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Traveler's Reviews & Photos

Because of the nature of the country, some western friendly entertainments are not visible just from looking from the streets. Make sure you have a vpn or restriction-free roaming data connection and use internet to discover the hidden treasures of the city.
February 18, 2017
Review score
We booked 3 rooms for our stay overnight. The hotel was very nice, but very COLD. My friend wasn't able to get heat in her room and the breakfast wasn't that great.
United States of America
February 17, 2017
Love walking to The Bund at dark and seeing the lghts. The markets were decorating for Lunar New Year but we had to leave 2 days before. We still saw many storefront and market decorations. And of course we shopped n the markets and on Nanjing Street!
United States of America
February 19, 2017
The Restaurant were first class..but keep away from nanjing road to meny girls ask you for massage.. Shanghai very nice place go back next year..
Isle of Man
February 17, 2017
Very Good
A bustling city. I would recommend only a couple of nights here. The pace is too frenetic and gets tiring. It is quite a pretty city with a lot to do but you cannot really properly relax here
New Zealand
February 18, 2017

Accommodations and Hotels in Shanghai

IFC Residence

8.9 Excellent

Score from 1,649 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    170 related reviews
  • “very clean”
    72 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    53 related reviews
Les Suites Orient, Bund Shanghai

9 Wonderful

Score from 1,741 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    129 related reviews
  • “amazing views”
    118 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    93 related reviews
Sofitel Shanghai Hyland

8.4 Very Good

Score from 1,504 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    265 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    101 related reviews
  • “very clean”
    42 related reviews
Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai New World

8.5 Very Good

Score from 1,357 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    119 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    37 related reviews
  • “amazing views”
    35 related reviews
Dorsett Shanghai

8.2 Very Good

Score from 1,862 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    239 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    70 related reviews
  • “very clean”
    66 related reviews
Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre

9 Wonderful

Score from 1,851 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    127 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    91 related reviews
  • “excellent quality of food”
    61 related reviews
The Puli Hotel And Spa

9.1 Wonderful

Score from 977 reviews


Average price per night
  • “beautiful building”
    95 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    50 related reviews
  • “location was great”
    41 related reviews
Grand Central Hotel Shanghai

8.7 Excellent

Score from 1,623 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    247 related reviews
  • “very clean”
    96 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    92 related reviews
The Yangtze Boutique Shanghai

8.7 Excellent

Score from 1,178 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    155 related reviews
  • “beautiful building”
    93 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    77 related reviews
Discover Shanghai

Popular Neighborhoods in Shanghai


208 properties

Xiaolongbao is a dish that’s not to miss. Tuck into these delicate pork-filled dumplings at Nanxiag Xiaolongbao Restaurant in City God Temple. Once you’ve had your fill, work it all off with a stroll through Dongtai Road Antiques Market for retro homeware and kitsch souvenirs.

Old French Concession

100 properties

Brunch with a beat. By day this quiet corner is where the foodies flock for eggs over easy. Try Cotton’s for mimosas and al fresco dining. After sundown, it’s a whole different Shanghai story as ardent partygoers arrive on the scene. Electronica groovers shimmy in The Shelter, while beer buffs sip craft ale in Shanghai Brewery.


92 properties

Loud, crowded and a dream destination for tourists and expats. The trio of malls forms a golden triangle where you can burn through your holiday spends. Expats queue at City Supermarket for their fix of imported western food. Shop till you drop and then stroll through Jing’an Park. Hit the Sauna Room at the Equatorial Hotel for a quick detox.


84 properties

Money makes the world go round, or so the song goes. And here – in one of the world’s flushest financial districts – you can almost hear the cash spinning past. Even if high finance is not your deal, take a look anyway. The 30+ skyscrapers on the banks of the Huangpu are a stunning sight - day and night.

Huaihai Road Commercial Area

69 properties

Pay your respects to the kings and queens of the fashion world. Wall-to-wall designers make this leafy street a haven for label-loving locals. Lust over the latest high fashions, browse the boutiques for one-off pieces then chill out eastern style in one of the five spas in Times Square Mall.


