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  • Monumen (2869)
  • Sejarah (2136)
  • Budaya (2127)
  • Bandar Lama (1346)
  • Makanan (1276)
  • Makanan Gourmet (1258)
  • Melawat tempat menarik (966)
  • Seni bina (876)
  • Tapas (777)
  • Orang-orang Mesra (727)

Córdoba telah dinilai tinggi untuk monumen oleh 3 tetamu dari Malaysia!

Ingin tahu tips yang unik dan menarik dari pelancong yang tahu mengenai Córdoba?

Bagaimanakah anda nikmati pemandangan di Córdoba sambil mengelakkan sesak?

John, United Kingdom

22 hari yang lalu Lapor

Don't be put off by the number of tour groups. They can be irritating but the good news is that they rarely have time to actually visit anything. The Mesquita, the Alcazar, the House of the Patios etc can all be visited fairly hassle free.

Apakah yang ada di Córdoba yang membuat sejarah hidup semula?

Kim, Australia

30 hari yang lalu Lapor

Preservation of historic buildings and pedestrian streets.

Mengapakah anda cadangkan Córdoba kerana makanannya?

Kim, Australia

30 hari yang lalu Lapor

The tapas and tortilla de patatas are wonderful. Bar Moriles was recommended to us by a friendly taxi driver and we ate there three times in two days. (There are two Bar Moriles beside each other and this was the one on the corner at tables on the footpath). Well worth checking out.

Apakah yang membuat monumen-monumen di Córdoba istimewa?

Mary, Australia

2 hari yang lalu Lapor

The cultural history of diversity and the sheer quality of the maintained buildings. If you love history (and we mean Islamic, Roman, Jewish, and Christian history) this is the place for you.

Apakah yang hebat tentang katedral di Córdoba?

Helen, Perancis

24 hari yang lalu Lapor

We accessed this incredible site, free, at 9am. The harmony and beauty of the merging of Moorish and Gothic architecture is awe- inspiring. A balm to the senses.

Bagaimanakah anda boleh nikmati pengalaman budaya yang paling autentik di Córdoba?

Petrone, United Kingdom

6 jam yang lalu Lapor

The mosque cathedral was amazing and loved the Jewish quarter with tiny cobbled streets. Happen upon a restaurant that had free traditional flamenco dancing with classical guitarist and canta singer, was the icing on the cake for me!

Jelaskan mercu tanda purba apakah yang paling menarik di Córdoba.

Carole, Kanada

20 jam yang lalu Lapor

The Mezquita is absolutely mesmerizing with 850 red and blue columns topped with double arches. The Alcazar offers good views from atop this fortress as well as a quiet, pretty garden where you can get away from the maddening crowds.

Di manakah tempat terbaik untuk bersiar-siar di bandar lama Córdoba?

Andrew, United Kingdom

20 hari yang lalu Lapor

Obviously, the old Jewish Quarter but dive down the backstreets off the main tourist routes and towards the Archaelogical Museum.

Ke manakah pelancong harus pergi jika mereka mahu mengelak dari makan di restoran "tourist trap"?

James, New Zealand

22 hari yang lalu Lapor

There is a square very close to this hotel for tapas and good local restaurants. Ask the helpful reception! Also vist the new tourist info in front of the cathedral for maps and helpful suggestions.

Adakah Córdoba tempat untuk menikmati makanan yang tidak dapat dilupakan? Beritahu kami mengapa.

Catherine, United Kingdom

1 hari yang lalu Lapor

Every meal whether tapas or menu del dia or simple plates were absolute perfection they simply love to cook proud people would simply be disgusted if anyone in the city served something not up to Andalusian standard also very experimental with food simple dishes with a twist picked up a few ideas of my own

Apakah yang membuat orang-orang di Córdoba sungguh ramah? Kongsi dengan kami.

Catherine, United Kingdom

1 hari yang lalu Lapor

Car we hired from Alicante broke down on trip to nearby la carlota left mobile in hotel to charge but young lady pulled over phoned car company and arranged tow truck to take car to garage and also phoned taxi to pick us up to return us to Córdoba which car company paid as we kept the factura
An angel in disguise didn't even get her name

Adakah istana-istana di Córdoba dibaikpulih dengan sempurna?

Anonymous, Lokasi tidak diketahui

2 hari yang lalu Lapor

Unique construction of the Mezquitas rich in both Islamic and Christian history.

Mengapakah suasana di Córdoba sering menjadi sebutan ramai?

Petrone, United Kingdom

6 jam yang lalu Lapor

Loved wandering round the cobbled streets, visiting the grand mosque cathedral and Alcazar de Los Reys Cristianos

Kongsi dengan kami tentang aktiviti santai anda di Córdoba.

Iwona, United Kingdom

12 hari yang lalu Lapor

Lovely tapas bar near Don Paula with tables and chairs shaded by trees serving selection of food also vegeterian and vegan, as well as very refreshing Alhambra lager and very friendly staff. Also Don Pepe for brunch of freshly squeezed orange juice, churrios, tostadas etc...

Apakah cara terbaik untuk meneroka Córdoba dengan berjalan kaki?

Mateusz, United Kingdom

13 hari yang lalu Lapor

It is not a big city, so if you have two nights booked you will be able to see most of it. Getting up early pays off as most of the places have free entry in he morning and you can avoid standing in queues and meeting organised groups of tourists.

Bagaimanakah anda menikmati (atau mengelakkan) cuaca panas di Córdoba?

Iwona, United Kingdom

12 hari yang lalu Lapor

There are lots of tree shaded plazas and tapas bars for cooling drinks. Ice creams and frozen yogurts are excellent too.

Apakah muzium yang seni halus yang harus dikunjungi oleh pelawat yang pertama kali ke Córdoba?

James, New Zealand

22 hari yang lalu Lapor

Cathedral is the main attraction! Try to ascend the cathedral tower around sunset for great views of the city!
  • Membeli-belah 205 saranan

Ceritakan pengalaman membeli-belah anda di Córdoba kepada mereka yang mempunyai citarasa yang sama.

Elmy, Ireland

7 hari yang lalu Lapor

Generally cheaper for tourist items than Seville. Local artists and jewellers setup shop in the areas around the Mezquita. Take a stroll towards and you may find little gems like Califa jewellers
  • Bandar 277 saranan

Apakah yang membuat lawatan bandar ke Córdoba satu pengalaman yang unik?

Anonymous, Lokasi tidak diketahui

1 hari yang lalu Lapor

Proximity to old town and sights
  • Pantai untuk Kanak-kanak saranan

Apakah yang anak-anak anda paling suka tentang pantai di Córdoba?

David, Sepanyol

2 hari yang lalu Lapor

The mosque, the architecture was amazing, its a tragedy that the cathedral was built into the middle of this wonderful building.

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