Edinburgh United Kingdom, Lothian

Top reasons to visit:

  • History (4339)
  • Shopping (4187)
  • Sightseeing (4120)
  • Culture (2713)
  • Castles (2503)
  • Monuments (1947)
  • Architecture (1739)
  • Food (1528)
  • Pubs (1081)
  • Nightlife (1075)

What is it in Edinburgh that makes history come alive?

Peter, Canada

17 days ago Report

Like anywhere in the UK, history is in your face - which is one reason I love going there. Edinburgh is no exception. What with the Castle in the middle of town and the Palace of Holyrood on the east end, along with all of the other history steeped into every square inch of this elegant city, I recommend it to all. I first visited it as a mouthy 16 year old back in 1967 ... and yet I had enough maturity (buried somewhere deep inside me!) to fall in love with it even back then ... finally got to come back in 2007 and then again last week. An elegant city ... and don't confuse it as being just "more of England" ... it is TOTALLY different from England!

How can you enjoy the sights in Edinburgh while avoiding the crowds?

MARION, Bermuda

27 days ago Report

Get out and about early before the crowds gather.We stayed while the festival was on, this was a bad choice as the crowded streets were terrible and we had to jostle with people from all walks of life which we wouldn't normally associate with.

How can you get the most authentic cultural experience in Edinburgh?

Patrick, United Kingdom

7 days ago Report

Go along to the Fringe and just get carried away by it - busy, exciting, funny, thought provoking and sometimes ridiculous but you'll have fun. We found the locals really helpful and great company. Not to be missed but book accommodation early as the event is SO popular. Needless to say prices are higher but then again you are living a truly great experience and the month of August is probably make or break time for many businesses in Edinburgh.

How well restored were the castles in Edinburgh?

Anonymous, Location unknown

20 days ago Report

Excellent perspective on 900 years of history in Edinburgh Castle. Allow at least 3-4 hours for visit

What was the most entertaining thing you saw in Edinburgh?

Wendy, United Kingdom

12 days ago Report

Travelled up for the Edinburgh Tattoo and the Fringe...sooooo much to see!!!

Describe the best ancient landmarks to take in when in Edinburgh.

David, Ireland

3 days ago Report

Castle. And the canon fire at 1pm

Which fine art museums should a first time visitor to Edinburgh start with?

Brenda, U.S.A.

15 days ago Report

The National Gallery has a superb collection.

What makes the people from Edinburgh so friendly? Tell us your story.

Ruth, United Kingdom

19 days ago Report

We met up with a busker who was collecting for charity, offered to have his photo taken with us and gave our son a go on his bagpipes. All shop and restaurant staff were friendly and extremely efficient with a relaxed jovial manner - not overly friendly and pushy. We were impressed by the booth staff at the castle that were extremely efficient but pleasant and kept the queue moving rapidly to enter the castle

Why would you recommend Edinburgh for food?

Robert, United Kingdom

9 days ago Report

Ate at a restaurant called McKirdy's Steakhouse. A family affair where the meat is supplied by the butcher who is a family member. Great knowledge & recommendation of steaks to fit your personal requirements. Friendly Staff and excellent service.

What makes Edinburgh one of those classic city trip experiences?

Charlotta, United Kingdom

9 days ago Report

If you like being able to walk round a City and don't mind hills there is plenty to do; aside form the Festivals, there are good free galleries, and great restaurants. Historic monuments. Recommend a bus tour when you tire of walking as informative and restful. We have had several successful trips here with our teens. Would struggle with younger children and prams (try bus tours or the Botanic Gardens, National and Portrait Museums if with younger kids). Likewise not sure how wheelchair friendly; it is hilly!

What's the best way to make the most of Edinburgh on foot?

Brenda, U.S.A.

15 days ago Report

Wear comfortable shoes that are well broken in, bring lots of motrin, dress in layers for sudden changes in weather, bring a hooded rain jacket (even in summer), and read all the guide books you can find prior to your vacation to get the most out of. Extra spending money always helps, too!
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Is there more to shopping in Edinburgh than main street stores?

Caroline, United Kingdom

29 days ago Report

Yes, there are lots of little shops crammed with stuff from antiques and collectables to art and pottery

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Valerie, U.S.A.

9 days ago Report

David Bann's on St. Mary's - right off Royal Mile - one of the best vegetarian meals I've ever had. Also the Wedgwood - gourmet elegance!

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Edinburgh.

Anonymous, Location unknown

15 days ago Report

Edinburgh is a great city so much history, old parts to explore and new places to see, high street shops , but also quirky shops as well!!!

Why do people say Edinburgh is best seen on foot?

Ivan, Kazakhstan

28 days ago Report

Hilly landscape provide you excellent possibility to combine sightseeing and fitness section.
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What will make vegetarians mouths' water when they head to Edinburgh?

Anonymous, Location unknown

10 days ago Report

David Bann's restaurant in St Mary's Street - inventive and delicious vegetarian food in a sophisticated setting.
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What aspect of the culture in Edinburgh was so different to home?

Sian, United Kingdom

10 days ago Report

I have only ever been to Edinburgh during the Festival and it's a great place to be. The atmosphere is lovely and nearly everyone is friendly, despite the crowds in the streets.

What effect did the scenery in Edinburgh have on you?

Caitriona, Ireland

13 days ago Report

The scenery and views of the Old Town in Edinburgh would make you want to stay forever. It is very 'Harry Potter-esk'. Well worth the climbs up all the steps and hills.

What makes fine dining in Edinburgh different?

Will, United Kingdom

18 days ago Report

Castle Terrace Restaurant

How is tourism changing Edinburgh?

Tiberiu, Ireland

1 day ago Report

It makes it realise how great Scotland is in the world and for its culture.

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