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Soda Bonanza
One of Monte Verde’s best-kept secrets, this authentic family-run restaurant has a true home-from-home feel. Santa Elena residents swear by Soda Bonanza’s warm welcome, fair prices and traditional Costa Rican cooking. Specialities include chicken with passion fruit and fish in shrimp sauce, washed down with freshly squeezed juices or local beer.
Soda La Salvadita
Sodas are Costa Rica’s typical family-run restaurants, and Soda La Salvadita is where Monte Verde locals go for slap-up meals at bargain prices. Situated on the outskirts of Santa Elena town, this brightly painted soda serves up generous portions of traditional casado – a mixed plate of rice, salad and grilled meat with plantains and beans.
Santa Elena Farmers Market
The lush hills of Monteverde are renowned for their top-quality fruit, vegetables and cheeses. Every Saturday morning, Santa Elena’s high school gym bustles with stalls selling all manner of local farm produce – much of it organic. Along the way, you can fill up on homemade pastries and freshly roasted Costa Rican coffee.
Café Orchid Coffee Shop
Not content with serving up fantastic Costa Rican coffee, this cosy Santa Elena café has a full menu that’s bursting with local flavour. From breakfast omelettes and smoothies, to homemade soup and freshly baked bread, the Café Orchid Coffee Shop is an all-day favourite with Monteverde residents.
The Treehouse Restaurant
They weren’t kidding when they named it The Treehouse. Situated in the heart of Monteverde, this three-storey restaurant is built around a giant fig tree. Attracting a lively crowd of locals and visitors, it dishes up fusion cuisine and traditional Costa Rican casados – grilled meat served with rice, salad, plantain and beans.
Cloud Forest Reserve
Monteverde’s Cloud Forest Reserve draws in visitors from around the world, so it’s no surprise that international food abounds here. If you’re looking for local flavour, traditional family-run “soda” restaurants are your best bet. Meanwhile, the Monteverde Cheese Factory tour recaps the area’s Quaker-influenced dairy delights – don’t miss the fantastic homemade ice cream!
Bosque Nuboso Monteverde Natural Reserve
The lush greenery and vibrant array of wildlife to be found in Monteverde’s cloud forest are truly unmissable. A tour with Horse Trek Monteverde will take you right up to the forest edge, where you’ll dismount and give the horses a well-earned rest, while you plunge deeper into this mist-filled wonderland.

Smeštajni objekti i hoteli u gradu Monteverde

Hotel & Spa Poco a Poco

7,7 Dobar

Prosečna ocena 120 recenzija/-e

RSD 12.475

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El Establo Mountain Hotel

8 Veoma dobar

Prosečna ocena 277 recenzija/-e

RSD 14.984

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Hotel Fonda Vela

8,3 Veoma dobar

Prosečna ocena 229 recenzija/-e

RSD 12.728

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Monteverde Inn

8,9 Sjajan

Prosečna ocena 509 recenzija/-e

RSD 5.736

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Hotel Cipreses

8,3 Veoma dobar

Prosečna ocena 131 recenzija/-e

RSD 6.797

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Hotel El Sueño

8,1 Veoma dobar

Prosečna ocena 292 recenzija/-e

RSD 1.377

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Santa Elena Hostel Resort

8,1 Veoma dobar

Prosečna ocena 185 recenzija/-e

RSD 1.697

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Hotel Montaña Monteverde

8,5 Veoma dobar

Prosečna ocena 144 recenzija/-e

RSD 9.292

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Hotel Miramontes

8,3 Veoma dobar

Prosečna ocena 165 recenzija/-e

RSD 7.112

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If you're driving, the roads up to Monteverde are rugged. But that's part of the fun (if you have 4W drive). Every turn delivers another great view. The air up there is drier and cooler than lower parts of CR, so it's very comfortable. People are friendly, many coffee and chocolate farmers. The Inn is a bit outside of town, which we liked, and having a car made that easy. The beautiful views from the Inn and the nature trail (1.5 to 2 hours hike possible) made this a much more interesting place for us to stay than anything is town would have been. The owners also assist with booking adventure tours for you if you like. We did the hanging bridges in the cloud forest, which was beautiful, but we liked the trail on the Inn's property even better.

A guide offered to meet us at 6 AM before the Monteverde Cloud Reserve opened and we had the trails and wildlife to ourselves with an extremely knowledgeable guide named Oscar. He spent close to 4 hours with us (we arranged a 2 hour guided tour, but he was so generous with his time!) and we learned about all the vegetation, the cloud forest, and Costa Rica's relationship to eco-tourism. It was fantastic! We saw many birds, butterflies, but learned even more about the unique vegetation and ecosystem there.

If you wish to see wild animals as never before, go for a guided night walk.

Black-breasted Wood-Quail, Resplendant Quetzal, Azure-hooded Jay

The fresh air, home grown produce, the freedom from pollution.

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