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Welcome to Beijing

A world-renowned gem, sprawling Beijing has magnificent monuments and peaceful parks. At its heart is the world’s largest square - Tiananmen, surrounded by important museums and the amazing Forbidden City. This 15th-century, walled complex of palaces neighbours Jingshan Park and Beihai Park with its imperial garden. Tell me more

What travellers love about Beijing

  • History

    12,942 recommendations

  • Culture

    11,900 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    11,526 recommendations

  • Food

    8,248 recommendations

Welcome to Hong Kong

One of the world’s busiest and most populated cities, Hong Kong is best-known for its stunning skyline with over 1200 skyscrapers and its “East meets West” cultural mix. With architecture and interior design influenced by feng shui and modern technology, this city is truly unique. Tell me more

What travellers love about Hong Kong

  • Shopping

    52,257 recommendations

  • Food

    35,607 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    25,423 recommendations

  • Luxury brand shopping

    17,161 recommendations

Welcome to Jakarta

Indonesia’s capital, sprawling Jakarta has hurtled into the 21st century at a startling rate. Rapidly expanding, it is an eclectic mix of cultures with an electric clubbing scene including the EX at Plaza Indonesia mall and those near Blok M mall, popular with expats. Jakarta shopping is great, with modern malls all over, interspersed with traditional markets, some underground. Tell me more

What travellers love about Jakarta

  • Shopping

    4,564 recommendations

  • Food

    2,246 recommendations

  • Shopping for clothes

    1,869 recommendations

  • Friendly locals

    1,613 recommendations

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