37 properties

Best enjoyed from the ground up. Start at street level for some grade-A people-watching on the boardwalk. Get above the crowds and soar to the clouds – M on the Bund serves classic martinis on the roof terrace, with the Shanghai skyline delivering a breathtaking backdrop. Recline on the daybeds at Vue Bar and cool off in the terrace whirlpool.


33 properties

This downtown district buzzes with shopaholics. Metro City Shopping Centre is the area’s most eye-catching retail nucleus, drawing in shoppers with its giant glass orb. Classy cats head to Orient Shopping Centre for designer threads, accessories and watches. If spending’s not your bag, keep it simple with a stroll round Xujiahui Park.


19 properties

Apply some pressure at Green Massage. Dispel any notion that Chinese acupressure is a relaxing experience as you’re pushed to the fine line between pleasure and pain. Further your cultural immersion with an early morning T’ai Chi class in Fuxing Park. Stroll through the covered pavilions and watch mah-jong enthusiasts demonstrate their skills.

Local Tips for Shanghai

Knowledge & Innovation Community (KIC)
Anthony by Anthony

Book-loving Anthony enjoys unwinding with a cup of coffee and a good read.

Go back to school at Wujiaochang’s Knowledge & Innovation Community, where you’ll find exhibition halls at the KIC Plaza, and bustling shops and recreational facilities at KIC Village. Blend in with the students at KIC’s hip cafés, and take a sneak peek into Shanghai’s student life.

Shanghai Disneyland Park
Betty by Betty

Betty is crazy about Disney and has visited every one of their theme parks across the globe!

Shanghai Disney Resort is set to be a spectacular park when it opens in June 2016! Located in the Pudong District, the resort is home to six themed lands, oodles of attractions and great entertainment.

Cool Docks
Eddie by Eddie

Eddie is passionate about relaxing and knows all the secret hideaways of Shanghai.

Amid the speckles of old Shanghai architecture is the modern Cool Docks, a glitzy realm of foreign restaurants and bars. Chill out with a drink outside, or grab a bite to eat at the Cool Docks’s Indian, Thai, or Japanese restaurants. Don’t miss out on their trendy parties!

  • 505 South Zhongshan Road
Korean Street
Eva by Eva

A Shanghai native, Eva loves discovering new things to do in the city!

Nestled in the Gubei area is Hongquan Road, locally known as Korean Street. Get your hands on Korean products (like face masks!) and browse for K-pop collectibles. Save an afternoon for a full-body massage at a Korean spa before treating your palette to a succulent Korean BBQ dinner.

  • Hongquan Road, near Yinting Road
Lujiazui Central Green Space
Jessie by Jessie

Born and bred in Shanghai, Jessie likes spending time in the tranquil oases of this huge metropolis.

Tired of shopping? Sick of crowds? Hop on over to Lujiazui Central Green Space. This large open-air oasis is perfect for spending a lazy afternoon. Whether you’re picnicking with your family, jogging around the lake or just daydreaming, this sanctuary is the place to be.

  • 15 Lujiazui East Road, Pudong
Huanghe Food Street
Cressida by Cressida

Cressida is a true foodie who indulges in Shanghai’s delectable local dishes during her free time.

Save your appetite for Huanghe Food Street! Located near People’s Park, this delicious street features an incredible variety of Shanghainese restaurants, from cheap diners to upscale eateries. Pastries, noodles, steamed dumplings, duck legs… mmm, you could easily spend an entire day here!

  • Huanghe Road
Katharina by Katharina

Katharina recently moved here from a tiny town in Austria and can’t get enough of Shanghai!

No, it’s not a weapon! M50 (also known as Mongshan Road) is home to Shanghai’s finest contemporary galleries. You can easily spend an afternoon looking at million-dollar sculptures and paintings, or searching for that special piece of art to hang over your fireplace.

