De beste grunnene til å reise hit:

  • Øl (8066)
  • Museer (7317)
  • Shopping (7313)
  • Mat (3256)
  • Kultur (2887)
  • Sightseeing (2866)
  • Historie (2077)
  • Arkitektur (2007)
  • Oktoberfest (1979)
  • Storbytur (1947)

München ble varmt anbefalt for shopping av 60 gjester fra Norge!

Interessert i spennende og personlige tips om München fra folk som har vært der?

Hvor går du for å drikke det beste ølet i München?

Erik, Norge

11 dager siden Rapporter

Augustiner Keller og Hochbrauhaus. Besøk også Seehaus i Der Englischer Garten.
  • Kunstmuseer 642 anbefalinger
  • 34 svar

Hvilke kunstmuseer bør man besøke om man er ny i München?

Panagiotis, Luxembourg

17 dager siden Rapporter

Alte and Neue Pinakotheque , Deutsches Museum,Bavarian Museum ,Agyptian Museum , Lenbach House for Modern Art Gallery .
Churches - Frauenkirche , Salvatorkirche, Asamkirche,Peterkirche,Theatinerkirche . Resintenz.
  • Shopping 7313 anbefalinger
  • 29 svar

Beskriv hva andre som deg ville synes om shoppingtilbudet i München.

Anonym, Ukjent beliggenhet

25 dager siden Rapporter

Mange store varemagasin samlet i. sentrum. Svært mykje folk første helg i desember. God service i butikkene. "Folkelige" resturanter
  • Klesbutikker 836 anbefalinger
  • 27 svar

Har München andre klesbutikker å by på enn kun de vanlige kjedebutikkene?

Bjorn, USA

11 dager siden Rapporter

Great local companies like Hirmer, Oberpollinger, and Ludwig Beck for clothes.
  • Historie 2077 anbefalinger
  • 21 svar

Hvordan merker man best historiens sus i München?

Zuzana, Slovakia

19 dager siden Rapporter

Munich and the surroundings are places to be for all fans of Sissi and Ludwig II, the Fairy Tale King. The royal history of Bavaria is all-present. Furthermore, if you are interested in World War II, you can visit Dachau (concentration camp) and Berchtesgaden (the Eagle's Nest - a tea house, which was a present of the Party to Hitler's 50th birthday).
  • Julemarked 1272 anbefalinger
  • 20 svar

Hva er det ved julemarkedet i München som gir deg julestemning?

efsa, Tyrkia

29 dager siden Rapporter

The smells of mulled wine, sausages and spiced breads/biscuits. They are truly old fashioned and chic where artisans who practice centuries old crafts sell their goods. The spirit of Christmases past is very much still present in Munich. They are hanging on to their traditions. Not one imported Chinese junk in sight!

Hva gjør München verdt å anbefale til noen som er glad i mat?

Philip, Storbritannia

8 dager siden Rapporter

Wonderful food markets, wonderful food shops and a good choice of restaurants. The cafe in the Rathaus (Marianplatz) is cheap and good value, and we also like the fish soup in Perfetto (in the basement of the Karstadt department store - entrance below the from entrance to the station).

Hva oppdaget du ved museene i München som kanskje ikke finnes i reiseguidene?

Ron, Australia

9 dager siden Rapporter

One needs about 4-5 weeks to see them all! The Deutsches Museum in particular is one of the largest and most comprehensive technical museums in the world. It alone would take at least 4 days to properly view all the exhibits. In addition the three galleries that comprise the Pinakotheken display art works from 15th - 18th century religious paintings to 20th century paintings, modern art, design and architecture. The National Bavarian Museum and the
  • Gode transportforbindelser 653 anbefalinger
  • 13 svar

Var det billig, raskt, godt forklart ...? Fortell oss hva som gjorde det enkelt å reise rundt i München.

Anonym, Ukjent beliggenhet

28 dager siden Rapporter

3-dagers billett for inntil 5 personer gjør enkelt å nå alle severdigheter ( billig også).
  • Byvandring 1215 anbefalinger
  • 11 svar

Hva er den beste måten å oppleve München til fots på?

Meagan, Irland

2 dager siden Rapporter

I took a Santander 3hr free walking tour which meets at the Marienplatz every day at 10:00, 10:45 and 14:00. The idea is that the guide gives you the best tour they can and you tip them whatever you see fit at the end. Everyone wins! It was an excellent tour which I felt really captured the true identity of Munich, with loads of stories behind different areas, buildings and landmarks. Great tour, and Ben Reynolds, my tour guide, was exceptional.
  • Hyggelige folk 770 anbefalinger
  • 9 svar

Hva er det med folk fra München som gjør dem så hyggelige? Fortell oss gjerne hva du opplevde.

Charles, USA

19 dager siden Rapporter

The people of Munich are both friendly and polite; they are helpful when the tourist is lost or looking for a certain place to go. My intuition is that the city is quite safe.
  • Atmosfære 463 anbefalinger
  • 9 svar

Hva er det som gjør at München har en så god atmosfære?

Zuzana, Slovakia

19 dager siden Rapporter

Munich is undoubtedly more than a reflection of the traditional Bavaria. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the traditional Bavarian cuisine, the traditional costumes, the history of the Wittelsbach royal family the most.
  • Storbytur 1947 anbefalinger
  • 7 svar

Hva er det som gjør München til et klassisk reisemål for storbyferier?

Philip, Storbritannia

8 dager siden Rapporter

All the above, plus other places you can get to also, as day or overnight trips. Schloss Schleissheim is stunning in the winter sunshine, and so far we have visited Augsburg and Nuremberg - both fascinating cities in their own right.
  • Kultur 2887 anbefalinger
  • 5 svar

Hvordan kan du få den mest autentiske kulturopplevelsen i München?

Patricia, Storbritannia

21 timer siden Rapporter

Take a guide and city map and walk around. This is the best way to see the cultural side of Munich.
  • Slott 941 anbefalinger
  • 5 svar

Hvor godt restaurert er slottene i München?

Lynn, USA

11 dager siden Rapporter

The 2 castles we visited were absolutely wonderful we had a good time in Munich. I wished things also came with a simple english translation most of the time we had to rely on pictures or guess at what we were reading or ordering. English was not commenly spoken or understood.
  • Antikke severdigheter 142 anbefalinger
  • 5 svar

Beskriv de beste antikke severdighetene i München.

Macon, Storbritannia

13 dager siden Rapporter

There is an app called Triposo. This is excellent for planning sights to see and city walks.
Hofbräuhaus. It is very touristy but well worth the visit. Great food and live Ompah bands. Big pretzels and litre sized beer glasses. There is also a hard Rock Café across the street.
Marianplatz (old and new city halls are here)
Many medieval buildings and Gothic churches.
There are four towers left from the city wall which require a bit of walking between them however there are many sights along the way.
Beautiful parks such as the Englischer Garten and the Chinese Tower. There is an excellent beergarten at the tower called Chinesischer Turm Biergarten.
  • Barer 226 anbefalinger
  • 4 svar

Hva likte du best med pub-til-pub-runden i München?

Jessica, Tyskland

2 dager siden Rapporter

Easy walking decent bars. Lots of smaller he's in the wall type
  • Tradisjonell mat 313 anbefalinger
  • 4 svar

Hva slags mat i München gjorde deg glad?

Anonym, Ukjent beliggenhet

24 dager siden Rapporter

Krafpen at Schmalznudel Cafe Frischhut

Nurnberger Bratwurst at Glockl am Dom

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