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Roman Temple


In this city of mediaeval marvels, it’s easy to forget what came before. This temple is a reminder of the Roman influence that shaped this city. It was built in the 1st century as a bona-fide vanity project, dedicated to the cult of the emperor. Two-thousand years later, what was once a mighty temple is now a cluster of twelve ghostly columns, starkly silhouetted against the sky.

Nastanitve blizu - Roman Temple
  • Calle Capitulares
Calahorra Tower


Once upon a time, Córdoba was the most advanced city in the world. The Caliphate of Al-Andalus had overseen a flourishing of culture and science, and all faiths lived side-by-side. This museum pays homage to Córdoba’s harmonious heyday, through artworks and scale models. If you’re not into the museum thing, no problem – this 12th-century fortress is a photogenic beauty.

Nastanitve blizu - Calahorra Tower

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24. februarja 2016

City of oranges, beautifull places, gardens, arhitecture, great organised, not expensive, great climate, good food and realy peacefull place in Europe.
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Zelo dobro

1. maja 2016

Mezquita, staro mestno jedro...zelo lepo mesto za raziskovanje in sprostitev.
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Hospes Palacio del Bailio

9,1 Odlično

Povprečna ocena 969 ocene

€ 150

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  • Ramírez de las Casas Deza, 10-12 (Esquina Torrescabrera, 24), Cordoba Old Town, Córdoba
Las Casas de la Judería de Córdoba

9,1 Odlično

Povprečna ocena 2096 ocene

€ 94

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  • Tomás Conde, 10-12, Cordoba Old Town, Córdoba
Eurostars Palace

8,9 Sijajno

Povprečna ocena 5374 ocene

€ 67

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  • Paseo de la Victoria, s/n, Resnično srce destinacije - Córdoba, Córdoba
NH Collection Amistad Córdoba

8,9 Sijajno

Povprečna ocena 2707 ocene

€ 70

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  • Plaza de Maimonides, 3, Cordoba Old Town, Córdoba
Eurostars Conquistador

8,5 Zelo dobro

Povprečna ocena 5980 ocene

€ 42

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  • Magistral González Francés, 15-17, Cordoba Old Town, Córdoba
Eurostars Maimonides

8,5 Zelo dobro

Povprečna ocena 3892 ocene

€ 36

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  • Torrijos, 4, Cordoba Old Town, Córdoba
Maciá Alfaros

8,3 Zelo dobro

Povprečna ocena 3254 ocene

€ 55

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  • Alfaros, 18, Cordoba Old Town, Córdoba
Eurostars Patios de Cordoba

8,6 Sijajno

Povprečna ocena 3155 ocene

€ 50

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  • Diario Córdoba, 13, Cordoba Old Town, Córdoba
Hacienda Posada de Vallina

8,6 Sijajno

Povprečna ocena 1467 ocene

€ 54

Povprečna cena nočitve
  • Corregidor Luis de la Cerda, 83, Cordoba Old Town, Córdoba

The tapas and tortilla de patatas are wonderful. Bar Moriles was recommended to us by a friendly taxi driver and we ate there three times in two days. (There are two Bar Moriles beside each other and this was the one on the corner at tables on the footpath). Well worth checking out.

The mosque cathedral was amazing and loved the Jewish quarter with tiny cobbled streets. Happen upon a restaurant that had free traditional flamenco dancing with classical guitarist and canta singer, was the icing on the cake for me!

There is a square very close to this hotel for tapas and good local restaurants. Ask the helpful reception! Also vist the new tourist info in front of the cathedral for maps and helpful suggestions.

We went in January. Cold, but no crowds. Absolutely excellent. What kind of idiot would go in the height of tourist season anyway?

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Zakaj so znamenitosti v mestu Córdoba vredne obiska?

Everything in Cordoba was spectacular! The Cathedral, walk around town and even Meridet-Al-Zahra

The cathedral is otherwise know as the Mesquita. It is a bucket list experience.

Mosque. Roman bridge. Juderia neighborhood.

old churches


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