Things to Do in Cairo

The Egyptian Museum


Imagine how Sir Howard Carter felt when he discovered King Tutankhamen’s Tomb that feted day in 1923. Now picture yourself in his shoes. Take a deep breath and step inside this trove of Egyptian artefacts. The boy-king’s gilded death mask and sarcophagus are awe-inspiring; as are the canopic jars, model boats, statues and jewels excavated from his tomb.

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The Nile


Depending on your source, The White Nile originates in Lake Victoria. It converges with the Blue Nile in Southern Sudan, and then flows north. Yet no other African country is as defined by the Nile as Egypt. Its waters have nourished a barren land since pharaonic times, used to transport heavy goods, fertilise soil, yield papyrus reeds used to create paper, and to feed man and beast.

Accommodations near The Nile
  • Qasr al-Nil Bridge, Cairo Governorate
Cairo Tower


Architects of this 187-metre high tower drew inspiration from the lotus flower. Its exterior is covered in metal latticework, with a top splay that resembles the lotus in bloom. Unlike its inspiration, this tower doesn’t close at night – at least not until the small hours. Yet it offers something to stargazers that no Pharaoh had – a god’s-eye view of the city.

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  • Zamalek, Cairo Governorate
  • Open Monday-Sunday 08:00-00:00. Changes seasonally. Check website for details.
Khan Al Khalili

Shopping Areas

Stroll in Cairo’s largest marketplace. Street artists' pastel drawings of ancient kings go by like flashcards. Small, insistent fingers tug at your shirt to direct you to their parents’ stores. Fans of fine fabric admire chevron-patterned dresses and bolts of gold cotton. Antiques dealers sit arms-over-belly next to taxidermied snakes and wild boar, always ready to haggle.

Accommodations near Khan Al Khalili
  • Al-Azhar Street, Cairo
  • Open Monday-Saturday 10:00-22:00
Mosque of Ibn Tulun


There’s always a certain humidity at the Mosque of Ibn Tulun. Barely a few kilometres from the banks of the Nile, it’s one of the world’s most ancient functioning mosques to survive in its original condition. Add striking minarets, turreted domes and a courtyard that rivals several football fields in terms of size, and you’ve got a space that demands reverence.

Accommodations near Mosque of Ibn Tulun
  • Ahmed Ibn Tolon Street, Cairo
Muizz Street

Popular Areas

A thousand years ago, this street began to take shape as a place of trade. With commerce came merchants, mystics, scholars and storytellers, bringing a beguiling dynamism that continues today. Weaving its way across the Al-Husayn district, it’s a snapshot of Islamic architecture through the ages – from the dazzling Al-Aqmar (“moonlit”) Mosque to the Sultan Qalawun complex.

Accommodations near Muizz Street
  • Muizz Street, Cairo
The Azhar Park


After morning prayers, this hilltop park fills with people. Men in casual suits and women in delicate hijabs stroll the paths. Students caucus on benches next to ambrosial flowerbeds, and shelter from the sun under the palms. At dusk, the vista across the brick-and-mortar houses is magical. People stand on their houses waving big red flags, used to summon their pigeons.

Accommodations near The Azhar Park
  • Salah Salem Street, Cairo
Cairo Citadel


Look east from the centre. You’ll see plenty of minarets and palm trees, but you can’t miss The Citadel. This medieval fortress was built by order of the Sultan Saladin, part of an unsuccessful bid to keep crusader invasions at bay. It was added-to over the centuries and stacks modern design on top of classical Islamic foundations. Today, it houses the resplendent Mosque of Mohamed Ali Pasha.

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  • Salah Salem Street, Cairo
  • Open Monday-Sunday 09:00-16:00. Changes seasonally.
Giza Pyramids


Whether you’re seeing it for the first or seventieth time, the Pharaoh Khufu’s pyramid fires the imagination. Heavy boulders were hauled across the Giza Plateau by thousands of workers. Each boulder was cut to precision and weighed as much as a hundred men. These unnamed labourers left a legacy of two million blocks, piled up to form a colossal mausoleum to their ruler.

Accommodations near Giza Pyramids
Great Sphinx


Androgynous, the Sphinx prowls the edge of the Sahara. Its message is stark – grave-rob at your peril. With the head of a human and body of a lion, it combines human wisdom with feline instincts – an intoxicating blend. See for yourself why Ancient Egyptians were both drawn to and terrified by the Sphinx. Thankfully, it’s only made of limestone.

