hire a guide to help you plan your route - the hotel staff will help you
  • Vandring 40 anbefalinger

Hvad synes du, man får ud af at se Chefchaouene til fods?

Nezik, Canada

18 dage siden Rapporter

Accessible mountains , you can only access the medina by foot
  • Kultur 30 anbefalinger

Hvordan får du den mest autentiske, kulturelle oplevelse i Chefchaouene?

Joseph, USA

10 dage siden Rapporter

Learn to say "Salom, Shoukran, how are you, I am from...., I like...., etc." And do not take photos of the authentic Berber dressed woman, it is offensive to them, and they do not agree to be photographed even if paid. We tourists are creating a barrier to the locals by photographing them so much. They already turn away in anticipation of being photographed. Let's set a good standard and not ruin the innocence of Chefchaouen. And do not start bartering, unless you intend to buy. A little bit down in price is good, but after that, give them the finances they need to survive. This is their work and they share the profit with many people.
  • Fotografi 33 anbefalinger

Hvilket sted, skal man have et billede af i Chefchaouene?

Linda, USA

26 dage siden Rapporter

All of Chefchaouene is photo worthy...the stairs, doors, architecture and sunsets.
  • Gademarkeder 5 anbefalinger

Har du et godt råd til, hvordan man undgår at blive narret til at købe en masse?

Rodrigo, Portugal

28 dage siden Rapporter

Seek taxis near bus station!
Its better to rent a car to reach Chefchaouen and plan a day to go to Akchor National Park. An incredible and unforgettable hitchiking experience. At the end there is the sensation that this place should be better preserved and local visitors better educated because environmental and social respect is not in their dictionary....
  • Mountain Bike 1 anbefaling

Hvad er dit bedste råd til nybegynderen i mountianbiking i Chefchaouene?

Ahmed, Egypten

17 dage siden Rapporter

Chefchaouen is built on the side of a mountain, all its streets are highly sloped, biking through this streets is an amazing but tiring experience
  • Kulturelt varieret mad 3 anbefalinger

Hvordan får man fat på alle de forskellige typer mad, der findes i Chefchaouene?

Joseph, USA

10 dage siden Rapporter

Can't go wrong, every place we ate served up good food, very authentic.

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