  • 50 Moganshan Road
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Recommended in Shanghai

If you're just in shanghai for a few days its not a problem. Leave 1,5 hours to get souvenirs near the yu garden, an hour for the garden itself, and the rest is perfect for the free evenings. Go dowm Nanjing Road to the Bund, make pictures, go up have a cocktail at bar rouge, take more pictures, then head to the light tunnel, cross tje river climb to tje bar on the top of the world financial center. Then hit one of the bar streets for more drinks and finish it off before 5 am with the best sttret seafood om earth near the fraser residince. Or you can start from the other side of the river with the bar at the financial center if you're there first.

If you want a good look around, enter a stall/shop while the owners are busy serving someone else. It gives you a good chance to look around first without being hassled... There are dozens of shops selling the same thing, so definitely be prepared to bargain low and walk away..... If they don't call you back, you know your price is unreasonable.... So go to the next shop and raise your bottom asking price a little.

Not getting a taxi in advance. If you want to move around Shanghai easily their are several ways. During the day the metro is an excellent option. At night if you plan on dancing, and having fun try to have someone order a taxi for you. It can be a challenge finding a taxi from Thursday thru Saturday especially at night.

When using the subway, avoid the time people go or come to work, the goes for taxis, the bst time to visit The Bund and the SWFC is 1 hour before sundown, you will have both pictures Day and Night, both views are amazing! asked travelers...

Why do you recommend Shanghai for food?

Shanghai has every cuisine you can think of, from Asian to American, and all authentic.

Have to bargain to get a good price

Beautiful old buildings around

Cloud 9 bar


Shanghai Transportation

Air – Pudong International Airport

Pudong is Shanghai’s main international airport. From here, the speedy Shanghai Maglev Train departs every 15–20 minutes (CNY 50 single/CNY 80 return). It takes around 8 minutes to reach Longyang Road Station, where you can transfer to metro Line 2 for a further 25-minute ride to the city centre. Metro tickets cost CNY 3–15. Alternatively, take an airport shuttle bus (90 minutes, CNY 15–30) or a licensed airport taxi (1 hour, CNY 160) directly to the centre.

Air – Hongqiao International Airport

Hongqiao International Airport is Shanghai’s main domestic airport. The fastest way to get into the city is via the metro (Line 2 or 10). Metro trains depart every 3 minutes and the journey takes around 50 minutes. A taxi to the centre takes about 20 minutes and costs around CNY 75.


Shanghai has an efficient metro system. Ticket machines and station signs are available in English and Chinese, and each stop is announced in Mandarin Chinese and English. All metro lines operate daily between 05:30–22:30, but each has its own schedule. One-day tickets cost CNY 18, while 3-day tickets cost CNY 45: both can be purchased at the ticket desk. Download a metro map from the official website for easy navigation through the city.


Shanghai's buses are less crowded nowadays, thanks to the efficient metro system. Most buses are air conditioned and run every 5–10 minutes. Bus stops and route maps are often written only in Chinese and can be confusing to understand, while announcements aboard are usually in Shanghai dialect, Mandarin Chinese and English. Tickets can be purchased on board for CNY 2: it’s best to have coins or small denomination notes handy.


Flagging down a taxi can seem impossible – especially during rush hours (between 07:00–09:00 and 17:00–19:00). If you must take a taxi, have your hotel's reception call one or take one from a taxi rank. Between 05:00–23:00, taxis cost CNY 14 for the first 3 kilometres and CNY 2.4–3.6 for each additional kilometre. Night rates are slightly more expensive. Most taxi drivers do not speak English, so make sure you have the Chinese characters of your destination handy.


Shanghai is a very walkable city with good public transport. Unless you plan on travelling to the countryside, driving in Shanghai is not recommended. To drive, you must have a People’s Republic of China (PRC) driving licence or a Temporary Driving Permit. Keep in mind that Shanghai’s traffic and limited parking makes driving in the city challenging, even for an experienced driver.

