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Chiang Mai Tajland, Chiang Mai Province

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93 gostiju iz Sjedinjenih Američkih Država visoko je ocijenilo 'Chiang Mai' za: hramovi!

Opišite duhovni ugođaj hramova u gradu 'Chiang Mai'?

Paige, Sjedinjene Američke Države

Prije 22 dana Prijavi

The spiritual atmosphere of the temples was quite nice in Chiang Mai. When you're inside, it's quiet, although usually crowded in the high season, but just walking around the perimeter is so peaceful, and at some temples, you can speak to monks who are really a pleasure to speak with.

Zašto biste preporučili ovaj grad za uživanje u hrani: Chiang Mai?

Anonimno, Lokacija nepoznata

Prije 23 dana Prijavi

Fantastic street food and accessible food markets witha wide selection of restaurants too.

Podijelite s nama svoje omiljene trenutke opuštanja u gradu Chiang Mai.

Anonimno, Lokacija nepoznata

Prije 23 dana Prijavi

Having a most relaxing foot massage after a day of trekking and bamboo rafting!

Chiang Mai: Kako se može razgledavati ovaj grad pritom izbjegavajući velike gužve?

Elena, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 7 dana Prijavi

Low season is good to avoid the crowds. The weather is fairly good, a bit hotter than in winter but there's refreshing showers every day, which keep all the vegetation lush green and beat the dust down. Even in high season I wouldn't say that there are crowds in Chiang Mai, like you would see on Great China Wall in China. Only in the markets which is typical for any market in the world.

Opišite nam zašto je Chiang Mai odličan grad za shopping.

jason, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 16 dana Prijavi

The night bazar and walking market has anything you could need

Koji bi bio vaš glavni savjet planinaru koji prvi put posjećuje ovaj grad: Chiang Mai?

Anonimno, Lokacija nepoznata

Prije 23 dana Prijavi

There are plenty of places to stay if you want to just turn up and book accommodation when you arrive, but there is plenty of choice on the internet and so easy to book before you go, which gives more time to do the things you want to do when you're there. I stayed in Nonni Guest House, which was in a good location, great staff and great value for money.

Kako možete u potpunosti doživjeti kulturni život u gradu 'Chiang Mai'?

Anonimno, Lokacija nepoznata

Prije 23 dana Prijavi

I enjoyed walking around the temples, shopping in the markets. Having a guide book helps to make the most of your time if you only have a few days.

Recite nam više o nekoj svojoj pustolovini...

Jennifer, Irska

Prije 20 dana Prijavi

Tiger Kingdom, Elephants, Long Neck Tribe, Siam Rice Thai Cooking Course, Flying Squirrel Zip-lining

Postoje li dodatne mogućnosti za shopping u gradu 'Chiang Mai' osim najpopularnijih brendova?

Anonimno, Lokacija nepoznata

Prije 30 dana Prijavi

Yes, there are lots of fabric shops and sewing supplies in Warorot market. Also locally there are many unique shops where you can find some unusual gifts.

Što biste savjetovali biciklistu koji se uputio u grad 'Chiang Mai'?

Muhamm Ikram
Muhamm Ikram, Malezija

Prije 27 dana Prijavi

There's big mountain having lots of nice trails, from easy to hard.. Goood for any disiplin mountain biking.

Kako možete probati sva jela koja nudi Chiang Mai?

Michael, Australija

Prije 10 dana Prijavi

A little local knowledge helps in finding food markets, but street cafes can be good value (most have English description of Thai menu). Mini spring rolls are excellent.

Opišite prirodu u gradu 'Chiang Mai'.

Nilesh, Singapur

Prije 22 dana Prijavi

Many national parks around the city. Highest point in thailand.

Koji je vaš glavni prijedlog za uživanje u planinama u gradu 'Chiang Mai'?

Gary, Tajland

Prije 16 dana Prijavi

take a good solid truck there are very steep hills. Go to doi Intanon and Doi Sutep

Što ljude u gradu 'Chiang Mai' čini tako ljubaznima? Ispričajte nam svoju priču.

Megan, Singapur

Prije 4 dana Prijavi

I am a solo traveler. It is a week before my birthday when I decided to try being all by myself to a country where I don't know anyone and doesn't consider english as their first language. Everybody needs a little adventure!

I can still somewhat say Chiang Mai is safe. I have not encountered anything that I can consider threatening. The locals that I have met are very nice. Knowing that I am alone, they usually offer company or sometimes help when it comes to directions and best places to go. Tiger Kingdom, Mae Sa Snake Farm, Crocodile Farm and Elephant Trekking gave me cool photos with the animals that totally made travelling alone awesome! I also tried Bungy jumping that totally conquered my fear with the help of a very supportive staff of X-treme Centre (Tar). Now all of my friends thinks travelling alone is cool..

Kako Chiang Mai može bolje zaštititi svoje prirodne staze?

Anonimno, Lokacija nepoznata

Prije 16 dana Prijavi

All of Thailand has terrible waste management, among the worst in the world, mostly because of attitude not economics - people just dont care about rubbish unless they can get a few baht for it like glass bottles, Tourists need to demand better, shame them and lead by example

Što treba izbjegavati ako želite maksimalno iskoristiti noćni život u gradu 'Chiang Mai'?

Timothy, Tajland

Prije 29 dana Prijavi

Watch out for bars east of Tha Phai Gate. They all have prostitutes calling you to come in. They're not sweet girls hitting on you, they want you to pay for their night. It is rather disturbing. Stay within the moat if you want to avoid that. Zoe in Yellow is a good dance club with an equal mix of travelers and Thai people.

Zbog čega će vegetarijanci uživati u gradu 'Chiang Mai'?

Elena, Rusija

Prije 3 dana Prijavi

Angel's secrets, MILD Cafe and Blue Dimond Breakfast Club

Kakve su životinje u gradu 'Chiang Mai'? Što vam se svidjelo, a što nije?

Anonimno, Lokacija nepoznata

Prije 16 dana Prijavi

Yes and no
Some places were ok while others were among the worst in the world! Baby monkeys chained by the neck on 30cm all day! Elephants being whipped til they bleed and a panda suffering in a concrete air con room with almost no plants - the wild cat had about ten times the space as the panda

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