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1 clientes de Portugal recomendaram Monte Verde para natureza!

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  • Natureza 191 recomendações

Descreva a natureza em Monte Verde.

Katy, Estados Unidos da América

Há 20 dias Denunciar

Weather is always chaning, absoultely gorgeous, I wouldn't say I'm a wilderness person, but like to be outdoors...It was definitely worth the visit and Hotel Fonda Vela made our stay really great. Their pool is even covered, so you don't have to worry aobut rain!
  • Pôr-do-sol 3 recomendações

Descreva qual é a melhor maneira de admirar o pôr-do-sol em Monte Verde!

Neil, Canadá

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Eyes open at the hotel ficus
  • Aventura 51 recomendações

Conte-nos um pouco sobre uma aventura que tenha vivido...

Felicia, Costa Rica

Há 15 dias Denunciar

If you're driving, the roads up to Monteverde are rugged. But that's part of the fun (if you have 4W drive). Every turn delivers another great view. The air up there is drier and cooler than lower parts of CR, so it's very comfortable. People are friendly, many coffee and chocolate farmers. The Inn is a bit outside of town, which we liked, and having a car made that easy. The beautiful views from the Inn and the nature trail (1.5 to 2 hours hike possible) made this a much more interesting place for us to stay than anything is town would have been. The owners also assist with booking adventure tours for you if you like. We did the hanging bridges in the cloud forest, which was beautiful, but we liked the trail on the Inn's property even better.
  • Vida selvagem 45 recomendações

Descreva o que é que viu de mais impressionante sobre a vida selvagem durante a sua viagem.

Melissa, Estados Unidos da América

Há 9 dias Denunciar

A guide offered to meet us at 6 AM before the Monteverde Cloud Reserve opened and we had the trails and wildlife to ourselves with an extremely knowledgeable guide named Oscar. He spent close to 4 hours with us (we arranged a 2 hour guided tour, but he was so generous with his time!) and we learned about all the vegetation, the cloud forest, and Costa Rica's relationship to eco-tourism. It was fantastic! We saw many birds, butterflies, but learned even more about the unique vegetation and ecosystem there.
  • Observar aves 43 recomendações

Que pássaros raros pode dizer que já viu em Monte Verde?

Yin Choy
Yin Choy, Canadá

Há 1 dia Denunciar

Black-breasted Wood-Quail, Resplendant Quetzal, Azure-hooded Jay

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