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Things to Do in Puerto Natales
Glacier Grey
Glacier Grey’s name may evoke images of a fog-like stretch of terrain, but its 19 km of patches of blue-hued ice should really be the headliner. The bright tinge to this ice-clad landscape dazzle, while icebergs float in jagged, over-sized form across Lake Grey. Intrepid boat passengers can disembark onto the icebergs for a short stroll across the mammoth chunks of ice.
Last Hope Sound
Ice-blue, sprawling and serene, Last Hope Sound has a rather more ominous name than its looks suggest. Named by an explorer searching wildly for refuge in what is now Puerto Natales, the land surrounding the fjord is known for its storms and stunning landscapes. You can take a boat trip from within Del Paine National Park, or paddle at your own pace on a rented kayak.
Milodon Cave
Plonked in the middle of nowhere, this isolated spot is known for its natural beauty that once offered cave shelter to giant, bear-sized sloths, which are now extinct. Remains of the creatures were found in the 19th century. Nowadays, you can take a 15-minute walk up to the site then follow surrounding trails, dodging stalagmites and stalactites as you go.

Traveler's Reviews & Photos

Very Good
Well organized. Taxi fare within city fixed at 1500 pesos. Easy to get around. People are friendly and helpful. Good bus station. All buses arrive to same place. Plenty of good restaurants. El Bote is outstanding. Plenty seats to sit on everywhere. Clean.
March 17, 2017
Torres del Paine and the glaciers are just amazing. I have very nice pictures of the trip. The restaurant close to the downtown area, the Lenga (some type of a tree in the area), is worth every penny.
March 17, 2017
Very Good
Nice restaurants (café kaiken!) and ideal place to prepare (3pm erradic rock info session every day: definitely recommended) your Torres Del Paine trekking.
March 14, 2017
We spent three nights in Puerto Natales. One day was taken up with a whole day trip to Torres Del Paine National Park. The second with walks around Puerto Natales. There is plenty to see.
United Kingdom
March 21, 2017
Very Good
This city is base site to go Torres del paine. I have no other option but visit here to go to TDP
South Korea
March 13, 2017

Accommodations and Hotels in Puerto Natales

Hotel Costaustralis

8.3 Very Good

Score from 382 reviews


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NOI Indigo Patagonia

8.4 Very Good

Score from 164 reviews


Average price per night
Hotel Altiplanico Puerto Natales

8.9 Excellent

Score from 315 reviews


Average price per night
Weskar Lodge

8.8 Excellent

Score from 713 reviews


Average price per night
Hotel Aquaterra

8.7 Excellent

Score from 144 reviews


Average price per night
Hotel Hallef

8.7 Excellent

Score from 410 reviews


Average price per night
Hotel Temauken

8.3 Very Good

Score from 188 reviews


Average price per night
Hotel If Patagonia

8.1 Very Good

Score from 92 reviews


Average price per night
Bories House, Country House Hotel

8.8 Excellent

Score from 223 reviews


Average price per night
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Recommended in Puerto Natales

The best 5 day trail I've ever done is the W-Trek in Torres del Paine. I started from the West and worked myself to the very East. In that case, you get to the summit of the Torres for sunset on the last day. A well deserved climax to your 5 days of physical effort.

During off-season, the buses to Torres del Paine leave in the morning only. Leave enough time for getting supplies/equipment. While many places are open until 9pm, the exchange offices usually close early.

Take it slow. There are not many routes in the park, so taking a 30-min break every now and then will reveal more of the park to you than rushing to the next camp. asked travelers...

Describe the nature in Puerto Natales.

Go to Torres del Paine, and stay there for a few hikes and nights. Torres del Paine is one of the most beautiful place of the universe.

They are already very well preserved. The Conaf is doing a great job on protecting the environment

Local restaurants recommended by local people.

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