Accommodations near Great Sphinx
  • Pyramids Road, Giza

Reviews of Cairo



October 18, 2016

A pleasant and enjoyable hotel. Everything was exceptable and the bed was comfortable, although the overall fabric of the room felt a little dated. The highlight was the superb breakfast buffet with an excellent range of choice. The staff were also extremely helpful and frie ... Show more ndly. Show less
1 review

Very good

October 20, 2016

One of the oldest civilization in the world. A must visit place. Lots of improvement has happened in the roads & few good malls has sprung up which makes it attractive.
1 review


October 19, 2016

Nice people fantastic nile lil bit crowded str but taxi drivers r nice n clever get over it Food many types every where sitting in coffee place every where Khan alkhalili is amust to see
Dr. Faris
Saudi Arabia
6 reviews

Review score

October 21, 2016

This is JUNGLES!!! Even for tourist with good experience it's better to have some friends in Cairo to guide and help you!
2 reviews

Very good

October 20, 2016

Cairo is a busy city, people kindly, but sometimes worried because Less is orderly road traffic
1 review

Review score

October 18, 2016

the country's history, topography. if we accept to lower standards, you can rent a car in Cairo, you can know more detail area, you can enjoy with Egyptians.
Gheorghe Ioan
12 reviews

Very good

October 19, 2016

You need to bargain for everything otherwise you end up paying a lot of money.
3 reviews

Very good

October 19, 2016

Walking along the Nile is always amazing... Khan al Khalil was a little bit disappointing
South Africa
2 reviews

Accommodations and Hotels in Cairo

Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino

7.6 Good

Score from 3176 reviews


Average price per night
  • 16 Saraya El Gezira, Zamalek, Cairo
Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah

8.1 Very good

Score from 3093 reviews


Average price per night
  • 3 El Thawra Council St Zamalek, Gezira, Cairo
Fairmont Nile City

8 Very good

Score from 2685 reviews


Average price per night
  • Corniche El Nile, Ramlet Beaulac, Cairo
Pyramisa Suites Hotel Cairo

7 Good

Score from 1904 reviews


Average price per night
  • 60 Giza Street, Dokki, Dokki, Cairo
Kempinski Nile Hotel, Cairo

8 Very good

Score from 2379 reviews


Average price per night
  • Cornich El Nile, 12 Ahmed Ragheb Street, Garden City, Garden City, Cairo
Safir Hotel Cairo

8 Very good

Score from 3218 reviews


Average price per night
  • Midan El Missaha Square, Dokki, Cairo
Intercontinental Cairo Citystars

8.1 Very good

Score from 1624 reviews


Average price per night
  • Omar Ibn El Khattab, Heliopolis, Nasr City, Cairo
Conrad Cairo Hotel & Casino

7.2 Good

Score from 1661 reviews


Average price per night
  • 1191 Corniche El Nil, Cairo
InterContinental Cairo Semiramis

7.5 Good

Score from 2384 reviews


Average price per night
  • Corniche El Nil, Garden City, Cairo
Discover Cairo

Popular Neighborhoods in Cairo


32 properties

Alice the camel had five humps. The Saharan Desert has six, in Giza at least. See the Pyramids of Giza in the most traditional way possible – set to the sound of camel groans and gargles. Rent a beast and a guide from the dusty township of Giza; it’s home to trinket salesmen, Giza Zoo’s bountiful beasts and the exciting Pyramid Street Cabaret.


20 properties

High tea in Heliopolis. Heliopolis is home to Cairo’s well-to-do and is known for its upmarket restaurants. Teacups clink at Le Chantilly café, shoppers swipe their cards at Tivoli Dome and Korba erupts with traditional folk beats at sunset. Affluence, wealth and prestige pervade this ancient and architecturally varied district.


12 properties

Nobody really knows where Dokki ends and Mohandiseen begins. Nevertheless, both areas are known for cafes where men feverishly debate “the big issues” while smoking shisha. Prodigal daughters take their mothers to pricy Abou el-Sid for authentic Egyptian cuisine, or shop for brand-name handbags in the western-style stores along Lebanon Street.


11 properties

There’s more to Maadi than neon lights and slick storefronts. Whether or not you’re into strenuous outdoor activity, this district’s a bastion of outdoor living. Lizards scurry and saw-scaled vipers slither across the Wadi Degla Protected Area’s barren landscape. Rock climbers clamber up cliff faces and walkers trek in this desert valley.


8 properties

Take your family to Zamalek for a mid-morning shopping jaunt. Breakfast kicks off on 26th July Street, where the restaurant “Left Bank” fills with convivial chatter. The family bonds strengthen at MarketMix over home décor and Mobaco Cottons, which sells fabrics fit for a queen. The malls and eateries here are known for their international flavour.

