Folklore seeps out of every brick in gorgeous Granada

Granada’s a city for dreamers. You’ll see why when you float through the mystical Albayzín district, as glimpses of the Alhambra flash through rooftops. This mediaeval Moorish heartland has fired imaginations for centuries, from Hemingway to Lorca. See if you can resist its dreamy charms!

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Things to Do in Granada

Royal Chapel


Isabel and Fernando, Fernando and Isabel. The “Catholic Monarchs” loom large in Spanish history. It was under their watch that Spain was unified, and the Moorish kingdom of Al-Andalus “reconquered”. Their earthly remains lie here in Granada, the scene of their greatest triumph. Entombed in marble, side by side, Fernando clutching his sword, Isabel with her lapdog at her feet.

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Granada Cathedral


Granada Cathedral was always meant to be a powerful political statement. In 1492, the Moors were expelled from their heartland of Al-Andalus, and the “Catholic Monarchs” were looking to plant a flag in the old Moorish bastion of Granada. What better way to do it than with a Baroque Cathedral, complete with a statue of St James crushing the vanquished underfoot? Job done.

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Plaza Nueva Square

Popular Areas

All roads lead to Plaza Nueva! You’ll inevitably find yourself crossing this square again and again, whether you mean to or not. It’s not only the central location that makes it a classic meeting point for locals. Flamenco buskers perform here virtually round the clock, tip-tapping and clip-clapping to keep any bystanders entertained. Join the party as you pass through!

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  • Plaza Nueva, 18010 Granada
Hammam Arab Baths


A visit to this spa will leave you purring like a plump Persian pussycat. Low-lit chambers gleam with luxuriant mystique, each one a new panorama of tessellated tiling and glowing archways. Try a knot-crunching massage or a full-on foam immersion, all set to the sound of serene music and echoing trickles. Oil and minty scents complete the experience. And relax!

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Elvira Street

Popular Areas

Narrow Elvira Street is your go-to spot for a taste of today’s Arabic Granada. Sweet shisha smoke billows out of tea houses, blending with the scent of fresh mint and leather. Languid shopkeepers perch on stools, playing cards and nattering in Arabic. All around, kaleidoscopic shop fronts overflow with jazzy lanterns, quilted rugs and trippy hippy hoodies.

Accommodations near Elvira Street
  • Calle Elvira, 18010 Granada
Carrera del Darro Street

Popular Areas

Carrera del Darro’s spot-on for a scenic walk. This cobbled street follows the gurgling River Darro as it winds round the base of Sabika Hill. Follow the narrow pavement with the stream beneath your feet. You’ll pass weathered stone bridges and paths that snake up towards the Alhambra. The hillside opposite lies dotted with crumbled ruins and overgrown greenery.

Accommodations near Carrera del Darro Street
  • Carrera del Darro, 18010 Granada
St Nicholas Viewpoint


Simply sublime. Onlookers have been stirred by the views up here for centuries. Gazing out from this hillside viewpoint, the Alhambra appears to soar up from the city beneath. Against the dramatic backdrop of the snow-dusted Sierra Nevada, it’s a breath-taking sight. As you sit and stare, husky-voiced buskers float flamenco melodies across the square. Shivers-down-spine stuff.

Accommodations near St Nicholas Viewpoint
  • Plaza de San Nicolás, 3, 18010 Granada
The Alhambra and Generalife


The power of the Alhambra hits you well before you step foot inside. It looms magnificently above the city, casting its mighty shadow on all below. Yet its interior really stops you in your tracks. Every geometric carving, every silhouetted colonnade tells an intoxicating tale of the mediaeval kingdom of Al-Andalus. Book in advance and prepare to have your mind blown.

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Paseo de los Tristes Boulevard

Popular Areas

Granada’s jam-packed with atmospheric spots to sit and soak up the Granadino vibe. This little promenade is among the best. Paseo de los Tristes nestles by the River Darro, cradled between two hillsides. The mazy Albayzín sprawls up behind you, and in front, the Alhambra’s towering ramparts stare down tantalisingly, visible but untouchable. Grab a bench and take it all in.

Accommodations near Paseo de los Tristes Boulevard
  • Paseo del Padre Manjón, 3, 18010 Granada
Granada Science Park


Had your fill of free tapas and architectural gems? Hot-foot it to Granada Science Park and nourish your mind with its array of interactive exhibitions. Unwrap Egyptian mysteries in the mummy exhibit and contemplate the cosmos at the planetarium. Then wing it down to the daily falconry shows, before scaling the observation tower for a bird’s-eye view of the city.