Food in Shanghai

Top Restaurants in Shanghai

Cheap Eats
Nana'S Green Tea (七叶和茶)
  • Unit 75, Hong Kong Shopping Center, 9-99 Renmin Avenue
  • Open Monday–Sunday 10:00–22:00
  • 0086 21 63582701
Cheap Eats
Ping Cheng Wu (平成屋日式料理店)
  • Floor 1-2, 245 North Guangxi Road
  • Open Monday–Sunday 11:30–15:00 and 17:00–00:00
  • 0086 21 63522139
Mid-Range Fare
J Pasta & Steak (界●地中海意面餐厅)
Mid-Range Fare
Ashley (阿什莉)
  • Floor 4, 336 Middle Xizang Road
  • Open Monday–Sunday 11:00–14:30 and 17:00–21:30
  • 0086 21 63463235
Cheap Eats
Cheap Eats
Zhen Lao Dafang (真老大房)
Upscale Dining
Kathleen's 5 Rooftop Restaurant & Bar (K5西餐厅)
  • Floor 5, 325 West Nanjing Road
  • Open Monday–Sunday 11:00–00:30
  • 0086 21 63272221
Cheap Eats
Long Time Ago (很久以前只是家串店)
Mid-Range Fare
Dong Lai Hai Shang (东莱·海上)
  • 94 Middle Fujian Road
  • Open Monday–Sunday 10:30–14:00 and 17:00–21:30
  • 0086 21 63115800
Mid-Range Fare
Laokeqin Shanghai (老克勒上海菜)
  • Floor 2, Chong Hing Finance Center, 288 West Nanjing Road
  • Open Monday–Sunday 11:00–14:00 and 17:00–22:00
  • 0086 21 61221577
Mid-Range Fare
Lingo (灵格西餐厅)
  • Room 109, 388 West Nanjing Road
  • Open Monday–Saturday 11:00–15:00 and 17:00–22:00, Sunday 11:00–15:00 and 17:00–00:00
  • 0086 21 63345066
Cheap Eats
Fan Cafe (饭小馆)
  • Room 108, Hongji Ximenting, 279 South Xizang Road
  • Open Monday–Sunday 11:30–14:00, 17:30–22:00 and 22:00–01:00
  • 0086 21 63752536
Mid-Range Fare
Home Thai
  • Unit 401, Floor 4, K11 Art Mall, 300 Middle Huaihai Road
  • Open Monday–Sunday 11:30–22:00
  • 0086 21 63355995
Mid-Range Fare
  • Unit 303, Floor 3, K11 Art Mall, 300 Middle Huaihai Road
  • Open Monday–Sunday 11:00–22:00
  • 0086 21 63128807
Mid-Range Fare
Banana Leaf (广州蕉叶)
  • Floor 4, South Building, Hong Kong Square Shopping Shopping Center, 283 Middle Huaihai Road
  • Open Monday–Sunday 11:00–22:00
  • 0086 21 53833333
Upscale Dining
Bar Bites
  • Floor 4, South Building, Hong Kong Plaza, 283 Middle Huaihai Road
  • Open Monday–Sunday 21:00–05:00
  • 0086 21 62886222
Upscale Dining
Bar Bites
Jiyue Hotpot (季悦火锅)
  • Floor 3, South Building, Hong Kong Plaza, 283 Middle Huaihai Road
  • Open Monday–Sunday 11:00–22:00
  • 0086 21 33662796
Cheap Eats
Food Fusion (融合马来西亚餐厅)
  • L413-415, 300 East Nanjing Road
  • Open Monday–Saturday 10:00–22:00
  • 0086 21 33767967
Cheap Eats
Jiajia Steamed Dumpling (佳家汤包)
Cheap Eats
Lao Sheng Chang (老盛昌苏州汤包馆)
Cheap Eats
k1+3 Rooftop Cafe (木鸭梨露天餐厅)
  • Floor 4, 456 West Nanjing Road
  • Open Monday–Sunday 11:00–22:00
  • 0086 21 33051136
Mid-Range Fare
Yi Xiang Chun Zhu (怡乡春竹)
Cheap Eats
Cang Lang Ting (沧浪亭)
Mid-Range Fare
Man Fu Man Zu (满腹满足)
Cheap Eats
Shen Dacheng (沈大成)
  • Floor 6, Yuehui Square, 353 East Nanjing Road
  • Open Monday–Sunday 07:00–21:00
  • 0086 21 33313134
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