Top reasons to visit:

  • Relaxation (41)
  • Food (23)
  • Friendly People (19)
  • City Trip (18)
  • Budget-friendly (15)
  • Convenient Public Transport (11)
  • Business (11)
  • Shopping (10)
  • Nightlife (10)
  • Tranquility (9)

Cloghran was highly rated for relaxation by 9 guests from the United Kingdom!

Why would you recommend Cloghran for food?

Anonymous, Location unknown

22 days ago Report

Good choice on menu. Reasonable prices.
  • Friendly People 19 endorsements

What makes the people from Cloghran so friendly? Tell us your story.

Anonymous, Location unknown

5 days ago Report

The people just are so lovely, all of them
  • Tranquility 9 endorsements

Describe the most tranquil place in Cloghran and share the good vibes.

Anonymous, Location unknown

5 days ago Report

Dublin castle
  • Relaxation 41 endorsements

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Cloghran.

Anonymous, Location unknown

5 days ago Report

The city was soooo lovely!
  • Shopping 10 endorsements

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Cloghran.

Anonymous, Location unknown

5 days ago Report

The prices are good in there
  • Business 11 endorsements

How can you fit in some sightseeing when you're in Cloghran on business?

Marie, United Kingdom

24 days ago Report

no I just felt as a 50 yr old women on my own when I sat at the bar, I did feel slightly uneasy so after a drink while awaiting a table as it was busy I took to my room to have room service & dinner.
  • Vegetarian cuisine 8 endorsements

What will make vegetarians mouths' water when they head to Cloghran?

Jillian, United Kingdom

17 days ago Report

As a vegetarian I am sometimes disappointed by the options offered.. I don't like mushrooms or goat's cheese,which often appear as the only options! At Bewleys I was pleasantly surprised with mozzarella,pesto, sundried tomato & rocket pizza which was delicious!

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