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Edinburgh telah dinilai tinggi untuk sejarah oleh 15 tetamu dari Malaysia!

Apakah yang ada di Edinburgh yang membuat sejarah hidup semula?

Peter, Kanada

22 hari yang lalu Lapor

Like anywhere in the UK, history is in your face - which is one reason I love going there. Edinburgh is no exception. What with the Castle in the middle of town and the Palace of Holyrood on the east end, along with all of the other history steeped into every square inch of this elegant city, I recommend it to all. I first visited it as a mouthy 16 year old back in 1967 ... and yet I had enough maturity (buried somewhere deep inside me!) to fall in love with it even back then ... finally got to come back in 2007 and then again last week. An elegant city ... and don't confuse it as being just "more of England" ... it is TOTALLY different from England!

Bagaimanakah anda nikmati pemandangan di Edinburgh sambil mengelakkan sesak?

Colin, United Kingdom

2 hari yang lalu Lapor

Edinburgh bus tours hop on hop off 1 day pass. Buy the ticket mid morning so you can use it until the time of purchase the next day. We used the second day to visit the Royal Britannia Yacht. Use google maps to inform on which local bus to catch back to your hotel location.

Bagaimanakah anda boleh nikmati pengalaman budaya yang paling autentik di Edinburgh?

Anonymous, Lokasi tidak diketahui

27 hari yang lalu Lapor

I would recommend the following:
The National Museum of Scotland is a light, airy building with user friendly activities to capture the imagination of children of all ages. I would also recommend Edinburgh Castle - particularly if you are lucky enough to have Lesley as your guide - followed by a walk along the Royal Mile to Hollyrood, a ramble up Arthur's Seat to enjoy views of the city and a visit to Mary King's Close (ideally in the evening). John Knox House is central and you can take a Selfie in cap and gown holding a quill.

Adakah istana-istana di Edinburgh dibaikpulih dengan sempurna?

Lorena, Colombia

3 hari yang lalu Lapor

Edinburgh Castle is restored almost completely, only St Margaret's chapel conserves some of the original construction.

Adakah terdapat tempat-tempat lain untuk membeli-belah di Edinburgh selain kedai-kedai yang sering dikunjungi?

Fiona, Persekutuan Rusia

16 hari yang lalu Lapor

Troon for ladies clothing on Queensferry Rd
Ragamuffin on Royal Mile cnr of Mary St ladies clothing and accessories
George St has many boutique shops

Apakah yang membuat orang-orang di Edinburgh sungguh ramah? Kongsi dengan kami.

Ruth, United Kingdom

24 hari yang lalu Lapor

We met up with a busker who was collecting for charity, offered to have his photo taken with us and gave our son a go on his bagpipes. All shop and restaurant staff were friendly and extremely efficient with a relaxed jovial manner - not overly friendly and pushy. We were impressed by the booth staff at the castle that were extremely efficient but pleasant and kept the queue moving rapidly to enter the castle

Apakah perkara yang paling menghiburkan anda di Edinburgh?

Wendy, United Kingdom

17 hari yang lalu Lapor

Travelled up for the Edinburgh Tattoo and the Fringe...sooooo much to see!!!

Apakah muzium yang seni halus yang harus dikunjungi oleh pelawat yang pertama kali ke Edinburgh?

Joan, United Kingdom

24 hari yang lalu Lapor

Museum of Modern Art, City Art centre, National Gallery Portrait gallery- probably start with Portrait Gallery

Mengapakah anda cadangkan Edinburgh kerana makanannya?

Robert, United Kingdom

14 hari yang lalu Lapor

Ate at a restaurant called McKirdy's Steakhouse. A family affair where the meat is supplied by the butcher who is a family member. Great knowledge & recommendation of steaks to fit your personal requirements. Friendly Staff and excellent service.

Ke manakah pelancong harus pergi jika mereka mahu mengelak dari makan di restoran "tourist trap"?

sharon, United Kingdom

17 hari yang lalu Lapor

Bistro 1780 - excellent lots of traditional Scottish fayre to choose from.
Miros Cantina - Rose Street, Mexican Restaurant - booking is a must. Excellent

Apakah yang membuat lawatan bandar ke Edinburgh satu pengalaman yang unik?

Charlotta, United Kingdom

14 hari yang lalu Lapor

If you like being able to walk round a City and don't mind hills there is plenty to do; aside form the Festivals, there are good free galleries, and great restaurants. Historic monuments. Recommend a bus tour when you tire of walking as informative and restful. We have had several successful trips here with our teens. Would struggle with younger children and prams (try bus tours or the Botanic Gardens, National and Portrait Museums if with younger kids). Likewise not sure how wheelchair friendly; it is hilly!

Ceritakan pengalaman membeli-belah anda di Edinburgh kepada mereka yang mempunyai citarasa yang sama.

Anonymous, Lokasi tidak diketahui

20 hari yang lalu Lapor

Edinburgh is a great city so much history, old parts to explore and new places to see, high street shops , but also quirky shops as well!!!

Apakah yang harus anda elakkan untuk menikmati kehidupan malam sepenuhnya di Edinburgh?

Bianca, Ireland

3 hari yang lalu Lapor

Stay away from the Old Town and Grassmarket if you're looking to meet locals. Go out around George Street and Hanover Street.

Apakah yang anda ketahui tentang muzium di Edinburgh yang tidak ada di dalam buku panduan?

Maryann, Amerika Syarikat

21 hari yang lalu Lapor

some are not open due to renovation---Surgeons museum at ancient univ of Edinburgh.

Museums are free but only open 10 am to 5 pm so plan carefully. The Britannia has a very nice tea/lunch room in it.

Apakah cara terbaik untuk meneroka Edinburgh dengan berjalan kaki?

MARGARET, United Kingdom

1 hari yang lalu Lapor

If like us you want to see the buildings and visit the pubs walk from Holyrood
Palace up the Royal Mile to the Castle, having plenty stop off for real ale in the wonderful old pubs. After the Castle visit go down the steps to the Grassmarket (more pubs) up the hill to see Greyfriers Bobbie back across the Mile and down the Mound past the Gardens. Now it's time to shop on Princes St, just the scottish gift shops. Then up to Rose Street for a few pub visits and finish the day with a meal on George Street. Tomorrow you can visit Leith, the royal yacht and the zoo.

Adakah persembahan teater di Edinburgh telah menepati reputasi mereka?

Elizabeth, United Kingdom

13 hari yang lalu Lapor

The Fringe is a fantastic experience, so much variety of events and the city plans the layout well with food and drink venues allied to make a great overall experience. Find some new part of the event every year we go. This year it was the Udderbelly area around the University square

Apakah kesan yang Edinburgh ada pada diri anda?

Caitriona, Ireland

18 hari yang lalu Lapor

The scenery and views of the Old Town in Edinburgh would make you want to stay forever. It is very 'Harry Potter-esk'. Well worth the climbs up all the steps and hills.

Mengapakah orang kata Edinburgh lebih baik dilihat dengan berjalan kaki?

david, Kanada

29 hari yang lalu Lapor

A lot can bee seen by walking. History, romance, quaint shops and excellent pubs and restaurants to stop and rest when needed.

Apakah yang akan membuat vegetarian teruja bila mereka ke Edinburgh?

Edith, United Kingdom

24 hari yang lalu Lapor

Edinburgh has Hendersons - the best vegetarian restaurant ever - well worth a visit even if you are not a vegetarian (like us).

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