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Paano mo maiiwasan ang maraming tao kapag naglilibot ka sa Dublin?

Hillary, U.S.A.

6 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

It sounds obnoxious and annoying, but I purchased my ticket to & from the airport along with a 2 day hop on/hop off bus ride. So touristy, I know - but - it's a great way to spend time seeing the city if you have to wait to check into your hotel/hostel or if you are trying to acclimate to the time difference but are too tired to walk or figure out where to walk on a map. You ride easily into town and then on O'Connell street, change to the hop on/hop off bus, where you swipe your bus card over the reader to validate, grab a pair of headphones (or not) - sometimes it's a live guide - and you get a great lay of the land very quickly. I rode both the city and dockside tours, and then felt I really understood the layout of Dublin for further exploring on foot. It can seem cheesy, but I think it's helpful.
  • Kasaysayan 1987 ang nagrekomenda
  • 28 sagot

Anong mayroon sa Dublin at buhay na buhay ang kasaysayan dito?

Vicki, U.S.A.

21 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Seeing bullet holes in the columns and front wall of the General Post Office on O'Connell Street and knowing that they were shots fired not quite a hundred years ago that changed the course of Irish history gives a very immediate sense of the Irish struggle for independence. It wasn't fought on battlefields with opposing armies. It was right here.
  • Mga Taong Magiliw 1649 ang nagrekomenda
  • 18 sagot

Bakit ba napakabait ng mga tao sa Dublin? Ibahagi sa amin ang kuwento mo.

Vicki, U.S.A.

21 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

I had two mishaps while in Dublin. One was the loss of my driver's license and credit cards, which I already described. The other was losing my balance and tumbling in a busy intersection, landing right in front of a bus. A number of people stopped to help me up and gather my things, but one young woman in particular took charge of me. She steered me to the nearest coffee shop for a cup of hot tea (Irish panacea). She stayed with me until my nerves were steadier and then walked me to a pharmacy for a few things to take care of my scrapes and bruises before leaving. When I got back to my hotel, the receptionist noticed my bedraggled appearance and asked if there was anything she could do to help. Shortly after I went up to my room, she appeared with a bottle of wine and her wishes that it would give me a more pleasant evening. I think that's amazing treatment from two total strangers!
  • Mag-shopping ng damit 673 ang nagrekomenda
  • 15 sagot

May iba pa bang puwedeng gawin sa Dublin maliban sa shopping?

Christine, United Kingdom

29 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

There is more to the shops in Dublin than just brand name stores because there are a couple of shops like our Harrods of London and they have a lovely cafe and restaurant inside. One is Kilkennys and the other is Clerys. You must make them part of your trip.
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  • 14 sagot

Ilarawan kung ano ang nagugustuhan ng mga kagaya mo sa pagsya-shopping sa Dublin.

Vicki, U.S.A.

21 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

If you're looking for the usual Irish exports--Waterford crystal, Beleek porcelain, Donegal tweeds, linens, Aran sweaters, etc.--you'll find them in shop after shop in Dublin. But the contemporary crafts designers create and sell unique and beautiful jewelry, artwork, pottery, clothing and more. Some of it is high-end, some of it very affordable, but all of it is well-made. The big problem with it is choosing what you can't bear not to buy...
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Ano ang dapat mong iwasan para masulit ang nightlife sa Dublin?

Anonymous, Hindi matukoy ang lokasyon

29 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Dublin can be a dangerous place if you are not cautious. Do not flash money or show off expensive equipment.Avoid quiet areas even during the daytime.Tourists seem to be an easy target.
  • Live Music 2211 ang nagrekomenda
  • 12 sagot

Ano ba ang mayroon at napapasayaw ang mga bibisita sa Dublin?

Suzanne, Australia

20 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Visiting an authentic pub with irish food and dancing
Meeting the Irish people
  • Mga Bar 685 ang nagrekomenda
  • 9 sagot

Ano ang pinakanagustuhan mo sa mga pub crawl sa Dublin?

