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1 gæster fra Danmark har givet Medellín rigtig gode vurderinger for natteliv!

Er du nysgerrig efter sjove, unikke tips fra rejsende, som kender Medellín?

  • Venlige mennesker 701 anbefalinger
  • 5 svar

Hvad er det der gør, at folk fra Medellín er så venlige? Lad os høre din historie.

AlexMcSea, USA

21 dage siden Rapporter

We are learning Spanish and our grasp thus far is limited - We know enough for basic questions and directions, etc. In Medellin, we encountered only a few people who spoke even basic English. Not a problem - we never encountered one person who was not willing to help us while we each worked to overcome a language barrier. We encountered smiles, laughs and just good natured people. Even the police officers smiled, laughed and went out of their way when we approached for directions or questions.
  • Gåture i byen 83 anbefalinger
  • 2 svar

Hvordan får man mest ud af Medellín til fods?

AlexMcSea, USA

21 dage siden Rapporter

Get a good walking map before arriving in Medellin. Using a tourist map is only helpful for an overview, but the scales make for difficult interpretations. We were also glad we had general plans for each day and we worked those plans into the use of the metro system, including the metro cables.
  • Udflugter 8 anbefalinger
  • 2 svar

Hvilke seværdigheder skal man sørge for at se i Medellín?

martin, USA

6 dage siden Rapporter

With two bus terminals and numerous pueblos one can fill their days for a month....also the metro stops offer much diversity. Poblado and parque Lleras have great restaurants....check out the internet blog "Medellin Living" for more ideas....
  • Mad 320 anbefalinger

Hvorfor synes du, at Medellín er et godt valg, hvis man vil have god mad?

James, Canada

13 dage siden Rapporter

Very good
  • Byferie 74 anbefalinger

Hvad er det, der gør Medellín til en klassiker indenfor storbyferie?

AlexMcSea, USA

21 dage siden Rapporter

Warm and welcoming people who are rightfully proud of their city and country. We experienced a city looking to the future with modern buildings, infrastructure and thinking.
  • Museer 242 anbefalinger

Hvad fandt du ud af om museerne i Medellín, som ikke stod i guidebøgerne?

AlexMcSea, USA

21 dage siden Rapporter

If you do not speak or read Spanish, you will likely find limited resources to help with narration of what you are seeing. That said, I simply let the art speak for itself and made notes about the works I wanted to know more about so I could research on the internet when I returned to the hotel.
  • Natteliv 255 anbefalinger

Hvad bør man undgå, hvis man vil have mest ud af nattelivet i Medellín?

Anonym, Ukendt beliggenhed

20 dage siden Rapporter

Nothing really, food and booze is cheap, the area seemed to be safe
  • Atmosfære 40 anbefalinger

Hvorfor synes mange at stemningen i Medellín er så speciel?

Caroline, Curaçao

20 dage siden Rapporter

There is such a diversity of things to do for all ages and all tastes. No need to have one dull moment in this city! People are friendly and eager to advance. One gets a feeling that there is a movement forward for the better of the city as a whole. Considering the relatively short time since it wrestled itself free from its past, Medellin is a very 'happening' kind of place that dares to innovate.
  • Praktisk offentlig transport 73 anbefalinger

Var det nemt, billigt, godt forklaret? Hvorfor var det så let at komme rundt i Medellín?

Donna, USA

29 dage siden Rapporter

Metro was easy, safe, and made this huge city fun to navigate.
  • Rent 98 anbefalinger

Hvad gør de for at holde Medellín så ren?

AlexMcSea, USA

21 dage siden Rapporter

Everywhere you walk in the city, you encounter armies of street cleaners emptying waste bins and ensuring streets are free of litter. Of course, it starts with the people, and you see everyone discarding their waste in bins and not on the ground.
  • Aktiviteter 9 anbefalinger

Hvilke seværdigheder var inkluderet på den bedste guide tur rundt i Medellín?

Brian, USA

1 dag siden Rapporter

Take the metro cable to the top of the mountain for the best view of the Medellin Metro area. Cost me 90 cents US each way. Safe and secure.
  • Varmt vejr 89 anbefalinger

Hvad gør du for at kunne holde til varmen i Medellín?

Gary, USA

19 dage siden Rapporter

Book a room at the Intercontinental Hotel and sit by the pool
  • Parker 130 anbefalinger

Hvorfor anbefaler folk Medellín for de gode parker?

Linda, USA

10 dage siden Rapporter

There are green spaces every few blocks and in every part of the city - lots of shade and places to sit and rest or relax.
  • Eventyr 13 anbefalinger

Fortæl os om en af dine mest spændende oplevelser...

Brian, USA

1 dag siden Rapporter

Lots of outdoor activities to do outside the metropolitan area of Medellin. Hiking, fishing, nature walks.
  • Budget 13 anbefalinger

Hvad er dine bedste tips til at rejse på budget i Medellín.

Brian, USA

1 dag siden Rapporter

Don't stay in Poblado or Laureles if you want to save money on your hotel and meals. You can get just as comfortable hotels and quality meals in the barrios and cities surrounding those two popular "gringo" areas.
  • Kulturelt varieret mad 31 anbefalinger

Hvordan får man fat på alle de forskellige typer mad, der findes i Medellín?

Johnny, Curaçao

24 dage siden Rapporter

Eat at different restaurant
  • Madboder 4 anbefalinger

Fortæl folk, der skal til Medellín, hvad du bedst kunne lide og hvad der var værst ved madboderne.

AlexMcSea, USA

21 dage siden Rapporter

We encountered street vendors and sidewalk shops everywhere selling empanadas, arepas, and various Colombian food. It is very inexpensive and quite filling. Two empanadas could be had for 2000 pesos - about USD1.

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