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Chester wurde in der Kategorie geschichte & historisches von 12 Gästen aus den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika besonders gut bewertet!

Gibt es in Chester noch andere Einkaufsmöglichkeiten als die üblichen Ladenketten?

Paul, Großbritannien

Vor 6 Tagen Melden

It's quite easy to miss shops in Chester as due to the historic buildings they have two levels. Your eye is naturally drawn to the lower level shops causing you to almost ignore the upper levels. There is more than brand names here, Chester hasn't quite become the typical magnolia, homogenised, brain numbingly boring town centre that plague our lands. But if you absolutely can't live without a Costa Coffee or a River Island then Chester does have it.

Was genau lässt die Geschichte in Chester auferstehen?

Philip, Großbritannien

Vor 2 Tagen Melden

Chester was founded in Roman times and is the only place in England where you can walk around the complete Roman city walls, including going over a number of old city gates. The Rows in the centre of the city are unique mediaeval shopping streets on two levels and also have distinctive black and white fronts. With an old cathedral and plenty of other nooks and crannies to explore, it really is a beautiful city.

Beschreiben Sie, was Reisenden, die Ihre Interessen teilen, am Shoppen in Chester gefallen würde.

Stephen, Großbritannien

Vor 17 Tagen Melden

Chester has everything for any family, father may like the historical parts as it is all very interesting, Mother as there are fantasic shops with gifts galore. Daughter for all the clothes shops and the son with all the sporting links and sporting shops also.........just an all round perfect place for a short break...

Wo sollte man hingehen, wenn man keines der Touristenrestaurants besuchen will?

Catherine, Kanada

Vor 15 Tagen Melden

Chez Jules, The Architect, Fine Dining - 1539 at the Racecourse. Chatwins (bakery with restaurant upstairs)
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Wie kann man die Sehenswürdigkeiten in Chester genießen und dabei die Massen vermeiden?

Michael, Großbritannien

Vor 29 Tagen Melden

Tour allows you to hop on and off at your leisure. The commentary is good with a guide in the morning and tape in the afternoon.

Wie kann man Chester am besten zu Fuß entdecken?

Ian, Großbritannien

Vor 14 Tagen Melden

It is a small city and can easily be covered by foot. You can circumnavigate on the old City Walls.

Was ist an den Kathedralen in Chester so beeindruckend?

Steven, Großbritannien

Vor 1 Tag Melden

One of the most impressive in the UK - easy to access and walk about. Huge cloister, carved choir. No paintings to see but otherwise terrific.

Werden die Zootiere in Chester gut behandelt? Was hat Ihnen gefallen und was nicht?

Lynn, Großbritannien

Vor 26 Tagen Melden

Didn't like that most of the animals could only be viewed behind glass. The red ape viewing gallery was very claustrophobic and unnecessary. Confusing layout even with the map.

Warum würden Sie Chester für gutes Essen empfehlen?

stephen, Großbritannien

Vor 23 Tagen Melden

An excellent mix of pub grub ,cultural mix and gourmet cooking in a wide range of settings

Warum sagt man, Chester sei am besten zu Fuß zu entdecken?

Stephen, Großbritannien

Vor 17 Tagen Melden

Chesters main shopping area is a delight to just walk slowly through , the old buildings are beautiful.

Was macht die Menschen in Chester so freundlich? Schreiben Sie uns Ihr Erlebnis.

Hazel, Großbritannien

Vor 22 Tagen Melden

Friendly in all the shops we were served in, the hotel we stayed in and people generally. Chatty without being intrusive. Relaxed, easy going and helpful.

Was ist an der gehobenen Küche in Chester so besonders?

Graham, Großbritannien

Vor 24 Tagen Melden

Choice of cuisine. Italian, French, Indian, Chinese. Also price ranges

Erzählen Sie uns von Ihren erholsamsten Momenten in Chester?

stephen, Großbritannien

Vor 23 Tagen Melden

Sitting in the blue moon caféand at the side of the Dee
watching the world and the river go by

Was sind die schönsten Orte für einen Spaziergang in der Altstadt von Chester?

Graham, Großbritannien

Vor 24 Tagen Melden

The Walls, around the Cathedral area, The Rows and Watergate St at night.

Warum sind alle von der Atmosphäre in Chester begeistert?

Stuart, Australien

Vor 27 Tagen Melden

People were very friendly & helpful. The shops, historical buildings & restaurants were all first class. We would return.

Was hat Ihnen an den Kneipentouren in Chester am besten gefallen?

Brian, Großbritannien

Vor 26 Tagen Melden

Choice of English ale and local ale! plus the locals and many overseas visitors!

Was ist an den Monumenten in Chester so bemerkenswert?

Elizabeth, Großbritannien

Vor 7 Tagen Melden

The buildings have been preserved beautifully but incorporate modern shops. The wall surrounding Chester is there to be walked on, giving a real feel for the history of the place.

Wo kann man in Chester die typische Landeskultur am besten erleben?

Jenny, Großbritannien

Vor 25 Tagen Melden

Walking the city walls and exploring the Roman gardens along with the amphitheatre and River area was great

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