Teena, United Arab Emirates

20 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

People are very friendly. Most of then seemed to be tourists. There are live bands playing almost every night in some club. My favorite spots were: The Quays Bar, house Dj at The Button Factory.
  • Entertainment 771 ang nagrekomenda
  • 9 sagot

Ano ang pinakanakakatuwang bagay na nakita mo sa Dublin?

Janet, Ireland

15 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Its the little things......buskers on Grafton Street, Sand sculpting in Temple Bar :)
  • Teatro 527 ang nagrekomenda
  • 9 sagot

Natuwa ka ba sa mga theater performance sa Dublin?

Roger, United Kingdom

15 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

A marvellous version of Brendan Behan's Borstal Boy. Mind it was Dublin Theatre Festival so I was spoiled for choice
  • Beer 1413 ang nagrekomenda
  • 8 sagot

Saan matatagpuan ang pinakamasarap na beer sa Dublin?

Jessica, U.S.A.

8 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Try Guinness, of course, but other Irish beers and ales are worth a taste. There really is a wide range to choose from, including international beers.
  • Food 1667 ang nagrekomenda
  • 7 sagot

Kamusta naman ang mga kainan sa Dublin?

Jessica, United Kingdom

14 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

We enjoyed everywhere we ate in Dublin there is so much variety to choose from. You may think it is expensive at first, but Dublin is an expensive place. Would recommend pacinos on suffolk street, ginos gelato and bewleys oriental cafe on grafton street is great for breakfast!
  • Mga Restaurant 841 ang nagrekomenda
  • 7 sagot

Saan dapat pumunta para kumain kung ayaw mong mapadpad sa mga "tourist traps?"

Bernadette, Ireland

26 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

roly's bistro for breakfast, Milanos for good pizza and salads, Kites for excellent chinese. all within walking distance
  • Kultura 1807 ang nagrekomenda
  • 7 sagot

Saan ba matatagpuan ang pinaka-authentic cultural experience sa Dublin?

Anonymous, Hindi matukoy ang lokasyon

4 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Try the hop on off bus combined with the walking tour.
Take the Dublinia experience .
  • Paglalakad sa Lungsod 293 ang nagrekomenda
  • 7 sagot

Ano ang maipapayo mo para sa mga gustong magpalakad-lakad lang ang Dublin?

Tania, Netherlands

4 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

make sure you grab the free city guides offered by the tourist information (there is one in the airport) and follow their offers
  • Paglalakad 327 ang nagrekomenda
  • 5 sagot

Bakit ang daming nagsasabing mas enjoy sa Dublin kapag naglalakad?

Jessica, U.S.A.

8 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

There is so much to see in Dublin, that the Hop on, Hop off Buses help to orient you to the city. To get the most of Dublin's charm and beauty, get off the bus and take some walks. Dublin is a great walking city and has many sites within walking distance of each other.
  • Biyaheng Lungsod 891 ang nagrekomenda
  • 5 sagot

Bakit hindi malilimutan ang city trip sa Dublin?

Anne, United Kingdom

13 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Book of Kells and Trinity College. Old Post Office .Guinness Experience.Churches & Cathedrals. NLI etc.
  • Gourmet Food 204 ang nagrekomenda
  • 4 sagot

Dublin ba ang lugar ng masasarap na pagkain? Sabihin sa amin kung bakit.

Caroline, United Kingdom

28 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Fabulous restaurants serving delicious gourmet meals. Lovely seafood at Canal Bank Cafe and Roly`s
  • Mga Museo 864 ang nagrekomenda
  • 4 sagot

Ano ang natuklasan mo sa mga museum sa Dublin na wala sa mga guidebook?

Shelley, Australia

12 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

The quality of displays and the variety of the content in them. Great information and even though it was in the guidebooks,they really were FREE
  • Atmosphere 498 ang nagrekomenda
  • 4 sagot

Ano bang mayroon sa Dublin at ang daming tao ang nahuhumaling dito?

Daniel, United Kingdom

21 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Everyone is really friendly and are willing to help you out if your stuck. Got plenty of free maps too :)

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