Garden City

5 properties

Gardens of prestige. The streets of this well-to-do suburb are lined with fragrant sycamores and cedars that look as ancient as those Queen Hatshepsut brought to Egypt from the land of Punt, millennia ago. Their subtle smell perfumes the air in Beit El-Sennari Museum, where Napoleonic scholars once ran the rule over a mammoth courtyard.

Local Tips for Cairo

Al Hussien Nightlife
Amir by Amir

Fashionable Amir is always dressed to perfection. In his free time, he cooks and plays football.

If you’d like to see Cairo’s nightlife, head on over to the plaza behind Hussein Mosque. Bustling with locals and tourists alike, people watching has never been more fun. Puff on a shisha pipe while drinking shai tea at a local ahwa (Arabic for coffeehouse) like Fishawi’s Coffeehouse.

  • Hussien District, Cairo
Al-Tannoura Egyptian Heritage Dance Troupe
Samer by Samer

A fan of Abdel Halim Hafez, Samer loves daydreaming about time travelling to 1960s Cairo.

Colourful costumes and lots of spinning, this traditional Sufi dance is an active form of meditation. Still practiced by the Sufi Dervishes of the Mevlevi order, this spiritual dance performed during worship is simply stunning and mesmerizing!

  • Wikala of Al-Ghouri, Mohammed Abduh Street, Cairo
  • Open Saturday 07:30-08:30, Monday 07:30-08:30, Wednesday 07:30-08:30.
Arabic Horses at Giza Pyramids
Jihan by Jihan

Adventurous Jihan is an aspiring Egyptologist who’s fascinated by all eras of Egyptian history.

Galloping over the sand dunes on an Arabian horse with the pyramids in full view … it doesn’t get better than this! Don’t forget to negotiate a good price before embarking on a horse riding tour across the desert.

  • Pyramids Road, Giza
Nile Falucca
Tony by Tony

Tony is a Cairo native who enjoys exploring different cultures through travelling.

When in Cairo, a cruise down the Nile in a Felucca is a must. The small, traditional wooden boats are perfect for unwinding, sightseeing or star gazing. Board one from Garden City, Zamalek or Maadi; rates hover around EGP 60–80/hour. Note: the ones at Tahrir Square tend to be pricier.

  • Maadi, Cairo
  • Open Monday-Sunday 10:00-00:00
Maadi Kornish
Mohamed At. by Mohamed At.

A Cairo resident of 3 years, Mohamed is always looking for ways to escape the hustle and bustle.

Offering various dining options, the Platform is the perfect river-side food court/hangout. Enjoy breakfast under the soft morning rays or grabbing dinner with friends after a long day of work. Panoramic views of the Nile awaits!

  • Maadi, Cairo
  • Open Monday-Sunday 09:00-02:00
El Sawy Culture Wheel
Ahmed by Ahmed

Ahmed has photographed many of Cairo’s monuments throughout the 14 years of living in the city.

Named in honour of novelist Abdel Moneim El Sawy, El Sawy Culturewheel is a comprehensive cultural centre where you can learn about social issues while enjoying live music, shows, exhibitions, seminars and a lot more. Check their website for upcoming events.

  • 26 of July Street, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt, P.O. Box 11211
  • Open Monday-Sunday from 08:00.
Al Korba Area
Reem by Reem

Creative Reem is a master of arts and crafts, especially painting.

Located in the heart of Heliopolis, the beautiful Korba area is more than 100 years old. Founded by a Belgian baron, the unique architecture features a blend of Islamic and Art-Deco styles. Here you’ll find lovely shops, cafes and restaurants. The Basilique Church is a must-see.

  • Korba, Heliopolis, Cairo
Graffiti Bar and Lounge at Nile Plaza
Beshoy by Beshoy

A Cairo resident for 35 years, Beshoy knows where to find the best of everything – even nightlife.

An open stage, vibrant graffiti work, and stunning views of the Nile: Graffiti Bar and Lounge has it all! This part lounge, part restaurant and part bar offers live music and DJ performances, making it the perfect place to grab an after-work drink or hang out with your friends.

  • 1089 Corniche El Nil, Garden City, Cairo
  • Open Monday-Sunday 21:00-03:00
Cairo Jazz Club
Mohamed Ab. by Mohamed Ab.

Cairo-born Mohamed knows all about the exciting nightlife that this sleepless city offers.

If you love live music and delicious food, then Cairo Jazz Club is your place. Enjoy watching the hottest bands in town perform while noshing on a pizza or juicy cheeseburger. If you’re not busy, pop over for their happy hour (from 19:00–21:00 daily).

