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Haag rekommenderas varmt för strand av 6 gäster från Sverige!

  • konstmuseer 78 rekommendationer
  • 10 svar

Vilka konstmuseer i Haag bör man inte missa?

Michele, Kanada

6 dagar sedan Rapportera

The Mauritshuis has an extensive collection of Dutch masterpieces from the 17th century, including the gem Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer
  • strand 517 rekommendationer
  • 5 svar

En strand innebär olika saker för människor. Vad betyder stranden i Haag för dig?

Raul, Tjeckien

4 dagar sedan Rapportera

The beach in The Hague is really wide and with fine sand. Sadly, we visited in late autumn so you could only walk on the beach as it was far too cold for a bath but it was really beautiful.
  • kultur 298 rekommendationer
  • 4 svar

Hur får man den mest genuina kulturupplevelsen i Haag?

Anonym, Okänd ort

6 dagar sedan Rapportera

Lots of unique bakeries and delicatessens serving foods unique to Europe/Holland.
Also access to several museums/locations which inform about the Hague's international importance.
Madurodam (large model village) was a great day out, regardless of age (although ideal for children) and contained models of Holland's most famous sites and scenes. Reasonably priced and can provide several hours' fun.
  • restauranger 155 rekommendationer
  • 2 svar

Vart ska folk gå för att äta om de vill undvika alla turistfällor?

MICHAEL, Storbritannien

28 dagar sedan Rapportera

La Passione , Noordeinde , 196.
  • sightseeing 146 rekommendationer

Hur ska man göra för att uppleva sevärdheterna i Haag utan att behöva trängas med alla turister?

Anonym, Okänd ort

2 dagar sedan Rapportera

go when the places of interest open, check if open on a monday
  • shopping 1013 rekommendationer

Beskriv det speciella med shoppingen i Haag.

sean, Nederländerna

15 dagar sedan Rapportera

Shopping in The Hague is a delight, everything you need in a small area with a wide variety of eating,drinking, and just plain chilling places to rest your wary legs.
  • vänliga människor 49 rekommendationer

Varför är människorna i Haag så trevliga? Berätta vad du har varit med om.

Walter, Belgien

18 timmar sedan Rapportera

  • historia 86 rekommendationer

Vad gör att historien i Haag är så levande?

Anonym, Okänd ort

6 dagar sedan Rapportera

Its international historical importance regarding international law and peace-keeping. Venues such as the Peace Palace and ICTY etc. provide a special insight into mainting peace across the world. The opportunity to sit in public courtrooms to witness international criminal trials is also something that provides an insight into international war crime history and the forces behind keeping the peace and maintaining justice today.
  • cityresa 134 rekommendationer

Vad är det som gör Haag till ett av de klassiska resmålen?

Raul, Tjeckien

4 dagar sedan Rapportera

The Hague has a beautiful architecture and it combines old buildings with very modern ones and skyscrapers.
  • museer 686 rekommendationer

Vad vet du om museerna i Haag som inte står i guideböckerna?

Anonym, Okänd ort

7 dagar sedan Rapportera

Interactive guide and workshops in Gemeentemuseum. Highly recommended for kids.
  • bra kollektivtrafik 22 rekommendationer

Är det billigt, snabbt och enkelt att ta sig runt i Haag? Varför?

Anonym, Okänd ort

6 dagar sedan Rapportera

The OV chip cards for all public transport were easy to obtain with top-up stations at the main station areas around Holland. The only difficulty was there wasn't a way to pay with notes, only card or coins. Very cheap in comparison to places like London!
  • rent 11 rekommendationer

Hur kan det vara så rent i Haag?

Michele, Kanada

6 dagar sedan Rapportera

Proud Community
  • shoppa kläder 54 rekommendationer

Finns det annan rolig shopping i Haag förutom i de stora varuhusen?

Melanie, Nederländerna

13 dagar sedan Rapportera

We found some fabulous shops. We were especially pleased to find a Marks and Spencer - we raided the food hall and took it back to our hotel room. Now I need a diet and a gym!

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