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Accommodations and Hotels in Granada

Alhambra Palace

8.5 Very good

Score from 2178 ratings.


Average price per night
  • Plaza Arquitecto García de Paredes, 1, Granada City Center, Granada
Hotel Casa 1800 Granada

9.1 Wonderful

Score from 993 ratings.


Average price per night
  • Benalua, 11 (Plaza Nueva), Albayzin, Granada
Parador de Granada

8.6 Excellent

Score from 462 ratings.


Average price per night
  • Real de la Alhambra, s/n, Granada City Center, Granada
Santa Isabel La Real

9.3 Wonderful

Score from 739 ratings.


Average price per night
  • Santa Isabel La Real, 17 y 19, Albayzin, Granada
Palacio de Santa Inés

8.6 Excellent

Score from 1270 ratings.


Average price per night
  • Cuesta de Santa Inés, 9, Albayzin, Granada
Hotel Granada Center

8.5 Very good

Score from 3890 ratings.


Average price per night
  • Avenida de la Fuentenueva, s/n, Granada City Center, Granada
Vincci Albayzin

8.6 Excellent

Score from 1969 ratings.


Average price per night
  • Carrera de la Virgen, 48 (antigua Carrera del Genil), Granada City Center, Granada
Carmen Hotel

8.1 Very good

Score from 3397 ratings.


Average price per night
  • Acera del Darro, 62, Granada City Center, Granada
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Popular Neighborhoods in Granada

Granada City Center

199 properties

Which is the fairest of them all? The Alhambra and the Cathedral offer contrasting visions of architectural splendour, each one a magnificent signpost of Granada’s diverse roots. Yet there’s more to the centre than stunning stonework. Slurp on ice cream from Los Italianos, get your tapas on at La Antigualla II then boogie on down at Boom Boom Room.


74 properties

Magical Albayzín sits frozen in time. This hillside maze of winding alleyways has changed little since the 15th century. It’s a lived-in look that seeps through the whole area, through peeling plasterwork, overhanging tendrils and a mind-bending street plan. Ditch the map, don your comfiest trainers and dive into this mediaeval Moorish labyrinth.

Ronda District

22 properties

“Whose Ronda is it?” It’s always party o’ clock in this student area. Camino de Ronda’s side streets brim with tapas bars and fresh-faced youths all day. At night, they flock to Hipercor car park, where the jovial vibe is helped by litres of “calimocho” (red wine and cola – yes, really). Finally, it’s on to Mae West Club to boogie till sunrise.


10 properties

Granada and tapas go together like flamenco and hand-claps. Beiro is a case in point. The streets around the bullring are prime “tapas-crawl” territory. Each drink comes with a free tapa, so a quick “caña” (small beer) can often turn into a merry old meal! Local favourites include Los Pescadores II, Brasilia and D’Cuadros. Grub’s up!

Local Tips for Granada

Flamenco show in Sacromonte
by Rebecca

Rebecca spent a year in Granada as a student. She fell in love with the city and its nightlife.

Sacromonte is a really interesting neighbourhood, where there are a lot of hillside houses inside caves. Some of these caves offer flamenco shows, sometimes with dinner as well. It's a really atmospheric place to get a true Andalusian experience.

  • Camino del Sacromonte, 18010 Granada
Churros and chocolate in Bib-Rambla Square
by Ana E

Ana is happiest when combining her two passions: reading and sunbathing.

Bib-Rambla Square is a pretty square with several traditional "churrerías". These little establishments serve thick, hot chocolate and "churros", which are fried dough pastries. They're amazing for an afternoon snack, and this square has some of the best in town.

  • Plaza de Bib-Rambla, 18001 Granada
Shopping in Alcaiceria
by Verónica

Verónica is from Madrid but loves visiting Granada for its monuments, climate and culture.

Tucked away behind the Cathedral, you'll find these narrow streets. Once upon a time, Granada's souk (market) was here, and it hasn't changed much since then. It's made up of souvenir stalls that sell a variety of knick-knacks such as colourful lanterns, fabrics and leather.

  • Calle Alcaiceria, 18001 Granada
Tapas in Calle Navas
by Sebastian

Sebastian is originally from Argentina and loves sports, as well as trying new food.