  • 197, 26th July Street, Agouza, Giza
  • Open Monday-Sunday 18:00-03:00
Home and Beyond
Jenny by Jenny

Born and raised in Cairo, Jenny loves travelling and seeing new destinations through local eyes.

Candles and patchwork cushions, anyone? Located in the heart of the Zamalek area, Home and Beyond is a little shop brimming with fine Egyptian home products. Whether you’re shopping or just browsing, you’re bound to find cool and colourful things that you absolutely love.

  • 17 Al Mansour Mohamed Street, Zamalek near Alfa Market, Giza
  • Open Monday-Sunday 10:00-23:00
Il Penello, Ceramic Café
Marie by Marie

Born and bred in Cairo, Marie enjoys drawing in her free time.

This cosy ceramic café in Heliopolis is the perfect place to let your creativity run loose. At Il Pennello Ceramic Café, you can paint your favourite ceramic piece while enjoying some cake and hot tea. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a child – just be ready to have fun!

  • 2, Omar Ibn El Khattab Street, Haroun El Rasheed Sq. in front of the English School, Heliopolis, Cairo
Darb El Barabra
Mostafa by Mostafa

Mostafa loves living right in the heart of Cairo.

Tucked away in the centre of Islamic Cairo is this 100-year-old market of light fixtures. In this narrow corridor, you’ll find more than 1,000 shops specializing in lights. Whatever shape or style you seek, you shall find – whether it’s a festive paper lantern or an opulent crystal chandelier.

  • El Geish Street, Behind Al-Attaba Square, Cairo
  • Open Monday-Sunday 10:00-22:00
Panorama 6th October War
Hesham by Hesham

A Cairo resident of 3 years, Hesham loves reading and watching movies.

The 6th of October War Panorama is a memorial to 1973’s October War. Inside the stately cylindrical building are four halls. The entire panorama takes about an hour to view (three 20-minute shows); shows are presented in Arabic, English, German, Italian, French and Japanese.

  • Salah Salem Street, Nasr City, Cairo
  • Open Wednesday-Monday 09:00-21:00
Zeinab Khatoon Café
Saad by Saad

Born and raised in Cairo, Saad knows all the best places to go.

Boasting views of old ancient Roman architecture, this café is nestled right in the heart of Old Cairo. For a typical experience, enjoy puffing on a shisha pipe while treating yourself to some delicious zalabia (fried fritter balls).

  • Right behind Al Azhar Mosque, Old Cairo, Cairo
  • Open Monday-Sunday 13:00-01:00
Fool & Tameya
Nesma by Nesma

A true Cairene, Nesma loves the atmosphere and vibes of the Zamalek district the most.

If you’re craving some mouth-watering Cairo street food, visit Mahroos in Garden City. This simple food cart with a few tables and chairs outside offers some of the best fool (baked fava beans) and tameya (Egyptian falafel) in all of Cairo.

  • 4 Gamal Al Din Abou Al Mahasen Square, Qasr an Nile, Cairo
  • Open every evening.
See what other visitors said

Recommended in Cairo

Visit the pyramids in early morning to escape the crowds, don't forget how overpriced everything is for tourists and lower the price. Head to downtown for some hustle and bustle, Khan al Khalili and Old Cairo for souk shopping and street food, Al Azhar park for the most magnificent sunset views over Cairo, Zamalek for some boutique shopping and lunch. City Stars for a shopping mall experience. Neighbourhood Korba in Heliopolis to taste the golden old times-observe the architecture and enjoy a shisha. Later enjoy an evening along the Nile, on a Corniche, head to one of the hotels' bars for a drink (look for rooftops) and go for a night of live music in Cairo Jazz Club.

Cairo is an ancient city and although a poor city that still has many governmental issues, it offers a look into a third world country trying to progress in the 21st Century and become something new. The Pyramids, the antiquities, along with its rich cultural heritage has soon the test of time. It is a mix of old and new thriving together.

There are a number of different places to shop in Cairo, all offering a variety of products ranging from souvenirs, designer clothing, shoes, food/spices, antiques, and jewelry. The best places to shop are City Stars Mall and Khan el-Khalili.

Pyramids and the Sphinx. Coptic churches. Mosques. Museums.

Hiring a guide is the best way to maximise your time.

Taxi driver Only take a limousine

It is nice place for shopping asked travelers...

Why do you recommend Cairo for food?

Try grilled lamp at El Refaey.

keep walking


Cairo Transportation

Air – Cairo International Airport

Cairo International Airport is approx. a 45-minute taxi ride from downtown Cairo, but set aside more time during rush hours (between 07:00–09:00 and 16:00–20:00). Grab a white or black-and-white taxi from in front of the main terminal; fares cost around EGP 100–120. Always negotiate the price in advance or ask the driver to use the meter. As an alternative, you could book in advance a door-to-door Cairo Airport Shuttle Bus. Fares range from EGP 50–400.


