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Mill Colonnade

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Neo-renaissance building covers 5 hot springs

Cazare lângă Mill Colonnade

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1 iulie 2016

Diana tower, walking on the streets of old town, market collonade, spa no 5 were my favorites places. Restaurant Charlie We arrived by car. Visiting museums, walking in city.
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2 mai 2016

O statiune deosebita, exclusivista, pentru oameni care isi pot aloca bugete consistente de calatorie.
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Foarte bine

27 iulie 2016

Nice small town with spectacular architecture and lots of SPAs. Very popular for its thermal springs. A must see place.
Marea Britanie
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27 martie 2016

Totul este minunat ! Trebuie neapărat vizitat și o sa mai repetam vizita!
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Cazare şi hoteluri în Karlovy Vary

Savoy Westend Hotel

8,7 Fabulos

Scor obţinut din 317 comentarii

517 lei

Preţ mediu pe noapte
  • Petra Velikého 16, Chiar în centrul din Karlovy Vary, Karlovy Vary
Prezident Luxury Spa & Wellness Hotel

8,8 Fabulos

Scor obţinut din 530 comentarii

505 lei

Preţ mediu pe noapte
  • Moravska 3, City Centre, Karlovy Vary
Hotel Romance Puškin

9 Superb

Scor obţinut din 862 comentarii

281 lei

Preţ mediu pe noapte
  • Trziste 37, Chiar în centrul din Karlovy Vary, Karlovy Vary
Retro Riverside

9,1 Superb

Scor obţinut din 699 comentarii

531 lei

Preţ mediu pe noapte
  • Brezova 157, Karlovy Vary
Grandhotel Pupp

8,8 Fabulos

Scor obţinut din 906 comentarii

731 lei

Preţ mediu pe noapte
  • Mirove namesti 2, Chiar în centrul din Karlovy Vary, Karlovy Vary
Spa Hotel Schlosspark

8,5 Foarte bine

Scor obţinut din 376 comentarii

341 lei

Preţ mediu pe noapte
  • Kolma 661/13-19, Chiar în centrul din Karlovy Vary, Karlovy Vary
Hotel Ontario

9,2 Superb

Scor obţinut din 940 comentarii

321 lei

Preţ mediu pe noapte
  • Zamecký Vrch 20, City Centre, Karlovy Vary
Interhotel Central

8,2 Foarte bine

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348 lei

Preţ mediu pe noapte
  • Divadelní náměstí 17, Chiar în centrul din Karlovy Vary, Karlovy Vary
Quisisana Palace

9,2 Superb

Scor obţinut din 201 comentarii

762 lei

Preţ mediu pe noapte
  • Mariánskolázeňská 298/3, Chiar în centrul din Karlovy Vary, Karlovy Vary
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Tot ce este mai bun în Karlovy Vary

We ate twice at the basement restaurant beneath Hotel Aura (Restaurace U Křížovníků - fairly cheap, and only 3 minutes away), twice at Hotel Pupp's Becher Bar (downstairs - much cheaper than the upstairs restaurants, but more exxy than other places) and 3 times at Svejka just across the river. Such fantastic food here! Venison, duck, schnitzel, baked pork knuckle, lamb shank/haxe - not as great for vego's, though some good mushrooms and cheese too. We also cooked a few meals - JIP grocery store is up the hill about 15 minutes' walk. Or Billa/Rossman about 15 minutes down towards Elizabeth baths.

Buy a map! Be aware that some of the forests are silent forests, there for contemplation and healing rather than talking, so you can smile and nod to say hello, but no talking! Walk both through and around the town as well as the trails above town on both sides. The walking tracks on the hills on the east side are much quieter, but more state pine forest and small towns than on the west side. Some track access has been blocked by new houses here and there, but mostly it's pretty easy to find your way with the markings.

Beautiful Scenery along a river with a great architecture. Combines beautiful nature and a blending architecture.

The whole town speaks of tranquility even with many tourists walking around, sipping water from the fountains.

Walking up and down the river, also the many steep hills and inclines makes for good excersize.

salt cave, mud treatment , facials and body massages along with the curative waters.

Sa nu strice natura cu facilitati pentru cei "pretentiosi" sau lenesi.

Doua-trei zile pline cu multe atractii de lux dar si pentru bugetari.

the climate is very good in this periode

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