Calle Navas is a classic tapas street. It's packed full of bars where you'll get a hearty plate of tapas with each beer. Every time I'm in Granada I make sure to spend an evening bar-hopping on this street. Cheers!

  • Calle Navas, 18009 Granada
Gomérez Hill and Gardens
by Ana A

Proud Granadina Ana loves going back to her hometown to indulge in big family meals.

This is one of the prettiest spots in Granada. It's a street that starts in Plaza Nueva and slopes up towards the Alhambra. Once you get inside the grounds of the Alhambra, it becomes a beautiful woodland path lines with trees and mediaeval ruins. It's a really peaceful walk.

  • Cuesta de Gomérez, 18009 Granada
Federico García Lorca Park
by Sara

Sara is into Japanese food, yoga and reading.

This landscaped park is where Granadinos come for a break from the city buzz. Its paths are lined with flowering trees and manicured shrubbery. The highlight is the rose garden, which has an amazing smell to it. I love coming here for a moment of peace.

  • García Lorca Park, 18004 Granada
Drink tea and smoke shisha at a Moroccan tea shop
by Sam

Sam enjoys music and independent cinema. He's a convert to Granada's beer and free tapas culture.

Don't worry, shisha isn't illegal: some call it hookah, others call it nargila. It's the water pipe used for smoking flavoured tobacco. Granada is full of cute little Moroccan tea shops ("teterías") where you can drink over 50 types of tea and smoke shisha. Definitely part of the Granada experience!

  • Calle Elvira, 18010 Granada

Alhambra . The road from Granada to Almuñecar El suspiro del muro A4050. Fantastic scenery.

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La alhambra and el albaicin asked travelers...

Why are the monuments in Granada noteworthy?

Some of the monuments are off the main streets. If someone suggests a monument to you, the monument will definitely be worth finding. They are not always well marked but they are worth the time to find them. asked travelers...

Why do you recommend Granada for food?

Rich and various kind of tapas and meals, all kinds of food from high cuisine to street food is really good

Granada is, probably, the most spectacular non-natural place in Spain. The history and mix of cultures that this city owns is live on each and every corner of the city.

Really well.

Touristy items here are quite cheap. The wooden marquetry is unique to Granada and you can find an artesano who makes them and sells them in the street off Plaza Nueva, on the way up to the Alhambra. Go in the mornings and immediately post siesta for a demonstration.

Lovely to be able to visit the cathedral and to go up to the saccrimento, the old quater is facinating


Granada Transportation

Air - Granada Airport

There are two options to get into the centre from Granada Airport. The fastest is by taxi. There’s a taxi rank right outside the terminal – look out for the white cars with a green stripe. The journey takes around 20 minutes and costs EUR 25-30. Alternatively, you can take the bus. It’s cheaper (EUR 3) but takes longer (around 40 minutes). The bus stop is just outside the terminal, and the buses are blue. Make sure you keep valuables with you inside the bus.


Granada doesn’t have an inner-city train network. However, it does have a train station for journeys elsewhere. There are direct trains to many major cities, including Madrid, Seville and Málaga. You can even get overnight trains to Barcelona. A high-speed AVE link to Antequera is currently under construction. For the moment, if you want to reach the high-speed train lines, you have to take a normal train to Antequera and change there.


Granada’s bus network is extensive and reliable. Single tickets cost EUR 1.20. You can get them on the bus – but try to make sure you have the right change. If you plan on making multiple journeys, or if you’re in a group, then buy a Credibus multi-journey ticket. On these cards, each journey costs EUR 0.79, and you can use them for more than one person. They can be bought from tobacconists’ (brown signs with a yellow “T”), or from news kiosks around the city.


Please note that the tram system is not yet operating, it is still being built. Almost finished, although not sure of exact date.


Granada is not a particularly car-friendly city. Many areas are restricted to residents only, such as Gran Vía and the Albayzín district. There is also hot competition for the few free parking spaces around the city, with drivers often circling around for quite some time in search of a slot. The best bet is to go to one of the public car parks around the city. Most cost around EUR 1.50 per hour, or 18-odd for a full day.