Egyptian Railways provides a quick mode of transport between Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria and Port Said. Tickets can be purchased through travel agencies or at the station’s ticket office. Train stations also have services such as food courts, money exchange and ATMs. Signs are all written in both Arabic and English.


Featuring 3 lines, Africa’s first and most extensive metro system is efficient and cheap. Tickets are available for EGP 1 at each station’s ticket counter - just navigate through the crowd to buy your ticket. Trains run every 5 minutes and operate daily between 05:15–00:30. There are two carriages in the middle reserved for women and children. Look for the distinctive star-shaped metro signs with a big red ‘M’ in the middle. All signs are in Arabic and English.


Several types of buses operate in Cairo between 06:00–00:00, but travelling on one is not recommended – especially during rush hours. If you must take a bus, opt for the safer and air-conditioned CTA buses. When taking the standard bus or the minibus, beware of pickpockets. Tickets cost under EGP 2, and can be purchased aboard. Signs are all in Arabic, and route maps don’t exist. When in doubt, ask the driver for the bus’s destination – or take the metro/taxi.


Outside of peak hours, taxis are readily available in Cairo. Hail one by simply waving your hand. The newer white taxis are often metered and air conditioned. Rates start at EGP 2.50/3.50 and cost EGP 1.40 for each additional kilometre. Older black-and-white taxis are usually not metered, so always negotiate the fare in advance. As taxi drivers often don’t have change, it’s best to have small bills and change handy. Note: a 10% tip is highly appreciated.


Driving in Cairo isn’t an easy feat. Heavy traffic, limited parking and unpredictable drivers can be stressful – even for experienced drivers. If you must drive during your stay, rent a vehicle at the airport and stay alert while on the road. It’s free to park on the streets … if you can find a spot. Note: it’s definitely best to stay off the roads during rush hours (07:00–09:00 and 16:00–20:00).

Nile Bus

One of the oldest means of transport in modern Egypt, the river bus was first introduced in the 1960s. The Nile Bus, with 8 different routes and 14 stops, operates between 06:00–17:00 daily. On Fridays, Sundays and national holidays, special morning cruises from Al Tahrir to the Nile Barrages and Giza Zoo are available. Bus tickets cost EGP 0.50 and can be purchased at the river bus stations.

Food in Cairo

Top Restaurants in Cairo

Cheap Eats
The Greek
Upscale Dining
  • Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel, Corniche El Nile Street, Garden City, Cairo
  • Open every day 19:00-00:00
  • 0020 227957171
Upscale Dining
Haty El Geish
  • 32 El Falaky Street, Bab El Louk, Downtown, Cairo
  • Open every day 11:00-23:00
  • 0020 27945438
Cheap Eats
Kazaz Restaurant
Mid-Range Fare
Taboula Lebanese Restaurant
Cheap Eats
Koshary Abou Tarek
  • 16 Marouf, Qasr el Nile, Cairo
  • Open every day 09:00-23:00
  • 0020 225775935
Upscale Dining
  • Hilton Ramsis Commercial Annex, Downtown, Cairo
  • Open every day 11:00-00:00
  • 0020 225793636
Cheap Eats
Koshary El Tahrir
Upscale Dining
Upscale Dining
Windows On The World
Mid-Range Fare
Cairo Kitchen
Mid-Range Fare
  • 13 26th July Street, Downtown, Cairo
  • Open every day 07:00-01:00
  • 0020 225777962
Upscale Dining
El Kababgy
Mid-Range Fare
Dido's al Dente
Mid-Range Fare
Kabab El Refaay
  • 4 Mongy Steet, In front of Sayeda Zeinab Mosque, Cairo
  • Open every day 19:00-02:00
  • 0020 223906996
Mid-Range Fare
Ruby Tuesday
Cheap Eats
Baba Abdo
  • 409 Gohar Al Kaed, El-Darb El-Ahmar, Cairo
  • Open every day 11:00-02:00
  • 0020 225911426
Upscale Dining
Abou el-Sid
Upscale Dining
La Bodega
Mid-Range Fare
Alfi Bek
Mid-Range Fare
Upscale Dining
Mori Sushi
Mid-Range Fare
Mid-Range Fare
  • 126, El Azhar Street, Cairo
  • Open every day 11:00-01:00
  • 0020 225929412
Mid-Range Fare
Naguib Mahfouz Cafe
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