Food in Granada

Top Restaurants in Granada

Cheap Eats
Los Manueles
  • Calle Reyes Católicos, 61, 18009 Granada
  • Open Monday–Sunday 12:00–00.00
Cheap Eats
La Antigualla
  • Calle Elvira, 1, 18010 Granada
  • Check website for details.
Cheap Eats
Los Italianos
  • Calle Gran Vía de Colón, 4, 18001 Granada
  • Changes seasonally. Check website for details.
Mid-Range Fare
Bodegas Castañeda
  • Calle Almireceros, 1-3, 18010 Granada
  • Open Monday–Sunday 12:30–16.30 and 19:30–00:00
Mid-Range Fare
Restaurante Carmela
  • Calle Colcha, 13, 18009 Granada
  • Open Monday–Sunday 12:00–00.00.
Upscale Dining
Restaurante Real Asador de Castilla
  • Escudo del Carmen, 17, 18009 Granada
  • Open Tuesday–Saturday 12:00–15.30 and 20:30–23:00, Sunday 12:00–15:30
Mid-Range Fare
Restaurante Bar Oliver
  • Plaza de la Pescaderia, 12, 18001 Granada
  • Open Monday–Sunday 09:00–16.00 and 20:00–00:00
Upscale Dining
  • Calle Damasqueros, 3, 18009 Granada
  • Open Tuesday–Saturday 13:00–15.00 and 20:30–22:30, Sunday 13:00–15:00
Mid-Range Fare
Restaurante Arrayanes
  • Cuesta Maranas, 4, 18010 Granada
  • Open Wednesday–Monday 13:30–16:30 and 19:30–23:30
Upscale Dining
Restaurante Chikito
  • Plaza del Campillo, 9, 18009 Granada
  • Open Monday–Sunday 13:00–16.00 and 20:00–23:30
Cheap Eats
La Fontana
  • Carrera del Darro, 19, 18010 Granada
  • Open Monday–Thursday 16:00–01:00, Friday 16:00–03:00, Saturday 12:30–03:00, Sunday 12:30–01:00
Mid-Range Fare
La Bodega de Antonio
  • Calle Jardines, 4, 18002 Granada
  • Open Thursday–Tuesday 13:00–16.00 and 19:30–00:00
Upscale Dining
La Fabula
  • Calle San Anton, 28, 18005 Granada
  • Open Monday–Sunday 14:00–16.00 and 20:00–23:00
Cheap Eats
Bodega Bella y La Bestia I
  • Carrera del Darro 37, 18001 Granada
  • Check website for details.
Mid-Range Fare
Restaurante El Agua
  • Placeta Aljibe de Trillo, 7, 18010 Granada
  • Open Monday–Friday 19:30–00:00, Saturday–Sunday 13:30–17:00 and 19:30–00:00
Upscale Dining
Los Patos
  • Solarillo de Gracia 1, 18002 Granada
  • Open Monday–Sunday 13:30–15.30 and 20:00–23:00
Cheap Eats
Creperie La Aguelita Luisa
  • Calle Casillas de Prats, 9, 18002 Granada
  • Open Monday–Friday 18:00–00:00, Saturday 13:30–00:30, Sunday 13:30–23:00
Upscale Dining
El Huerto de Juan Ranas
  • Callejón Atarazana Vieja, 6-8, 18010 Granada
  • Open Monday–Sunday 13:00–15:30 and 20:30–23:30
Mid-Range Fare
Carmen Verde Luna
  • Camino Nuevo de San Nicolas, 16, 18010 Granada
  • Check website for details.
Upscale Dining
Ruta del Azafrán
  • Paseo del Padre Manjón, 1, 18010 Granada
  • Open Monday–Sunday 13:00–16:00 and 20:00–22:30
Upscale Dining
Las Estrellas de San Nicolás
  • Callejon Atarazana Vieja, 1, 18010 Granada
  • Open Monday–Sunday 13:00–15:30 and 19:30–23:30
Mid-Range Fare
IL Gondoliere
  • Calle Martínez Campos, 24, 18002 Granada
  • Open Monday–Sunday 12:00–16:00 and 20:00–00:00
Mid-Range Fare
Restaurante Paprika
  • Cuesta de Abarqueros, 3, 18010 Granada
  • Open Tuesday–Sunday 13:00–16:00 and 20:00–23:30
Cheap Eats
Café 4 Gatos
  • Placeta Cruz Verde, 6, 18010 Granada
  • Open Monday–Tuesday 08:30–18:00, Wednesday–Friday 08:30–00:00, Saturday 09:00–00:00, Sunday 09:00–16:00
Mid-Range Fare
Bar Kiki
  • Plaza Cementerio San Nicolas, 9, 18010 Granada
  • Check website for details.
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